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UFO Update ( 39 )

Posted by dandare on April 28, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update (39 )

We start off with something from Associated content (posted 25thy april, 2008 );it is amusing and i found myself laughing! the post “Red Rock Ufo crash” mentions that the (allegedly) missing persons scott pendleton and jen fox, made a video in 2005, which is the only evidence of their existence. see below  for video…..

From the Moultrie Observer we have “About UFOs” (posted 21st april, 2008 ); it mentions

UFO sightings are common in all parts of the country but most go unreported because the local press does not usually report on this activity” (extract from short article).

At the salt lake tribune “A candidate doesn’t mind being labeled wacko” (posted 21st april, 2008 ); it says:

A typical campaign kickoff doesn’t resemble an “X Files” convention. Nor is there usually discussion of UFOs crisscrossing the night sky or of government programs to conceal extraterrestrial technology.
And most politicians yearning for office avoid banners proclaiming, “”It’s not about the lights in the sky, but about the lies on the ground.””
Joseph Buchman, however, announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of Utah under that banner, and his official announcement was book ended by talk of the news media ignoring signs of extraterrestrial visits and the military’s blockade of information about outer space visitors
” (extract from article ).

boinboing.net mentions “Retro-future space visions- “”2063 A.D.”” , from general Dynamics Astronautics” (posted 15th april, 2008 ). It says: 

Over at the Paleofuture blog, a post with digital scans of the rare book 2063 A.D., published in 1963 by General Dynamics Astronautics” (extract from article)… it then quotes from the blog…. also hae a look at the comments below the short article.

At Rice Lake online (posted 16th april, 2008 ) “Reports put UFO near airport” It says: 

A Chetek family driving on Hwy. 53 near Hwy. 8 at about 9:40 on Monday evening, April 14 is convinced they had an encounter with a UFO. Sheriff’s dispatch logs have reports from Chetek and Cameron at about the same time.
But Rice Lake airport manager Jerry Stites said he reviewed the survelliance tapes from the airport, which could have recorded activity along Hwy. 53, and found nothing unusual. He did say, however, that the tape showed an aircraft doing touch-and-go landings at the airport from about 9:20-10:35 p.m
” (extract from article ). Also a short report on this can be seen at the Chetek Alert, here .

The keyhole research has “UFO response Team?” (recent posting but no date on page). it says:

A big black police-style cruiser with a white roof and a hand operated searchlight outside the passenger and driver side doors speeds past me on highway 36 heading towards Boulder, CO. In big white letters on the trunk are posted the words “”UFO RESPONSE TEAM.”” (extract from article ). It goes on to say that he did a google and found the same car photographed..see here for link.

At usatoday.com “Skeptics group studies serious and silly science” (posted 21st april, 2008 ):

Monthly meetings of NMSR, as the organization is known by its members and friends, are the sorts of places you can go to learn about the truly strange — UFOs and lake monsters, to take two examples — but also the scientifically serious” (extract from article NMSR=New Mexicans for Science and Reason).

ufocasebook.com has “UFOs over Dakota County? MUFON field  investigator Reports” (posted 9th april,2008 ) it mentions:

Wednesday, 09 April 2008-As a field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, Bill McNeff has collected data at the scenes of more than 50 UFO sightings.

In at least 30 of those cases, the witnesses reported seeing intelligent beings of some kind, he said” (extract from article ).

At weblogs.chicagotribune.com (the swamp) says “UFO hunter for clinton: X-conference” (posted 21st april,2008 ). It says:

For a number Americans the economy is a major issue for this upcoming presidential election. But many of those attending the X-Conference held in suburban Washington, D.C., over the weekend are concerned with a different kind of green.

The X-Conference is a weekend-long symposium on exopolitics–or governmental, political or social issues relating to aliens and UFOs. Various heavyweights in the UFO community came to the event to speak about their work and to discuss a conspiracy to cover up encounters with the third kind” (extract from article).

At the mirror.co.uk “Secrets and lies director Mike Leigh admits crop circle obsession” (posted 24th april, 2008 ). “First Robbie Williams announced that he was obsessed with aliens – now award-winning Brit film-maker Mike Leigh has come out as a crop circle anorak, the Mirror can exclusively reveal.

The director, who’s film Happy-Go-Lucky hit UK cinemas this week, admitted his belief in alien close encounters at a screening of his film in London this week” (extract from article).

jaunted.com has “UFO prepares to Invade Lithuania” (posted 18th april, 2008 ).

The guardian has an interesting article “I’m loving aliens instead” (posted 19th april, 2008 ). This is a decent article, which many other media have commented on, and in my opinion have not been very accurate… anway, an extract from the guardian can be seen below for a flavour of what this is about.

On December 18 2006, Robbie Williams played the last of 59 stadium shows in a row, announced he was going to spend Christmas at his home in Los Angeles, and then basically disappeared…[.]…His record company, EMI, announced he had no plans to release an album in 2008. Today he unexpectedly calls me to ask if I want to go with him to the desert in Nevada to meet UFO abductees” (EXTRACT FROM ARTICLE) later on whilst at the conference…..

“”There’s two sides to Rob in that respect, though, aren’t there?” Brandon says. “There’s the side that wants to go along with it, but there’s also a very sarcastic, sceptical side.” He pauses. “Which I’d like to think is the real side.” Robbie comes back” (extract from article). I will give links to other media coverage of this, but in my opinion as i have said above it has been done poorly… they are at THE SUN and  THE DAILY STAR  for example.  

ufomystic.com has “Another factor in the Hill abduction” (posted 19th april,2008 ) it says:

Randle points out that neither of the Hills claimed to be science fiction fans and said that they were only dimly aware of the Twilight Zone series. Of course they could have seen one of the shows, or even a network promo with the alien masks. The point is that these images could have influenced their recollections, and therefore the (often) hypnotically recalled memories of many other abductions” (extract from article ). The Kevin Randle article “A different persective: Betty Hill and the twilight zone” (posted 19th april,2008 ).

At commercial-achive.com it has “Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey – UFO – (2008):30 (USA )” (posted 23rd april,2008 ).

What might possibly have escaped your attention was the sighting at Saint Augustine (Florida) whilst most of the attention went on Phoenix.. KVIA.com reports on both with videos included “UFO sighting causes stur in Florida, Arizona” (posted 23rd april, 2008 ). Other similar articles can be found at tampabays10.com “UFO’s spotted over St. Augustine” (posted 19th april, 2008 ).

firstcoastnews.com “St. Augustine residents say a UFO flew over their homes” (posted 19th april, 2008 ).

firstcoastnews.com “Strange and unusual – Two UFO sightings in St. Augustine in two weeks” (posted 21st april 2008 ) with video.

nbc11.com “some see ufos inFla. skies” (posted 21st april, 2008 ) with videos.

cfnews13.com “Was it a UFO, or lanterns?” (posted 22nd april,2008 ). seems interesting that they only start this idea, after Phoenix lights are said to be a Hoax???

On another incident, wish tv 8 has “Mysterious lights, boom baffle residents” (posted 17th april, 2008 ):  “TIPTON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Police are still not sure what caused a bright light in the sky followed by a loud explosion near the Tipton-Howard County line” (extract from article ).

And lastly….. waff.com has “UFO sighting in decatur” (posted 27th april,2008 ). with a video… one explanation is that, it could be a meteorite.







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  1. Jeanne said

    I can’t get over that video….

  2. dandare said

    Thanks for the comment Jeanne….

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