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UK UFO Sightings ( MAY 2008 ) updated regularly….MOD references added

Posted by dandare on May 18, 2008

i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…   

If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks).  

I have also put the posts, in date order, the same format as last month …(hence the long lists of dates at the start of every month). I will try and put a conclusion to the sightings at the end of each month as well ……  

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


thisissouthdevon.co.uk “Unexplained lights mystify readers” it mentions

There have been more sightings of strange lights in the skies over Torbay.This image, taken in the early hours of Saturday, captures the strange lights which have had Bay residents rubbing their eyes in disbelief.
The image was submitted by an amateur photographer who stopped to capture the sunrise from the ring road at about 5.30am
” (extract from article). He did not notice the lights until he looked at his images…

ArdrossanHerald.com “UFO sighting in saltcoats” (with video) it says

TWO Herald readers have been stunned after seeing what they believe to be alien space crafts hovering through the skies of Saltcoats” (extract from article). the youtube video of this is below

kentonline has “was light shining through cloud a UFO?” it mentions

Henry Smith and his friends were in Westbrook, Thanet, on Sunday when they saw the light at 8.45pm. “We stood in the garden for a while trying to come up with logical explanations of what it might have been,” he said” (extract from article).

ilford recorder “George stands to win a million, but don’t bet on it

Step forward Rainbow George Weiss, who is up to his usual numerical nonsense, betting £333 on a UFO appearing during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on August 8, or 8/8/8” (extract from article) .

runcornandwidnesworld.co.uk “Spooky goings-on at library” 

More than 100 residents attended the week-long free event, organised by Halton Council and the Merseyside Anomalies Research Association, to see a range of creepy activities including UFO talks, ghost stories and even an experiment to discover whether plants can read minds” (extract from article)<-this was at Halton lea library. A little further down, it mentions that MARA plans on doing the same thing later on this year in Widnes. 

Todmordennewstoday.co.uk “UFO case in focus

FILM and television company Firefly is to feature a famous Todmorden UFO case in a new series it is making for Channel 5.

The London based company is making a series that is factually based and simply tells the UFO sighting stories from as many peoples perspectives as possible, said assistant producer Kerry Western” (extract from article). 




Swindon Advertiser has “Flying saucer invasion over wiltshire skies“. 



ArdrossanHerald has an update to that of the 1st may…. called funnily enough “UFO Latest“:

in the short article, it mentions that they have checked with other sources to try to find out if it can be explained any other way …. It claims other eye witnesses took photos using camers phones (although quality i assume might be a problem). It also says that this news has filtered over to America….. it says there will be an exclusive on this on the 7th (of yet there is nothing…time of writing 7th may)…

thisiswiltshire has same article published by swindon advertiser on the 4th may “flying saucers to invade wiltshire


The Largs and Millport weekly news takes up th same saltcoats UFO story in its article “Could West Kilbride be replaced as UFO hotspot?” with the same video as above in the article. Shortish article, which covers the same points as ArdrossanHerald.

icAyrshire.co.uk “Mystery lights spark Kilmarnock UFO fears“:

WAS it a bird? Was it a plane? Or was it a ned with a fancy torch?

Not according to two separate witnesses who insist they saw strange lights in the Kilmarnock skies at the weekend.

On Saturday night at around 10.40pm in Kilmarnock town centre, a 32-year-old mum, who asked not to be named for fear of ridicule, noticed a bright light hovering in the trees behind her house” (extract from article).

Bedfordtoday.co.uk “Hoo-Foo mystery solved“:

“So-called UFOs at Luton Hoo were Chinese lanterns, says airport.
This website has got to the bottom of the baffling Luton Hoo UFO mystery that emerged last week.
Guests at the plush five-star hotel spotted a strange cluster of orange lights in the sky in the early hours last Sunday
” (extract from article).


ArdrossanHerald “More sightings of strange lights at saltcoats” (says published 7th may…. but definately not on website until 8th may) :

AFTER last week’s reports of strange lights over the skies of Saltcoats, the Herald office has been inundated by readers who also spotted the bizarre lights on Sunday, April 27.

