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UFO Update ( 38 )

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update (38 )


 We kick off this weeks Update with an article by Inexplicata (the journal of hispanic Ufology), which has “Mexico: Crews of 5 Airliners Report UFO Activity” posted april 11th, 2008 . It mentions

“All witnesses agreed on the traffic being intensely brilliant, with lights resembling airliner strobes (white and intermittent). The objects were described as brilliant spheres that were also surrounded by lights” (extract from article). The incident happened on march 23rd, 2008….seen by 5 airliner crews. another interesting article by inexplicata “Spain: sightings were a media hoax” posted april 15th 2008.

KOAA.com (posted 16th april, 2008 ) has “Divers search for UFO” it says that

“Over the winter, this farm pond south of Knoxville was the site of a UFO, an unidentified falling object, that appeared to have made a giant hole in the ice about 2 feet across.
The property owners, Denny and Terry Straube, enlisted the help of underwater photographers who took a picture of something. Then came the underwater video camera, the flashlights, and last month, the best evidence yet something was down there. And that was enough for the dive team from linn county to agree in writing to take a look” (extract from article). Nothing was found however, so it remains a mystery.

argentinastravel.com has “UFO photo not a hoax, says Hikers” (posted 15th april 2008 ) :

“A group of hikers at Quebrada del Condor in Mendoza province took a picture of what they claim to be a UFO. According to them, the photo was taken by a camera phone, and they didn’t notice the mysterious object hovering in the upper-right corner until they uploaded their pictures to the Internet” (extract from article). There are also other articles below relating to ufos.

 the chetek alert has “Area UFO sighting under investigation” ( april 16th, 2008 )… i might monitor this story to see if it develops into something** . It says “According to Barron County Sheriff Tom Richie, the dispatch center received numerous calls from individuals at approximately 10 p.m. Monday reporting a possible UFO. Barron County deputies on duty that night reportedly observed the object” (extract from article).

Later on it says that “Hauser’s father, Glen, also spoke with various local police officers who had gotten calls on the object as well. While working at Wal-Mart, Kristina also spoke with a Rice Lake police officer who had talked with local hospitals and the Federal Aviation Administration. All confirmed helicopters were grounded and there did not appear to be any air traffic in the area” (extract from article).

 At rigorousintuition.ca forum “will the real whitley Strieber stand up” although an oldish post, has an interesting topic…. have a look, it’s an interesting read: although i am going to be honest and say, i am not a fan of his.

blogcritics.org has “some thoughts on conspiracy theories” (posted 11th april, 2008 ).

tenerifenews.com has “UFO sighting over Gran Canaria” (not sure when posted but fairly recent ).

A short article: incident march 14th 2008..”One eye witness told local daily Canarias 7: “”It was something very large, circular, with lights all round it and from below it gave out a great downward beam of light”” (extract from article).

ufodigest.com has “Air Force sitting tight-lipped on sorrells’ saucer sighting” (posted april 13th, 2008 ); well worth reading.

I found an interesting discussion on abovetopsecret.com forum “UFOs and earthquakes” started 18th april, 2008; some interesting links already here.

 lightsovertexas.com has (posted 13th april 2008 ) “night of the UFOs in Texas – 8 january examined”  with map and external links.

seti.com has “UFOs: why no open contact?” ( posted 15th april 2008 ); definately gets your mind thinking.

 Several posts have been written about a mystery boom; journal gazette has “Mystery boom, lights near Kokomo” (posted 17th april 2008 )…. jconline “night flashes in Kokomo likely were meteorites” (posted 17th april 2008 ).

 wishtv.com in a different incident to above, says “National guard says jets caused mystery booms” (posted 17th april, 2008 ).

 OTHER posts quickly noted below:

novanewsnow.com “A visit to the UFO museum” posted 16th april, 2008.

cnn.com “X-files movie title revealed” posted 16th april, 2008.

stuff.co.nz “Mysterious UFO invades lounge”  posted 17th april, 2008.














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