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New UK UFO magazine due out in September 2008

Posted by dandare on June 28, 2008

Steve Gerrard has kindly sent an e-mail, giving details of a new UK UFO magazine, that is due to be published in September, 2008. Steve closed the Southampton UFO group in january 2008, after 18 years (it looked into sightings from Hampshire). At the time, he was also the editor of the groups magazine.

He has now taken the bold move, to produce a new magazine independantly of any UFO group.

It is to be named UFONEWS UK, and will be a quarterly publication (with around 40 pages, and in colour).

His aim ” The magazine I hope is to be a mouth for British UFOlogy and researchers. British UFOlogy has been on a steady downwards slope for many a year with group in fighting, groups just folding after a year or so and groups just DON’T want to exchange information and sometimes you have more chance of getting blood out of a stone.

So, I will be inviting all UFO groups and UFO researchers to send in articles, reviews, reports etc that can be shared amongst all Researchers and all of those people interested in the subject. This is not a money making venture and I am going to keep the costs down to a minimum.

So, to start with, Advertising in the magazine will only be £30.00 for an A4 page for 4 issues (As apposed to £100.00+ in other UK UFO Magazines). The price for a half page will be £15.00 for 4 issues and a quarter page £10.00 for 4 issues. I am also introducing a section for letters, items for sale, pen friends etc for £0.25p a word.

For this to succeed, I will ned the help of all UFO Researchers and UFO Groups to contriubute and join the venture. Am I mad?.. Probably, Shortsighted? Definite… But I feel like taking the Bull by the horn. If the venture is not supported and I should known by the end of 12 months, then another British UFO publication will bite the dust yet again ” (i hope steve does not mind, but the quoted text is direct from his e-mail).

This is good news, and i wish him well…. thanks for the information. I hope we all, will find time to help and support his new venture.       

One Response to “New UK UFO magazine due out in September 2008”

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