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Interesting information from NARCAP/fotocat on UFO’s

Posted by dandare on June 7, 2008

NARCAP has a very interesting preliminary report “UAP imaged from aircraft” (this is an ongoing situation), and therefore it is probably worth bookmarking/saving this, and coming back at intervals to see any updates.

Also please see fotocat for more information here . Interesting stuff indeed. There are some large documents that you can download… for instance FOTOCAP report Number 4 (first catalogue) has a final report on Norwegian UFO photo’s.

In fact fotocat has a wealth of information on its homepage…. its aim is to collect world wide UFO photo events; Its ultimate aim is to have a full catalogue on the internet, for all too see.

It also has other material such as links to:

how to fake ufo photos

Project 1954”    

Argentina, the year 1965 in photos


3 Responses to “Interesting information from NARCAP/fotocat on UFO’s”

  1. Robinson said

    Without intention of offending, this information is important

    New world order

    General Lex luxor (synonymous: Satan, Hades, Lucifer, Qetzalcoatl)
    leader of the extraterrestrial rebellious alliance

    the extraterrestrial rebellious alliance is a criminal organization responsible for the new world order

    The plan of the extraterrestrial rebels consists of 3 steps
    1° anarchy
    2° socialism
    3° Comunism (peoples republics)
    And finally world-wide domination

    One of the things that also need the extraterrestrial rebels are souls, these obtain them of the humans

    part of the plan is to make believe the men who Jesus is not the king, who does not exist

    The extraterrestrial rebels control the great terrorist and criminal organizations at world-wide level (for example: FARC in Colombia, ETA in Spain, Alqaeda)

    The truth, Jesus (kaile) is the king of the extraterrestrial ones, “king of kings” (therefore Jesus this alive one)

    The kingdom (imperium) of Jesus is in a moon of the Solar System, approximately as large as Mars, call Titan (Saturn).

  2. the more i hear and read about et’s as fallen angels/angels ellect as opposed to alien beings the more logical the ufo phenom-becomes.there are too many old testament verses that hint at craft and beings that have been visiting and interacting with man for centuries, not to mention the contactees/abductees that have reported these beings as either pro christ or antichrist.

  3. dandare said

    I respect your views Robinson, but i’m afraid i could never believe in them.
    Woodyhorsey, thanks for your comments…. not quite sure what you’re on about though?

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