So far there has been no logical explanation for the strange sighting but there have been suggestions of a meteor shower and Chinese lanterns” (extract from article). related too all other ArdrossanHerald posts above.


derryjournal.com “UFO spotted in Derry“. I hasten to add, that this is a hoax photo, i’m afraid. 




***BBC newsnight “have the UFOs stopped coming“?

Sussex express “Flying suacers, ghosts, alien abductions and hunting nessie – all in a days work for ufo expert” 


*** newsnight video “MOD releases UFO files

*** The Sun “British X files papers revealed” also with video from sky news… it mentions

UFOs hovering over Waterloo Bridge? Green men known as Elgar? This can only mean the British ‘X-Files’ have been opened up to the public for the first time” (extract from article).

*** Metro “Revealed: The British X-files

*** Chicago suntimes “Air controllers reported UFO: British papers

The men were air traffic controllers. Experienced, calm professionals. Nobody was drinking. But they were so worried about losing their jobs that they demanded their names be kept off the official report” (extract from article).

midsussextimes “UFO files reveal sitings in west sussex as MOD releases its X files

The Ministry of Defence files include descriptions of alleged Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or “UFO” sightings and subsequent MoD evaluations of the reports.
Among the reports are sightings in West Sussex
” (extract from article).


The MOD release 8 ufo files (each one a pdf file, consisting of many sightings); they are available for download from the National archives website, for the next month, for free. please see the national archives for the files you can download.

These cover the years 1978-1987….. thanks must go to David Clarke, Joe Mc Gonagle and Gary Anthony for actively pursuing the right for all of us to see these files. 🙂

There will be more files to follow and i will update ASAP, when they are available. For a deeper understanding of these files please see  DI55 document by uk-ufo.org   (especially on how MOD is structured). 

I now include national, international and local news articles on the MOD opening up its files….. it is interesting to see how they all respond to the news… some are predictable (and poor) others inaccurate, and uninterested, but a few are more insiteful. (those articles that were not written on the 14th but relate to this, will have  *** in front for easy reference).     

the BBC has quite a few articles: how useful they are, i will leave for you to decide.

*** “Files released on UFO sightings” it mentions

They include accounts of strange lights in the sky and unexplained objects being spotted by the public, armed forces and police officers” and “Much of the previously classified paperwork is made up of correspondence from the public sent to government officials, such as the MoD and then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher” (extracts from article).

*** BBC “In pictures: The UFO files” 

*** The today programme “UFO sightingsfiles released” … with media player (audio) 4 mins.

*** BBC News “Dear MOD: where is ET?” written by Dr. David Clarke…. it mentions: 

For decades the Ministry of Defence kept what it knew about UFOs locked away in its archives. Now, the contents of what have been called Britain’s X-Files are finally being revealed. One of the UK’s leading UFO experts told Radio 4’s Today programme about his hunt.

The first eight of 160 MoD UFO files have been opened at the National Archives, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act” (extract from article).

*** Daily Telegraph “British government releases UFO files” including video (1min 53secs). it mentions:

The most comprehensive Government files on UFO activity are opened to the public for the first time today and they disclose that even air traffic controllers and police officers have seen mysterious craft in the skies over Britain” (extract from article).

Timesonline “HM Government has never been approached by people from outer space

Yet the files do show that the MoD conducted a rigorous investigation of every alleged sighting of a UFO until well into the 1980s. In a briefing note in 1979 the MoD wrote: “Her Majesty’s Government has never been approached by people from outer space.” But the Defence Intelligence Staff was given the task of following up sightings, interviewing witnesses, collating information and filing reports” (extract from article).

*** blogs.guardian.co.uk “Explore the X-files” it mentions:

Several sightings in the files are from police. At quarter past midnight on Christmas Day 1985, a group of 3 police officers in Woking were surprised by a white light descending on the Horsell area. The officers were apparently worried their report would not be taken seriously because Horsell Common features in HG Wells’ War of the Worlds as the place where the first Martians land” (extract from article).

