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Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio, 23 july 2008

Posted by dandare on July 26, 2008

In this interview on Kerrang Radio July 23 2008; Astronaut Edgar Mitchell confirms that flying saucers are real and they are bearing alien visitors. What do you think…is he talking sense? or has he lost his mind??

Also NASA’s response (kind of) below:


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UK UFO sightings July 2008 (updated regularly..Part 2 of 2)

Posted by dandare on July 17, 2008

i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK. Due to the amount of sightings coming in now, i have had to divide it into a 2 parter).

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks)….. and wanting explanations also.

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity, after the MOD released its UFO archive, and this might account for the media clamouring for our attention (how much of it is fact, is frankly anyone’s guess), and also the public looking at the sky more than normal

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

The UFO sightings do not seem to be slowing down yet this month…..


From Mike (who wrote about his sighting) in another section :

i was in twickenham sunday 13th july at about 0150 when i saw 3 orange looking flying objects fly over my head just near twickenham stadium, i never believed in ufo’s before but has totally changed my perception on this subject. after what i saw i believe there has to be some sort of life out there as what i saw could not have been human. These objects were round, lit up like a light bulb with a blue looking centre. they flew very slowly upward then just vanished. I managed to capture them on phone but tey are very small and ppl i told dont believe me. I just wonder if anyone else out there saw the same thing. if anyone did, please put a comment below.

Diss express ” UFO picture snapped

Last week’s mystery lights sighting Over South Norfolk has brought a flood of sightings at a similar time.
Dozens of readers have written to say they also saw mysterious lights above Garboldisham, East Harling, Attleborough and Long Stratton.Two readers have sent in pictures
” (extract from article).

Northampton Chronicle and EchoBright orange lights in sky evidence of UFOs? “;  ” Heidi Spencer and her partner spotted a cluster of bright lights from their flat in Abington while watching TV on Saturday night.
They stood up to investigate only to see one break off and scoot soundlessly across the sky and disappear
” (extract from article).


Only Kent “Unexplained fireballs flying over the town of Whitstable

Ok here is a question we may never know the answer to, were the mysterious lights that looked like fireballs from a UFO that was seen flying over Whitstable town and sea on Saturday evening?

It’s said that people came out of pubs and out on to the street to watch the five or six orange globes that seemed to be flying in formation without making any sound. Now I now when you are drinking things can look different but they are sure that it was some kind of space craft.

According to reports as the people gaped at the sky, one of the “fireballs” seemed to break away, head towards earth at speed and then disappear ” (extract from article).

Weston and Somerset mercury ” UFOs spotted in skies over North Somerset

 ” However, as shown by files released by the Ministry of Defence earlier in the year, the North Somerset public’s fascination with little green men goes back a long time. In 1984, a picture was taken of a UFO flying over Weston’s Grand Pier at the speed of a light aircraft ” (extract from article). It goes on to mention other sightings in the area; also tells us that many are chinese lanterns, or explainable….

Welwyn and Hatfield times “More ufo sightings over Hatfield

A UFO that was seen mysteriously floating above Hatfield has prompted a number of calls.
We reported last week that the glow of a strange orange light, emitting a “weird haze”, was spotted near the university in Hatfield.
A similar light was also spotted by a WGC woman in Bushey Ley
” (extract from article).

South Manchester ReporterAn Alien Encounter? ” sighting took place on the 12th july, 2008 (saturday)….

Formby times ” Mystery object caught in twister by formby man has UFO spotters in a spin

The idea was to catch a “twister” or funnel cloud that swept over West Lancashire on film. But Pat found something more in his viewfinder.At home he discovered a green disc-shaped object next to the twister that can only be described as a UFO.

“This picture has been absolutely all over the world. We have had people in Spain, France, Thailand contact us and that’s just to name a few. A national newspaper picked it up. I have even been interviewed for the History Channel ” (extract from article). There is also a link to view the photos.

Evening Star 24 ” Are the Aliens coming to cinema ?  

Charlotte Bevan, 18, Foxhall Road was picking her older sister up from Cineworld on Sunday night when she spotted a bright orange light hovering above her..[.]..She said: “I looked up and saw a bright orange blob in the sky. It was moving from left to right and not making any sound. Then it drifted out of my sight behind the cinema ” (extracts from article).

