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Explosion of UFO over Phu Quoc Island… was it a secret military plane?

Posted by dandare on June 3, 2008

Quick bite sized information…..

UFO= Unidentified Flying Object  

Place: Phu Quoc Island ( Vietnam )

Time: 10am

What happened: explosion and debris found; Authorities contacted all airline companies, not just in Vietnam, but in neighbouring countries – no reported accidents. As of this time they are not sure if it is a civil or military airplane? no survivors?

Some claim it to be of extra terrestrial origin? many reports however, hint that it could be a military plane on a secret mission ?? I would suggest/ or lean towards the second theory myself…. although there could be another explanation…

Some Sources to this incident:

The Phnom Penh Post (30th may 2008 ) “Police launch probe into UFO explosion

Reuters (28th may 2008 ) “Vietnam reports UFO explosion”  

thanh Nien Daily (1st june 2008 ) “UFO incident in southern vietnam reported to government” 

salem news ( 30th may 2008 ) “Vietnamese government confirms UFO explosion

india daily (1st june 2008 ) “UFO made of biochemical derivatives explodes in vietnam

telegraph ( 29th may 2008 ) “UFO blamed for mystery explosion in vietnam

One Response to “Explosion of UFO over Phu Quoc Island… was it a secret military plane?”

  1. Jeanne said

    I think I buy into the plane on secret mission theory.
    (no less romantic than the UFO theory and a little more plausible)
    Now we only need to find out who’s plane and what was the mission…
    Seeing pictures of the Island, I would be quite happy to go out there, sit on the beach and wonder….

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