*** news distribution service (NDS) “Ministry of Defence release X-files

The first in a series of UFO files, dating back to the 1970s, have been released on The National Archives’ website today, Wednesday 14 May 2008.
The Ministry of Defence files include descriptions of alleged Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or “UFO” sightings and subsequent MoD evaluations of the reports
” (extract from article).

*** Reuters “Green aliens, ufos said to visit

Aliens from outer space have been visiting Britain for years and UFO sightings doubled after the film Close Encounters was released in 1977, according to secret files collating reports by members of the public.

The alien craft come in all shapes, sizes and colors but their occupants are uniformly green, the Ministry of Defence files show” (extract from article).

*** The Guardian “The truth is out there: National Archives lifts lid on UFO files

The files consist of a variety of documents, including numerous individual sightings, accounts of investigations and briefings prepared by MoD staff for ministers on the subject. “There are a lot of conspiracy theories that have grown up about the military interest in UFOs. What we are getting to see in these papers are the actual facts,” said Dr David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, in a podcast prepared for the National Archives on the release” (extract from article). Included is a podcast at the bottom of the article.

*** The Independant “The truth really is out there as Britain’s X-files released” 

What i liked, was this mentioned near the end “It will show that in April 1984 police in Edgware, north London, were called to investigate a light flashing “blue, white, green and pink”, followed by a “blinding white ball with a tail”. Women ran to their homes, screaming, with one declaring to officers: “I am not a nutter”” (extract from article).

*** news.scotsman.com “Truth is out there as government releases ufo files” 

ACCOUNTS of bright lights in the sky and even alien abduction have been made public for the first time in a batch of “X Files” released by the Ministry of Defence.

Defence chiefs have kept files on 11,000 sightings dating back to the 1950s.Briefing documents for government ministers facing questions about policy on unidentified flying objects also form part of the release at the National Archives in Kew.Defence intelligence staff were more interested in checking that UFOs were not, in fact, signs of earthly covert spying missions by other countries, the documents reveal” (extract from article).

The sun “Brit ufo fever is flying sky high“… wins my reward for the most stupid ufo alleged photo!!!

*** MSN uk news “Britain’s X-files opened to the public” near the end it says  

“”It’s a question of who you going to believe: your lying eyes or the government?” once remarked John Callahan, a former Federal Aviation Administration investigator, who said the CIA tried to hush-up the sighting of a huge illuminated ball four times the size of a jumbo jet in Alaska in 1987. You’ll forgive me if I have more faith in my 20/20 vision than I do in any elected representative” (extract from article). 

*** news.uk msn (from ITN) “Britain’s X-files made public” 

*** news24.com “Britons spotted UFOs

But enthusiasts hoping for evidence that aliens were attempting to land in Britain will be disappointed” (extract from article).

*** M & C “Is there anything out there?”  

They used to be stamped ‘Secret: For British Eyes Only’ – but on Wednesday files about the sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the skies over Britain were made public for the first time” (extract from article).

*** commentisfree.guardian.co.uk      “ET alors?”

*** RINF.COM “MOD begins full UFO-files public release

Many of the MoD’s UFO files – including, probably, most of the good stuff – have already been revealed under Freedom of Information Act requests. In particular, the splendid conspiracy fodder surrounding the Rendlesham Forest incident of 1980 (“Britain’s Roswell”) has long been available, full of mysterious lights, strange marks left in the ground and traces of radiation. Even better, the cameras recording the British air-defence radar picture were switched off at the time, indicating an almost certain government conspiracy” (extract from article).

*** Time.com “Britain releases its X-files

*** this is dorset “Close encounters” a short article. Also a video link to regional (past UFO ) encounters? here .

*** this is local London “Croydon UFO sighting included in X-files

The Sanderstead resident recalled peeping out of her bedroom window at 3am, in June 1983, and seeing a large rectangular-shaped object passing slowly.

“There seemed to be no means of propulsion. The object was not being pushed, pulled, lifted or carried – its movement was silent,” she reported. She drew a picture of what she had seen and it appears in one of the eight files of reports released yesterday by the National Archives in Kew” (extract from article).