Hounslow Chronicle ” Police investigate Hounslow UFOs

After receiving a number of calls from bewildered members of the public Met Police decided to investigate.
A spokeswoman said: “Members of the public called police from approximately 11pm to reports of numerous lights in the sky in the west London area of the city. Police tracked the lights to a birthday celebration in the Bedfont area.”
But these claims are unlikely to deter hardcore UFO enthusiasts who are convinced that what they saw was not of this earth
” (extract from article). The video can be seen here .


This is Lincolnshire ” Could cigar-shaped craft be UFO? ”  “A strange cigar-shaped object has been spotted in the sky above North Hykeham, on the same day as the MoD reported a similar sighting in Welton, near Lincoln.

Sue Stanley (48), of Hutson Drive, North Hykeham, saw the object floating over North Hykeham on June 23, the same day as the reported sighting in Welton…[.]….. This now brings the total of sightings since January 2007 to seven – compared to a total of just nine from 2003 to 2006 ” (extracts from article).

Diss Express “Mystery lights bring glut of strange sightings

Last week’s report about the mysterious lights seen in the sky above South Norfolk, brought dozens of reports of similar sightings and ideas about what they might have been” (extract from article). 11 people give their take on the sightings they saw.

The Diss Express (again) “UFO claim brings MOD response

Many readers have speculated that the sightings could be linked to military aircraft due to the amount of airbases in the region.
A statement from the Ministry of Defence department responsible for UFO sightings, said they had not received reports of any in the area, but were unable to confirm aircraft activity in the area at the time of the bulk of the sightings
…[.]…An MOD statement said: “To date, independent experts have concluded that there are realistic explanations behind alleged UFO reports, such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena” (extracts from article).

Southport Visiter “UFO sighting by Pat Regan of Ainsdale still a mystery

The mysterious sighting, in Rufford, could now be investigated on sci-fi programme “UFO Hunters” for The History Channel after it was analysed by graphics expert Allen Rogers…[.]…He said: “I know it’s really hard to say for sure what this object is. Is it a UFO? well I would have to say yes – it is unidentified, it is flying and it is an object. “Is it ET visitors checking out a nearby weather event? I’m not sure about that one”” (extracts from article).

Hartlepool Mail “UFOs – Fact or fiction ?

From next week, the Mail is launching a new weekly series of features focusing on the extra-terrestrial…[.]..The column’s author, however, Richard D Hall, won’t be preaching to you. He will explain about UFOs in an informative way which is ideal for anyone just beginning to get involved in the phenomena” (extracts from article).

Hartlepool Mail “UFOs… is the truth out there?

Dewsbury Reporter “ We are not alone!

According to Lorraine Senior, who lives near Woodkirk Valley Country Club on Leeds Road, bright lights hover in the sky, sometimes in a triangular formation before flying off at great speed….[.]….”They come regularly at weekends about 11.30pm and hang around for about 20 minutes. They are oval and diamond shaped and have multi-coloured lights.
“Sometimes they fly in a triangular formation and shoot off at great speed. I would guess they are about half a mile away. There is nothing in the area but green fields”
” (extracts from article).


Claire (a reader who saw a possible sighting)

Last night (19th July 2008 )  in Bewdley, Worcs, we were sat in Garden when we saw a large satellite type thing. Then suddenly out of nowhere a long libe of ornage blotches moved in a exact line towards this satelitte thing! there were loads of them all going in the same direction travelling at a high speed. they werent planes etc. It was approx. 11pm. Very weird, even my dad couldn’t figure it out! and he knows everything! 


Wales Online “US boffin offers anti-alien hats to Welsh ufo buffs


Hounslow Chronicle “Close encounter for Hounslow teen

Jahtel Roberts-Joseph insists he saw a strange craft, about the size of a small trampoline and with flashing lights, make a crash landing in a tree on Hounslow Heath.

The 17-year-old, of Bramley Way, Hounslow, said: “It was the size of a small trampoline, but quite chunky, and had red and blue lights all round which were so bright you couldn’t stare directly at it.” He and a friend fled in terror but by the time they returned moments later the ‘craft’ had vanished, leaving only a patch of flattened grass and a few broken branches in its wake” (extract from article).

