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UFO Update (37)

Posted by dandare on April 12, 2008

ufo online

Welcome to UFO Update (37)

We start off with “Shatner Claims to know about life on Mars…. really” ( trekMovie.com, posted 9th april,2008 ). it mentions

“Due to the various tangents, he ended up taking only eight questions, none of which were related to Star Trek. The most interesting part was regarding Shatner’s beliefs on ET and his claim to have inside info” (extract from article).

Next we have, “UFO Spies and the game” ( ufomystic.com, posted 10th april,2008 )… Greg Bishop’s ending statement says  

“Perhaps this skpeticism should be tempered with a careful examination of their statements, and perhaps a few probing questions when these people appear in public. Any ambivalence we feel could close us off from something valuable they might say, wittingly or not” (extract from article). Whats it all about…please click the link above to find out.

At the Morning news “UFO conference goes beyond” ( posted 10th april,2008 ) ; it talks about Nany Talbot and her view on crop circles (also goes into her past, and how she got involved; also about the conference).

The sun has “Robbie’s search for UFOs” ( posted 11th april 2008 )…it says “The singer has teamed up documentary maker Jon Ronson for the BBC Radio show……[.]….Robbie Williams and Jon Ronson’s Journey to the Other Side will be broadcast on Radio 4 on May 6” (extract from article). Also from the BBC here .

ufoinfo.com have a link to “ufo flotillas reach Italy” (not sure when posted but recent) The link is to a pdf file. The actual case occurred on march 4th,2008.

At HometownSource.com we have “UFOs over Dakota County?” ( posted 9th april,2008 ) and click on the link below for more…

bgdailynews.com has “UFO talks to be hosted at planetarium” ( posted 10th april, 2008 ) it says that

“Scott’s presentation attempts to address questions of whether UFOs actually exist, whether all sightings can be explained and what astronomers think” (extract from article).

Ananova.com has “Man targeted by aliens” (unknown posting, but recent); it says  

“A Bosnian man whose home has been hit an incredible five times by meteorites believes he is being targeted by aliens.

Experts at Belgrade University have confirmed that all the rocks Radivoje Lajic has handed over were meteorites” (extract from article).

 ok, a bit of fun here…. whilst searching the internet came across this

ICE LED UFO Undercar Kit Video Compilation (see below)

hdnews.net has “UFOs are real, lecturer claims” (unsure of date, but again recently) it states that

“Hastings is a speaker who says he will use interviews with highly credible former military personnel and declassified government documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act to prove the existence of UFOs” (extract from article).

In KVIA.com it says that “Future unclear for proposed UFO theme park in Roswell” ( posted 9th april, 2008 ).

At redstarfilms.com there is “The other side of Truth” ( 10th april,2008 )

Kiiitv.com has “UFO spotted over alice” with video ( 8th april, 2008 )




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