*** Suffolk and Essex online “Suffolk UFO crash – new files released

SECRET Government files released for the first time have delivered a damming verdict on the famous alleged UFO sighting at a Suffolk airbase – dubbed Britain’s Roswell….[.]….Patrolmen based at the site from the United States Air Force (USAF) claimed they saw a small, triangular shaped craft moving backwards through the woods before taking off“. And later “But the new files indicate that because Lieutenant Colonel Halt only filed his report on January 13 – two weeks after the sightings – this prompted a lack of investigation by the British Government” (extracts from article). The debate on Rendlesham goes on…however, information on this event have been out for a while.

*** new scientist space ” UK releases classified UFO documents


***The Independant “The big question: What do Britain’s X-files tell us, and why have they been released now ?”

But, if you are willing to peruse the 450 pages of files, there are some genuinely compelling cases. Many reports come from pilots, air traffic controllers and the police. One report by police officers in Woking, Surrey, describes a white light descending to Earth. There testimony is marked: “Genuine report.” And there are plenty more where that came from. Although eight files have been released now, another 150 are on their way over the next few years, according to the MoD“. and…..

Judging by the public interest in the release of the files, plenty of people will have a look at them. Even the fact that the MoD kept such records has interested many. The US stopped investigating UFO reports in 1969, after a study by the University of Colorado found that 90 per cent of sightings could be related to ordinary phenomena. But the MoD still seems curious about the other 10 per cent” (extracts from article)..

*** CNN.com (europe) “Secret UFO files released by UK government

*** Ipswich evening Star “UFO sighting was missed opportunity

*** This is Hampshire “Hampshire UFO enthusiast welcomes X-files” Including video and map.

However, the most popular year for spotting UFOs was 1998, with 14 sightings reported. One caller reported “a stationary object, adjacent to the moon and twice as bright.”

Another said they had seen “a single orange light as bright as Venus moving at aircraft speed which hovered then flickered like a flame“” (extract from article).

Also from thisishampshire “Mysterious object seen flying over southampton” with video.

*** Evening Express (scotland) “Is the truth really in the MOD’s newly revealed X-files?”

*** This is Swansea ” X-files reveal mysteries of sky sightings

*** Daily post (North Wales) ” New light shed on UFO mystery

The “Welsh Roswell” incident happened one dark winter’s night on January 23, 1974, in the Berwyn Mountains between Bala and Corwen.

Families in the villages of Llandderfel and Llandrillo were settling down to watch TV, an explosion was heard and the ground shook. It measured 3.5 on the Richter scale” (extract from article).

Chronicle live “Report reveals Tyneside UFO sightings

The newly-released MoD file reveals they saw intense green light and a white tail.

It states: “Numerous reports from police in the Northumbria area as follows: two police on foot, two police in car at Hexham, two police on foot, two in a car at Alnwick and at least six outdoors at Ashington” (extract from article).

*** Get reading “Secret files on UFOs unclassified

*** East Herts Herald “British X-files reveal UFO encounter” 

*** South Wales Argus “UFO spotted over waterloo bridge” including video.


Ardrossan Herald “More ufos seen in three towns skies

MORE strange orange lights have been seen floating over Saltcoats on Sunday night and it is thought that they also appeared in Kilmarnock last weekend.

The Herald has been inundated with phone calls about the orange lights spotted on Sunday, April 27 and now another Saltcoats man has told the Herald that he has seen them again on Sunday night” (extract from article).

*** digtriad.com (WFMY news 2) “Do UFOs really exist

Some say it’s about time the Ministry of Defense went public. The Ministry says it has nothing to hide. Its mission was only to determine whether enemy aircraft had invaded British airspace. They have no interest at all in extraterrestrial life” (extract from article).

news24.com “Explainations for UFO sightings

*** get Reading “Hot spot for UFOs – its official” (ok…we’re off again on the hot spot scenario; soon all will probably claim this right due to the MOD ufo files). “And Reading seems to be a hot spot for these peculiar sightings, with the town having several mentions in the files” (extract from article).