East London Advertiser “Whoosh! UFO shoots across sky and MOD ask me to say nothing!

I REPORTED a ‘UFO’ to the Ministry of Defence 29 years ago when I was a student nurse at a local hospital in Leicestershire. The object appeared to hover above a hedge, glowing red. A white hot plume came from one end of the object and I could hear a droning noise….[.]….I got a real close look as it passed over me, clearly triangle shape with lights at each point, a raised area from the tip to the middle of the other end, with a raised disc shape in the middle.

Then whoosh! It was away faster than any thing I had ever seen.There was no noise as the craft moved off at speed.
The MoD came to see me and asked me to draw pictures and recount my story, then asked not to share this information with anyone. There had been other sightings across Leicester that same evening
…….[.]…..I am sure the triangular craft are flown by top secret agencies working on Government projects.
What I would like to find out is if my 1978 sighting was one of these projects. I believe there were Lockheed projects at that time regarding the Stealth and Delta wing craft.
On the other hand, my mind remains open to the idea of visitors from other galaxies
” (extracts from the article). There seem to be simularities here, to a sighting i saw in Hampshire in the 1980’s…. interesting.

Compare-airport-parking.co.uk “Hounslow UFO’s baffle local residents

Shropshire Star ” What is it about county UFOs?

In the latest report, a Telford stargazer has reported seeing unexplained multi-coloured objects in the skies above the town.

Robert Davies, 31, from Arleston, says he saw the objects in the early hours of June 25 – the same day reports emerged of strange phenomena hovering above Clive Barracks at Tern Hill. His claim comes just weeks after a group of unidentified flying objects were reportedly spotted and filmed by a soldier at his barracks near Market Drayton.

Mr Davies said when he compared his footage with the soldier’s video the similarity was uncanny” (extract from article).



East London Advertiser ” There’s proof Air Force lost crucial evidence proving UFOs were real ” (short article)

Evening Star 24 ” IFO (Identified Flying Object) ” (including video)..

The riddle behind the glowing orange UFO seen by Ipswich teenager Charlotte Bevan appears to have been unravelled today.
Miss Bevan, 18, spotted the mysterious unidentified flying object over Cineworld in Cardinal Park last weekend
” (extract from article).


Wales online ” Family terrified by UFO ” ” Mrs Williams, of Church Terrace, said: “The lights were orange, flicking on and off. Over the space of 10 minutes, they got smaller in the sky and disappeared one by one ” (extract from article).


Daily Star ” The truth about Britain’s X files

Britain’s official UFO-buster Nick Pope claimed yesterday we are being contacted by aliens.

The real-life Fox Mulder has backed astronaut Edgar Mitchell who we revealed claimed ET-like aliens have been visiting Earth ” (extract from article).



Shropshire star ” Close encounters with UFOs and MP’s

This is local London “UFOs spotted over Bourne End

BAFFLED Bourne End residents are asking for help to dentify unexplained flying objects they spotted in the sky last night.

Huw Meredith was with his family at around 11.30pm last night when he they saw 30 to 40 orange lights travelling north west above their home in Southbourne Drive ” (extract from article).

Wales online “US show to see if truth is out there

US TV makers have set a date for when they will visit the site in Wales where a mysterious UFO was spotted by police.

The unknown object, spotted by officers in a South Wales Police helicopter above RAF St Athan, in the Vale of Glamorgan, prompted a wave of extra-terrestrial excitement” (extract from article).

Peterborough today ” What was mystery triangular Aircraft ? ” In the comments, it was mentioned that a vulcan aeroplane was in the area, due to an airshow (debate as to whether it was silent/ and that depends on how far away it was, and whether it was the same shape?).


This is Hampshire ” More mystery lights spotted over Basingstoke

Cllr Lovegrove, who now sits on Tadley Town Council, said he wasn’t sure what lights were, but conceded they could have been Chinese lanterns ” (extract from article).

Birmingham post ” The aliens are coming and starting with Kerrang!

The Comet 24 “ UFO sightings in comet county ?

