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Archive for April 20th, 2008

Jodrell bank campaign..we will not go without a fight!

Posted by dandare on April 20, 2008

As an update to a post i made at  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/03/11/jodrell-bank-faced-with-closure-sign-10-downing-street-petition-online/

The Jodrell bank campaign is alive and kicking…. see this video below.

Basically the observatory could be closed if the funding for MERLIN is cut; now a campaign is starting to try and save it; started by both the manchester evening news , and silk fm.

The song is to be released on april 21st, 2008 as a download only single.     
Also in relation to this please see the video below about saving UK Astronomy


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Bloggers Unite…. May 15th…. on Human rights

Posted by dandare on April 20, 2008


 “May marks the first anniversary of Bloggers Unite and this time we’re fighting for Human Rights; the day has been set for May 15th” (extract from website)…if interested please click the link below, for more information… and bring awareness.

I will be breaking away from my usual topic for this day, and i will be posting links, from videos/articles about the Human rights abuses in Tibet… Please consider supporting this day, and write about your human rights issue…. 


Bloggers Unite

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