Thisisgloucestershire “We can’t be the only form of life” “I Saw a strange sight over my house last Monday. our house is the flight path to Staverton and whilst watching TV about 9.45pm I saw an orange ball, which seemed to be on the flight path, moving steadily across the sky but when stepping outside to inspect it closer it wasn’t making any noise” (extract from article).

daily mirror “It may seem alien way to make money but..” Ladbrookes has cut the odds of alien life (1000-1), and so have others… Hill only gives 100-1.. now thats bad.

derry journal (is at it again) “not unusual to see UFOs – says planetarium director” 

Although he doesn’t believe in little green men, Mr McFadden, who is also a rocket scientist, is adamant that UFO’s do exist but may be entirely man-made.“It’s not unusual to see UFOs, there are certainly plenty of things up there that cannot easily be identified by the average person, or even by scientists or commercial pilots, and I am both” (extract from article).

*** Wimbledonguardian “Ufo sightings unearthed for first time

UFOs have been spotted circling the skies above Walton, Addlestone and Cobham, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD)” (extract from article).

*** Wiltshiretimes “Wiltshire Ufo secrets revealed

The Wiltshire Times has trawled through hundreds of UFO reports from 1978 to 1987, released on the National Archives website on Wednesday.

Following Freedom of Information requests, eight files of UFO sightings have been released by the MoD so far” (extract from article).

*** Belfast telegraph “Are there Ulster Sightings in Whitehall’s UFO files?”

Although the files released yesterday concern sightings on mainland UK, local UFO enthusiasts claim Northern Ireland and the Republic have also had their fair share“.


*** Thisisoxfordshire “Documents disclose nine UFos

The papers show nine sightings were logged across the county, from Blewbury to Banbury, during the nine-year period.

UFO expert Michael Soper, from Marston, Oxford – a member of the Contact International UFO research group – said there were many more sightings reported between 1978 and 1987 than the files revealed” (extract from article). The same article can be seen in the Oxford mail here 

*** Norwich evening news 24 “Report reveals the truth is out there

A mysterious, shining saucer-shaped object spotted over Ashwellthorpe, a fast-moving pink light seen from a city playground and a “fat coffin-shaped” craft spotted by Norwich air traffic controllers.These are just a few of the unexplained UFO sightings reported in the county and revealed in newly declassified Ministry of Defence documents” (extract from article).

*** vancouver sun “Things we learned this week

Aliens from outer space have been visiting Britain for years and UFO sightings doubled after the film Close Encounters was released in 1977, according to secret files collating reports by members of the public” (extract from article).

*** npr “Ufos in the UK” an audio (3 mins).


Sunday express “UFO shocks for police

DC Gary Heseltine, who collated the unofficial database PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFOs), has been inundated with sightings the length and breadth of the country” (extract from article).


Channel4.com “Urban glow won’t deter UFO buffs

The night-time “urban glow” that hangs over much of southern England appears not to have cast a cloud over UFO-watching activities.

For people in the south east claimed to have seen more unidentified flying objects per head per population than anywhere else in Britain, according to a survey by insurance company esure” (extract from article). Of course, it does not say how the survey was done.

*** East London Advertiser “Truth is out there: Cops report UFOs, MOD X-files reveal

Details have emerged for the first time since the sighting in 2000 in previously secret X-files released by the Ministry of Defence.

The sighting was made by several officers at the former Whitechapel police station in Leman-street, 10 minutes from the Tower of London, who reported flashing white lights at 3.45am while on night shift in March, 2000” (extract from article).

Southern Daily Echo “Region tops UFO league” again they do not mention how this was done. this is Hampshire uses the same article here .

*** Harrow Observer “UFO sightings revealed

Peterborough today “UFO lights may just be ‘Chinese lanterns’


this is Exeter “UFO alerts sparked by wedding party lanterns

Sky lanterns released for a wedding reception have been blamed for causing a massive UFO scare across Exeter.
Bright lights slowly passing overhead without a sound in the cloudy night sky prompted a welter of alarming calls to the Echo – and police in Exeter
” (extract from article ).

