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Not much activity… but not dead!

Posted by dandare on May 10, 2008



I would just like to apologise for not much activity (posts on my blog) within the last week…. i have other matters to attend too, i’m afraid, and this blog has to take a back seat…..
walton incident ufo
Normal service will be resumed within the next week or so…. so please do bookmark this blog, join the Rss feed, comment on past posts, or e-mail me your comments. Thank you.

I will catch up on all UFO events……. in a bigger than normal UFO Updates when i return, also the last in the series of the Stephenville UFO sightings (4 of 4) with recent news, and conclusion.



 I will also conclude on the April 2008 UK UFO sightings blog post….. and catch up on the May UK UFO sightings blog (although i hope to keep this updated at least, if nothing else).

I also plan on a few new articles……

Regardsufo online


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