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California ‘Droning’ …… T-shirts anyone? oh and a little discussion!

Posted by dandare on April 13, 2008

For last ‘critique’ of Issac/chad/CARET see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/04/10/the-ufo-drones-disinformation-hidden-agenda-see-the-evidence/

The headline is to make you aware that TK Davis investigations are now selling t-shirts on the california drones….. anyway, that was really to grab attention to the matter at hand….

Following from my last post, I’m afraid i keep asking these questions and more because i wish to understand! I admit that i believe them to be hoaxes….. so what. I also understand the believers, and that they have their own beliefs… 

But without proper analysis then this cannot go forward, and will just go round, and round in circles (for instance, you wouldn’t buy a house without analysing where you would like to live, the best places for your circumstances, ie facilities,schools for children and so on. Also you would look for crime figures in the area, ie cover all the data; maybe you would just move to an area without knowing about it, and with no data at hand ). Ok i know this is a strange example, but one maybe we should think about…  

Other questions :

Why is Isaac’s website still operational? if this is such sensative information.

If nothing else, and i would say the bear minimum, why have the photos not been sent out for analysis by LMH (sooner would hve been better, as now they are becoming something that many would consider a no-no now).

Why do we not know who the members of the DRT are; anon again…. not even one person? seems to be the theme for this whole episode.

Why is the DRT not comprised of A   belivers   B Hoaxers  C  those in between

Then a balance could have been reached when writing the FAQ’s…. each having their own input, and covering all the bases…. but no it seems like its part of an elite club…. fine we all know you are paying for it, doing your own research and getting your own conclusions, but to be honest you brought it back into the limelight, for everyone to see by yourselves (maybe you could have kept it quiet, but would this have been in your interest) and then you critise those who ask questions you do not like; why is that?

Some other things to dwell on: what was the weather like when the photos were taken? anyone know…

In this day and age, we have to be more critical and question everything not less: what would it say to the media, ect if it was a hoax, and no in-depth analysis had been done….. we would yet again be the laughing stock, and butt of everyone’s jokes/ridicule and so on…

I believe that this is damaging Ufology, the longer it goes on…… when would the interim report be expected…… in 2 years time?  

email glyth halo3

I am trying to initiate a response, if only to register that time……. is creating rifts, and is making us entrenched ( iagree, do DRT).  But then it does not seem to concern them, why i have no idea…….

This will be the last post i make on the matter…. until we have anything new to go on….. so see you in a year?





5 Responses to “California ‘Droning’ …… T-shirts anyone? oh and a little discussion!”

  1. nycjeff said

    “If nothing else, and i would say the bear minimum, why have the photos not been sent out for analysis by LMH (sooner would hve been better, as now they are becoming something that many would consider a no-no now).”

    I thought it was interesting that LMH had covered David Biedny’s (The Paracast) analysis of the few O’Hare photos that surfaced, but seemed to ignore his thoughts on the matter of the drones when they first came out. He was quite vocal about the drones, but I never heard her cover his work on it.
    For the most part, I’ve stopped listening to her podcast because of it.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks very much, for finding the time to comment on here Nycjeff, and i agree about David.

  3. diverman said

    You know I’ll never understand why so many people honestly think that these baklls of lights bouncing erradically around in the sky are “space aliens”. Now show me a strange light or shape that moves consistantly then I’ll get excited untill then…well I guess it takes all kinds.

  4. Kelly B said

    I believe that the majority of crop circles are hoaxes, but I think there are many that are not. Of course, I can provide no proof of any being created by ETs…it’s just a belief I have.

  5. dandare said

    Hi Kelly, and thanks for your comment… i respect your views…
    You might be interested in my post https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/03/19/more-ufo-documentary-videos-of-interest/ (the last three are on crop circles).

    I myself am totally undecided about this phenomena? ok, so i am sitting on the fence… as i used to live in hampshire (England) awhile ago, (ok 20 years ago), i did go and see a few myself, and they were amazing, whoever made them… definately left an impression, that i will always remember.

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