On Saturday between 10pm and 11pm Stevenage residents spotted between two and seven orange spheres in the sky, travelling parallel with Luton Airport’s flight path and today (Monday) the Comet has been inundated with calls from people who think they may have spotted extra terrestrial activity ” (extract from article).

However, it does go on to say “On the same evening UFO Investigations UK received a record number of reports of sightings in one night and as a result it has called for an official MoD inquiry. Speaking to a national newspaper, a spokesman for the organisation said: “More than 200 people got in touch claiming to have seen UFOs on Saturday night. Normally we receive 10 to 15 reports a day. So far we’ve not been able to explain all the sightings. It’s time for an official enquiry.”

A spokesman for Luton Airport said: “We can confirm that these sightings were actually Chinese lanterns, believed to have been released in the Stevenage area over the weekend. These lanterns are similar to hot air balloons in design but about the size of a dustbin liner. The airport would like to reiterate that anyone who plans on releasing lanterns should get clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority before doing so” (extract from article).

The sun “UFOs ; we believe

Birmingham Mail “Orange UFOs puzzle brim

Many people, including paramedics and police officers, reported sightings of spherical, orange mystery objects flying over Moseley and Kings Heath.

Wayne Dale, an engineer from Hawkhurst Road, Maypole, was walking with a friend when he saw unusual objects moving erratically across the sky” (extract from article).


Daily Mail ” Caught on camera: Mysterious speeding object leaves UFO experts puzzled ? ” i’m afraid i do not know who they have been talking to, but this is almost certainly either a bird in flight/ or a bug. its on a relatively slow shutter speed, hence the blur, but he did not see it until he looked at the photos later on… thats usually another danger sign…what do you think it is? Also at This is South Devon see here .

The Huddersfield daily Examiner ” Mystery lights in the Yorkshire sky

George Senior from Upper Bank End Road, Holmfirth said: “I looked up and saw what looked like an orange fiery shape travelling towards Cinderhills in Holmfirth from the direction of Wooldale.” Anita Duce, of Fernside Avenue, Almondbury also contacted the Examiner with details of the shape” (extract from article).

Rossendale Free Press “UFOs spotted over valley

A FLEET of mysterious orange orbs were spotted flying over the Valley last Saturday night.

Almost a dozen balls of light were observed by a group of friends sitting outside the Whitchaff Inn, on Bury Road, Rawtenstall, at around 10.20pm” (extract from article).

Crawley Observer “VIDEO: UFOs spotted hovering over Crawley ” “Baffled Ifield residents contacted the Observer after seeing 10 flaming shapes floating in the night sky over the town late on Saturday” (extract from article).


 North Devon Gazette 24 ” Our garden was buzzed by a UFO!

The astonished South Molton grandparents, their daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren, had been sitting in the back garden for about an hour before they spotted the “orange blob” slowly moving towards them at around 10pm on Saturday night” (extract from article).

This is Derbyshire “Could repeated UFO sightings across Derbyshire be proof we are not alone ?

Omar Fowler, group leader of Derby’s Phenomenon Research Association, which studies UFOs, made the comment after the Evening Telegraph told him about reports of “two floating orange triangles” seen over the city.

He said the organisation would normally receive about 25 sightings a year, but that he was already aware of about 30 in 2008, including eight this month.

Some of these were also coloured triangles, which Mr Fowler, who has studied UFOs since the early 70s and has appeared as a television UFO expert, said were likely to be “alien-controlled craft”.

The most recent objects were seen by a family holding a barbecue in Locko Road, Spondon, at about 10.15pm on Friday ” (extract from article).


compare airport parking.co.uk “East Midlands Flightpath UFO Mystery continues

So far the region has seen approximately 30 sightings and appear to predominantly take the form of triangles and according to Derby’s Phenomenon Research Association several people living along the flightpath of East Midlands Airport have reported seeing UFO’s ” (extract from article).

The Huddersfiled daily examiner “Is it a UFO? No, its just a Chinese Lantern

People in the Holme Valley reported seeing a mysterious red light in the skies on Saturday night.Sadly for UFO believers it turns out they were nothing more mysterious or sinister than fast-flying Chinese lanterns sent soaring skywards.

