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UFO Update ( 42 )

Posted by dandare on May 27, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update ( 42 )…..


As i have not done an update since may 4th (sorry for that), i will try to add as many links as possible, without making the post too long….although some links are now not working (boohoo) so i have decided to leave them out. 

We’ll kick off with Dominican Today “UFOs over the Dominican Republic?” (posted 5th may, 2008 )

While in a private plane flying South East from Puerto Plata to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic I took these pictures from the co-pilot seat. The visibility was clear. We flew about 4500 ft. above the cloud deck. It was about 9:30 am, 4/22/08. (the time stamp setting was incorrect)” (extract from article).


The Mac Observer (posted may 9th, 2008 ) “Free on i-tunes – Aussie UFOs, strange things, and hometown tales & more” .   

I won’t say that I believe in the paranormal, but I will allow that there are things that exist today that are beyond our current level of understanding” (extract from article). There are links to podcasts within the article. 

The new Statesman has “Master of the universe” (posted 8th may, 2008 )… This talks about Robbie Williams and his interest with UFOs with Ronson….”After reading Ronson’s excellent 2001 book Them: Adventures With Extremists, Williams emailed Ronson asking him to find a haunted house where the two of them might spend a night. The plan fell through only when Williams remembered that he had 59 international stadium gigs pencilled on his roster, but he later invited Ronson to come with him to the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, instead” (extract from article).

 Abovetopsecret.com has an interesting thread entitled “Radio show online now – pop star robbie Williams discusses UFOs (and ATS)” (posted 6th may, 2008 ). Also “ATS gets a plug from from pop star Robbie Williams“. In fact, i would  encourage all those, who have not been to Abovetopsecret.com , to do so…… as i have found it a good source for debate, information and discussion….

Meanwhile, at myfoxcolorado “hearing held on space alien initiative” (posted 8th may, 2008 ).

ufomedia.blogspot.com has “Budd Hopkins: A call to honesty” (posted 8th may, 2008 ) 

Be honest with yourself. Are you a UFO skeptic, a true believer, or an enthusiast? Listen to the video and take a look at youself where do you fit? (extract from article).

At WiscNews.com “Dells, Lake Delton residents report UFO sightings” (posted 6th may, 2008 )

Accounts of bright moving lights in the sky and even alien abduction have been reported from the Dells area, and UFO reports can be found on a Web site and in a new book” (extract from article). The website of the sightings is here .

ufo online

ABC15.com has “Phoenix PD releases 911 tapes from mystery lights sighting” (posted 9th may 2008 ): it also has links to the audio.

The BBC says on 13th may 2008, that the “Vatican says aliens could exist

The search for forms of extraterrestrial life, he says, does not contradict belief in God. The official Vatican newspaper headlines his article ‘Aliens Are My Brother’ “( extract from article).

 A similar article can be seen at the Heraldextra.com with a video; entitled “Herald poll: Are there intelligent beings on other planets” (posted 16th may 2008 ).  Also at uk MSN it mentions “Vatican says aliens could exist” (posted 16th may 2008 )… this article is slightly different, unlike the title.

The Walton Tribune “Vatican takes stance on aliens? ”  (posted 18th may 2008 ) “UFO watchers, alien enthusiasts, “X-Files” fanboys and conspiracy theorists, rejoice, for you have found approval from an unlikely source: the Vatican” (extract from article).

The Himilayan times “Olympic torchbearers sight mysterious light” (posted 9th may 2008 )

Chinese and Tibetan climbers taking the Olympic torch to the top of Mount Everest saw mysterious lights as they scaled the world’s highest peak, Chinese state media reported” (extract from article).

May you live in Fortean Times” written by the telegraph on 10th may 2008, is all about Charles Fort (1874- 1932)…if you would like to know more, read the rest of the article; he was into all things paranormal.

The latimes.com features “Welcome to Shirley by Kelly McMasters” (posted 17th may 2008 ). It is a book review, and the relevant part mentions “In another instance, McMasters seriously entertains a connection between the devastating 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island with a possible UFO sighting fours years earlier near the laboratory” (extract from article).

iTwire “Top ten UFO images on MSNBC” (posted 20th may 2008 )

For those of you interested in unidentified flying objects (UFOs), MSNBC describes ten instances of sightings by Earthlings with possible extraterrestrial (ET) objects. These close encounters are described on videos at the MSNBC website. Are they believable, or just hoaxes?” (extract from article).

Southtownstar “UFO hunters to land in Tinley” (posted 18th may 2008 )

When a trio of red lights shaped like a triangle appeared a few years ago in Tinley Park skies, they stopped drivers in their tracks, strained the necks of neighbors at barbecues and drew workers outside to gawk at the clouds.

One resident nicknamed the trio of lights the “Cleanup Crew.” Some people said the lights moved, others said they were still. They were spotted three times in 2004 and 2005” (extract from article).

allAfrica.com “Namibia: UFO sightings at coast” (posted 21st may 2008 ); “A SHOOTING star? Ball of lightning? Visiting aliens from outer space? Whatever it was, a handful of residents from Usakos are convinced they saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) pass over their heads on Sunday night” (extract from article).

Inquirer.net “Believing in ET’s is not in conflict with christianity” (posted 26th may 2008 ); i like what it says at the end “In the Philippines there are also numerous sightings of UFO’s in the sky but rarely do I hear of alien abduction of Filipinos. It seems the aliens visiting the west are different from those visiting the Philippines and other Asian countries. Here we do not experience cattle mutilations or aliens experimenting on humans. We are lucky in this sense” (extract from article).

the STAR-TELEGRAM.com “UFO report leaves questions unanswered” (posted 18th may 2008 )

VALLEY RANCH — Despite many eyewitnesses that can be regarded as credible, investigators from the Mutual UFO Network’s state chapter were unable to conclusively confirm that what people in the Stephenville area saw in January was a bona fide UFO” (extract from article). It then goes on to mention david Caron’s video, which MUFON believe’s was a misidentification, and is in fact a star. The article then goes on to mention what they did find important, and then it has a series on questions with answers towards the end of the article.

Other similar articles covering Stephenville (from MUFON’s findings) are:

 UPI.com “UFO network cannot confirm Texas incident” (posted 19th may 2008 ) 

KVUE.com “Lack of evidence stalls central Texas UFO sighting investigation” (posted 19th may 2008 )

pegasus news “Stephenville UFO traveling at 27mph apparently broke no speed limits” (posted 19th may 2008 )

american chronicle “Stephenville UFO incidents explored in detail” (posted 20th may 2008 )

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