Welwyn & Hatfield times “Our very own X-files? pubgoers spot UFOs

He said: “Me and my neighbour Andre keep seeing very strange, extremely bright, flashing lights in the fields round the back of the pub. I’ve seen them at the last thing at night and he sees them first thing in the morning, it’s normally two or three and they move at great speed.
“They are very very unusual.”
Andre Guinebault added: “Just this week, there was what I can only explain as a huge explosion in the field.
“It was almost as if someone had dropped a luminous green bomb in the field. It was massive and there were very bright lights in the background, moving at abnormal speeds
“” (extract from article ). Another recent sighting is also mentioned.

*** County times “UFO sightings over Wales are revealed” short’ish article. 


*** Devon24 “UFO sightings in skies above North Devon

On one particularly spooky night in May, 1985, RAF Chivenor received an unusual number of reports of apparent UFO sightings.
Between 11pm and midnight on Tuesday, May 28 mysterious lights were witnessed across the clear Devonshire skies.
The most detailed report spoke of an object the size of a Sea King helicopter and a set of lights in what appeared to be a race track pattern
” (extract from article).

*** De VOID “We Report, you decide”  “In fact, the site features a reassuring podcast from Dr. David Clarke, the Sheffield Hallam University j-school prof who got this ball rolling several years ago with Freedom of Information requests” (extract from article ).

*** Strathspey and Badenoch Herald “police officers’ sighting in UFO reports

The first batch of files to be released includes a report by two Kingussie policemen who spotted a massive “platinum-white” sphere in the sky during a routine patrol on the A889 between Dalwhinnie and Laggan on Hogmanay, 1984.

Constables Donald MacLeod and Alasdair MacDonald were amazed to see the giant orb in the sky to the north of them” (Extract from article ).

*** Wanstead and woodfood Guardian “Waltham Forest: secret files reveal PC saw alien craft” Also in this is london here . “A startled policeman saw an object with six to 12 large white orbs and red and green lights on either side as he was driving through Epping Forest in October 1984.

It made no sound and was moving very slowly towards Chingford, he said.

The officer, who had served for 20 years, was so shocked that he got out of his car to have a closer look before passing on the report to the RAF, which in turn contacted the MoD” (extract from article )


*** Hendon times “MOD releases the X-files

One evocative report deals with a sighting in Stanmore on April 26, 1984, of a circular dome with flashing lights, apparently hovering over either Borehamwood or Mill Hill.

When two policemen from Edgware police station responded to the call, they were able to observe the object clearly through binoculars and recount what they saw” (extract from article )


*** Richmond and Twickenham times “Close encounters of the Alien kind

*** Chester Chronicle “MOD files reveal claim Chester had ‘Alien base’

The most outlandish claims come from a man who wrote to the MoD in 1985 saying he had been in regular contact with an extra terrestrial named Algar since 1958 and visited alien bases in Cheshire and the Wirral.

In a three-page letter, the man described seeing an alien that was “green and very large, that had eyes all over it,” and another with “fat worms sticking out of her head”” (extract from article ).


*** Kent online “MOD lifts the lid on UFO sightings

But more mysterious is the sighting of a long, silver cylindrical object with no visible signs of wings seen glowing white over Cranbrook in January 1984.

Or what about the three separate sightings of four lights in the sky between Linton and Staplehurst in September 1984 that split into two pairs and moved off in opposite directions at great speed, turning red as they did so ?

And who could argue with the description of what appeared to be a genuine flying saucer near Maidstone, in February 1982, when a driver and passenger spotted “at least 12 pink/white lights, the size of four helicopters and disc-shaped”” (extract from article).



*** New York times “British UFO shocker! Government officials were telling the truth

Some U.F.O. enthusiasts said last week that they believed the British government had not released all of its files and was concealing the truth about a massive cover-up it had long perpetrated on the British people.

But Joe McGonagle, a self-described U.F.O. researcher here, said the documents showed that far from concealing anything, the government had failed to investigate the sightings properly in the first place” (extract from article ).  

express and star “New sightings lead to UFO believers

Hot on the heels of the Flying Dorito and Inverted Meat Dish, spaceship spotters have been contacting the Express & Star in their droves to share their strange stories of the skies” (extract from article).