Kirkburton woman Lyndsay White contacted the paper after reading that two people had reported seeing a red shape moving from Cinderhills in the direction of Dunford Bridge.She said: “My family and I released a Chinese firefly lantern at Highburton around 10pm on Saturday ” (extract from article).

Get Reading ” Is this a UFO? ”  with video. Near the end it mentions “Researchers from APRA state it is 99 per cent sure the sightings were fire lanterns but has had no confirmation of an event or party which may have launched them.

Fire lanterns are readily available to buy from a number of online dealers and are also referred to as a UFO balloon or Chinese lantern and are often used as an alternative to fireworks ” (extract from article).

This is Gloucestershire “The truth is out there – Woodmancote UFO was a kite, probably, or maybe a hot air balloon  mmmm.

Crawley Observer “VIDEO: UFOs over Worthing

Emails and phone calls flooded in to the Herald newsdesk from confused residents who watched in amazement as up to 21 orange ball-like lights moved across the night sky over the area below cloud level from around 10.30pm on Saturday, July 25 ” (extract from article).

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UK UFO sightings July 2008 (updated regularly…now part 1 0f 2)

Posted by dandare on July 14, 2008

i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK. Due to the amount of sightings coming in now, i have had to divide it into a 2 parter).

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…   


If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks).  

I have also put the posts, in date order, the same format as last month … I will try and put a conclusion to the sightings at the end of each month as well …… (although i need to do this from april onwards..oops!).

There has been an explosion of  UK UFO activity, after the MOD released its UFO archive, and this might account for the media clamouring for our attention (how much of it is fact, is frankly anyone’s guess),  and also the public looking at the sky more than normal…. and wanting explanations also. 

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, froma previous article).   

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research. 

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

The UFO sightings do not seem to be slowing down yet this month….. (although some seem to be getting silly… mistaking the moon for a UFO ).


Grantham Journal “UFO watches over Roman soldiers ” ; “ Tuesday, 3.15pm – A UFO was caught on camera over Ancaster at the weekend.

Colin Mitchell of Wilsford Lane, Ancaster, was taking pictures of the Roman Festival on his digital camera but didn’t spot the sky craft at first” (extract from article).

Leighton Buzzard online “UFOs spotted over Bedfordshire ” ; “TEENAGERS in Appenine Way rec in Leighton captured what they thought was a UFO on a mobile phone a few weeks ago before all the national sightings started ” (extract from article).

Belper news “UFO sighting over Derbyshire border “.  “” A series of orange lights flew across the sky, in pairs, numbering about 12. They passed over us and moved off just north of East Midlands Airport. In all it took just over five minutes for them to pass. Three teenage children saw them also from our window” (extract from article). 

the sun ” Navy man sees UFO on the M5 ” 

ROYAL Navy aircraft engineer told yesterday of the moment he saw a UFO spinning above the M5 motorway. Michael Madden, 25, watched in disbelief as it hovered, then disappeared at “incredible speed”. He said the flying disc flew for up to three minutes above junction 21, near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset `” (extract from article). Also in Weston Mercury here .


channel4  “Sky lanterns spark UFO scare“…. “UFOs resembling “orange lights” which terrified a genteel West Country suburb could simply have been Chinese sky lanterns, it has emerged” (extract from article).

Wales online “Man breaks silence over North Wales UFO

ONE of Britain’s greatest UFO mysteries deepened last night after a new witness emerged after 34 years.

The Government allegedly covered up the “Welsh Roswell” incident, in the Berwyn mountain range in 1974, after scores of residents reported a massive tremor, strange lights in the sky and “Men in Black” scouring the area.

Claims that aliens crash-landed and their bodies were then transported by the Ministry of Defence to the top-secret research base Porton Down in Wiltshire were dismissed by Whitehall officials.

But suspicions about what really happened were re-ignited in May this year when hundreds of MoD documents about UFO sightings were released, with none containing any details about the Berwyn incident, reviving rumours of a cover-up.

Now, fresh evidence by retired gamekeeper Geraint Edwards, of Llandderfel, Denbighshire, has reopened the debate” (extract from article).

