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UFO Update ( 40 )

Posted by dandare on May 4, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update ( 40 )

We start with the associated Press “Arrest in Md. town may settle puzzle noise, lights” (posted 1st may, 2008 ).

 “PIKESVILLE, Md. (AP) — It wasn’t a UFO or spectral manifestation. A middle-of-the-night mystery that rattled and baffled residents for months may finally have been solved with police making a real-world arrest” (extract from article). Also from WJZ.com with article and video here (posted 30th april, 2008 ), and TheCabin.net here .

mcdowellnews.com has “Mike Conley’s tale of the wierd: Lawman has a close encounter” (posted 1st May, 2008 ).

In the dark early hours of Aug. 27, 1979, Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was driving his patrol car on a rural highway in Marshall County, Minn. not far from the North Dakota border. At 1:40 a.m., Johnson spotted a bright light along a group of trees some distance from his car” (extract from article).

De Void has “Red meat for the campaign trail” (posted may 1st, 2008 ).

If a 5,000 e-mail blast can’t crack this nut, then nothing will. At least, that’s the tune Washington lobbyist Stephen Bassett is singing now.

Yesterday, the one-man band with the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee, or X-PPAC, blanketed media and political outlets with copies of an appeal to Sen. Hilary Clinton to come clean about her meetings with UFO disclosure advocate Laurance Rockefeller” (extract from article).


reporterherald.com has “UFO sighting or just a prank?” (posted 1st may, 2008 ).

Aldrich was getting her mail at her south Loveland home about 8:45 Sunday night when she glanced into the night sky and saw something strange: two red lights floating side-by-side.

Bright as halogen lights, the orbs were diamond-shaped, although she couldn’t see any shape beyond the vibrant light.

Watching the objects intently, Aldrich saw the two orbs begin to glide in unison, staying perfectly spaced” (extract from article).

Greeleytrib.com has a similar report in Loveland, but for monday and tuesday nights “Strange lights reported in the sky” (posted 1st may, 2008 ).    

Clift said Wednesday he was notified of four lights in a boomerang formation in sky over Loveland Monday night; at abut 8 p.m. Tuesday, a caller who did not leave a name or address reported strange lights in the area of Weld County Road 17 and U.S. 34 . The light reportedly appeared out of no where, then disappeared rapidly, Clift said” (extract from article).

seti.com has “10 must see First contact movies” (posted may 1st, 2008 ).

email glyth halo3 ufo-blog.com has “Heavyweight digital image expert weighs in on drones, calling hoax (again)“** recommended reading (posted 3rd may, 2008 ). How much more evidence is needed….. this signals the end as far as i’m concerned…. although, i am still following discussions, as to who it was who created these? and other related questions? 

io9.com has “Unidentified flying human freaks the hell out mexico” (posted recently); also with 2 videos.

Mexico’s latest UFO, filmed hovering over the mountains of Nuevo Leon City, Mexico, looks like an airborne woman. The video shows a floating figure gliding horizontally across the tops of the mountains” (extract from article). The sun also covers this in “Is ufo a flying human” with video (posted 2nd may, 2008 ); do i need to comment? the video itself is very blurry, among other things.

digitalspy.co.uk has “Fielding to launch a paranormal channel” (posted 29th april, 2008 ); i would just like to comment on this… i’m afraid i cannot recommend this; Fielding has a rather dubious reputation in my eyes, and a false agenda (i will comment further if anyone wishes me to via the comments section, otherwise i will leave this as is; apart from, if you want the truth, you will not find it there). The article mentions:

Television paranormal guru Yvette Fielding is launching her own channel, she has revealed.
The former Blue Peter presenter – who has spent recent years hunting ghosts for Living TV’s Most Haunted – said the channel would begin broadcasting on Sky on June 9.
The Paranormal Channel is operated by Monster Pictures Limited, a company owned by Fielding and Karl Beattie, her cameraman husband
” (extract from article). 

phoenix.bizjournals.com “Phoenix lights spark variety of local UFO businesses” (posted 2nd may, 2008 ).

The lights spotted in the night sky over Phoenix last month stoked the fires within UFO believers and further fueled speculation over the mysterious “Phoenix lights” phenomenon of 1997, a formation that some — including former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington — believe to have been UFOs” (extract from article).

Lastly, The sun has “Rob’s fascinated by paranormal” (posted 3rd may, 2008 ).

The pop star has developed an obsession with aliens.

He is so fascinated that he recently jetted to a UFO convention in Nevada to pursue his hobby” (extract from article). It seems that the sun cannot leave Robbie William’s or the subject of UFOs alone… how sad! With their immature jibes, and inaccurate information, they never surprise me anymore.

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