Shropshire star “Man spies ‘green UFO’ over town

Gavin Stevens, of Malinslee, said it was his second UFO sighting since last autumn. “I was sitting in my house when I glanced out of the window and saw something hovering overhead,” he said.

“It floated away from us slowly rotating so we went to get the binoculars to see it and we could tell it was green in colour, pear-shaped, and had something below it. “Within the space of a few seconds it shot off very fast away from us” ” (extract from article ).

*** dunfermline Press “West Fife’s X-files reveal UFO sightings

The northern Echo “UFO spotted in NE skies


11 Responses to “UK UFO Sightings ( MAY 2008 ) updated regularly….MOD references added”

  1. batguano101 said


    There is phenomenon,

    but it is not from extraterrestrials,

    just cover for activities by illuminati and their ilk.

    Buy into it at your own deception and misdirection in the future.

  2. dandare said

    Thanks Batguano101 for your views….. of course i will have to agree to disagree…

  3. dandare said

    please see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/mod-releases-8-ufo-files-ready-to-download-info-released-may14th/ for latest update…… the releasing of 8 ufo files by the MOD..

  4. kevmc said

    last night 3rd june roughtly about 6.30 pm i was standing in my back yard just watching the clouds when suddenly i seen a oval shape object floating through the sky it was a gold / silver colour i know in my heart it was not a plane or anything else thats on this earth the way it moved and turned from one spot to another was impossible for any aircraft to do i was a none beliver about aliens and things like that but now it has me thinking !!!! i called my partner to come and see what i was seeing but by the time she got out it had just went straight over the house and dissapeared out of sight it has left me totally confused and baffled to what ive seen .. has anyone else seen this ?????? time seen 3rd june tuesday 6.30pm north belfast northern ireland

  5. dandare said

    Thanks Kevmc for you observation (i will have a quick look on the web too see if we have anyone else who has seen the same thing)… i will soon be putting up the UK ufo sightings for June, and will include your sighting, to see if we get any response….

  6. Tito said

    Hi yesterday at night round about midnight, 4 of us were walking up to my friends house, and this man passed, and said “i dont know about you but i have never seen anything like that b4 in my life” (he pointed to the sky) and it was like a glowing orange light, circular, quite large maybe half the size of the moon, it just flew or went passed, it was quite high in the sky, but we were watching it, and it seems to have been travelling quite quick, we watched it until it got right into the distance then it just vanished. I dont know if it was a UFO or some meteor, but i never seen nothing like it, i just thought i would share it with you, because im just curious, thanks Tito

  7. mike said

    i was in twickenham sunday 15th july at about 0150 when i saw 3 orange looking flying objects fly over my head just near twickenham stadium, i never believed in ufo’s before but has totally changed my perception on this subject. after what i saw i believe there has to be some sort of life out there as what i saw could not have been human. These objects were round, lit up like a light bulb with a blue looking centre. they flew very slowly upward then just vanished. I managed to capture them on phone but tey are very small and ppl i told dont believe me. I just wonder if anyone else out there saw the same thing.

  8. dandare said

    Thanks Mike for your description…. i’ll put in on the UK ufo sightings for july.
    I’ll add yours too Tito, and thanks for your account also.

  9. Incy- Cumnock said

    hi there, on sunday the 20th July 2008 at 12:15am i saw 3 lights in the sky over Cumnock 2 of the the lights were changing colour from white to green and blue the other was glowing orange the lights just hovered in the sky for over 1/2 hour then the orange lights shot horizontally across the horizon, i have never seen anything move as fast in all my life i only wish i had a camera to take a photo, i was wondering if anyone has repoted sightings

  10. PURPLE BERRY said

    one day above my house in America i saw a gigantic triangler shaped object which almost lookd unhuman, i had never seen anything like this before!! then i woke up and had my coco pops!

    use are all just living in a dream world get ot of it!!

  11. […] instalment post can be found from Second batch and first batch . Also first batch included in here (for media […]

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