Also the same thing covered by the Mail on sunday (posted 1st july, 2008 ) “New UFO witness reopens 1970s mystery of the Welsh Roswell


Harrow times “UFO in Edgeware? ” 

Swati Singh, 40, grabbed her video camera when she saw a bright light outside the window of her house in Merlin Crescent” (extract from article).


 I love this one ……

Daily mail “Audio: hear police 999 call about UFO which turns out to be the moon” 

Stunned police couldn’t believe their eyes when they were called to investigate an unexplained object in the night sky and discovered it was the Moon!” (extract from article). Also the same story from the BBC with audio here . Also the Lancashire evening post (on the 5th ) here . And Mail on sunday here .


This is hampshire “Airborne Lanterns lead to reports of UFO sightings

“”I’m afraid it wasn’t UFOs – it was just Chinese paper lanterns!” David Osborne, 47, was one of those unable to explain what he saw and recorded between 10.40pm and 11.10pm last Saturday.

The father-of-three, who earlier that evening watched alien invasion movie Independence Day with two of his daughters, saw the eerie lights moving in the Alton to Odiham direction.

Mr Osborne, of Loggon Road, Cranbourne, said: “They were bright orange and high in the sky. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”” (extract from article).

Scarborough evening news ” Seeing the light in search of UFOs: comment ” Guess what it mentions UFO hotspots again.

The sun ” Mum mystified by night UFO ” 

Wales online “UFO investigators speak to police about sighting”  “A Nasa expert and top professor said hearing details from two officers and a helicopter pilot who claimed they saw a “flying saucer-shaped” aircraft would allow people to make their own judgements. The helicopter and its three-man crew were at 500ft above RAF St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan on June 7 waiting for clearance to land when they spotted the other craft hurtling towards them from below” (extract from article).

Later it mentioned, “Conspiracy theories on the internet have suggested secret aircraft are being developed at the airbase in the same way the F117 Night Hawk Stealth Fighter and B2 Stealth Bombers were tested in the US in the 1980s“, and in the final paragraph “A South Wales Police spokeswoman said none of the crew made a formal statement – even though the incident was reported to the “relevant authorities”, thought to be the Ministry of Defence and Civil Aviation Authority. She refused requests from the Echo to speak to the officers or pilot” (extracts from article).

Lancashire evening post “UFO spotted in Lancashire? decide for yourself

Coventry telegraph “UFO spotted over coventry ” . ” Kieran, aged 17, recorded their close encounter in Barkers Butts Lane using the video on his mobile phone.

They made the discovery on Wednesday, June 11, at about 9.45pm.

The pair have both been sceptical about unidentified flying objects in the past, but that has all changed after that evening’s experience” (extract from article). the video is below.


Bedford Today “Does Paul have answer to ufo mystery”  

Paul Pibworth, part of Potton based Crashers photography company, caused an unexpected stir after arranging for a skylantern spectacular during a Biggleswade wedding they were photographing” (extract from article).




Wales online “Public are in denial over UFOs, says investigator ”  

MARGARET Fry has never doubted that beings from outer space visit the Earth, nor the existence of UFOs, ever since she says she saw one with her own eyes 53 years ago this month. She has been investigating reported sightings and incidents, and trying to persuade the sceptics in our midst for the past 30 years that they are very real ” (extract from article).

The Sun “Alien nation

telegraph “British UFO sightings at bizarre levels” 

Plotted on a map of Britain, the sightings can be seen to stretch from Liverpool to Dover and from Llanelli to Derby.

Whatever the explanation, experts agree that the number of suspected flying saucers has hit unusual highs this summer” (extract from article).

Ealing times ” UFO in Southall

Your local Guardian “UFO spotted in Cheam ” ; “There were three or four green orbs. It was like the Northen Lights but with precision. They would move together and converge and were individuals because they were moving themselves.

It was awe inspiring – my mouth was hanging open. My first thought was that it was a Northen Lights phenomenon but the movements were so precise” (extract from article).


Wales Online “Who’s to blame for sightings? Better see a doctor..” this mentions that Doctor Who is too blame for sightings.

Sunday Mercury “UFO intrigue ” very short article.

Get Reading “Mystery of Caversham UFO light

Reading appears to be a hotspot for UFO sightings after another unidentified object was spotted in the skies of Caversham. Louise Davis, 26, of Managua Close, was awoken in the early hours of last Wednesday by “a steady engine sound ” (extract from article).

Diss Express “Mysterious lights seen in South Norfolk skies ” “For one south Norfolk dog walker, what he saw at the weekend could not be explained” (extract from article).

compare-airport-parking.co.uk “Ball of fire spotted on Heathrow and Gatwick flightpath” 

The new sighting near Gatwick Airport however is a very different story. The Parker family from Mutton Hall Hill have reported seeing a ball of flames streaking across the sky, that appeared to be taking the same path as aircraft heading for Gatwick and Heathrow Airport from the continent in a northwards direction” (extract from article).. it later goes on to say it could have been a military flare?

bury free press (updated from 18th march,2008 ) “Bury named UFO hot spot” old news, repeated again.

Evening Leader “Flintshire readers report more UFO sightings

Keen photographer Peter Jones, of Connah’s Quay, believes that he has snapped scores of pictures of UFOs across North Wales while enjoying his hobby…[.]…Another amateur photographer, who did not wish to be named, snapped some unexplained objects in the sky above Holywell…[.]…Yet more sightings were reported last month, prompting speculation and debate from scores of cynics and believers” (extracts from article).

Wales online ” Is that a UFO up there? no, its just the police helicopter ” 

Western daily press “You’ve seen a UFO? put more water with it

Next week, Dr Christian Kaiser, from the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton, will give a lecture on the latest discoveries in the fast-growing field of planets in other galaxies, in the normally less- than-academic setting of the Raven pub, just off Milsom Street in the centre of Bath” (extract from article).

welwyn and Hatfield times “Did you see UFO over Hatfield?

Your vale.co.uk “Man tells how he was abducted by UFO ”  “Ernie Edwards speaking in his first newspaper interview, says he was walking home from work towards Cyffylliog in 1970 when he was met with a circular flying object, which then went on to abduct him” (extract from article).

Sussex express “UFO was like a ball of flames” very short article.


Islington gazette “UFO expert admits it could be aliens” (video included)

 “VIDEO footage of a mysterious triangle of lights hovering in the night skies above Islington has been verified by a UFO expert – who believes it could be an extra-terrestrial spaceship” (extract from article)

…..but later you find that the video was of a possible sighting from 2004. Later it says “The woman – who contacted the Gazette after we uncovered a lost UFO sighting last month – has since had dreams about a UFO invasion ” (extract from article).

Hounslow Chronicle “More sightings of Hounslow UFO ”  “Aaron Rhys Jenkins from Osterley saw three lights hovering above him at the Ashford Roundabout on New Year’s Eve at around 3am and recorded them on his camera phone as he watched in awe” (extract from article). 

Gazette news “UFOs may have been Lanterns


Western daily press “Video: world exclusive – UFO and crop circle expert films mystery lights ” 

These amazing infra-red film clips, given exclusively to the Western Daily Press by UFO and crop circle investigator Winston Keech, show mysterious balls of light at night over Woodborough Hill and Knapp Hill, Wiltshire ” (extract from article).

Wales online “Did you spot the UFOflying above Abertillery?”   “DID you spot something mysterious in the skies above Abertillery on Monday, June 30?

Less than a fortnight after reports surfaced about South Wales Police pursuing a “flying-saucer shaped” aircraft, after it zoomed over St Athan Ministry of Defence base in the Vale of Glamorgan, the Gazette received a phone call from an Abertillery man claiming to have spotted a UFO” (extract from article).

Lancashire evening Post “Its a UFO twystery” with a video….

It was strange enough seeing a would-be tornado move slowly across the skies of Lancashire at the weekend.

But one Evening Post reader who snapped the freaky funnel cloud also spotted an unidentified flying object alongside it over Scarisbrick, near Southport” (extract from article).

middleton Guardian “The aliens are here

News Guardian “UFO captured on camera in north Tyneside  <–photo taken …..


 Southport Visiter “Mystery object caught on film

A UFO was captured on camera as a Southport nature enthusiast snapped away at Sunday’s twister. Father-of-four Pat Regan, 51, of Sandbrook Road, was shocked when he looked at his pictures and noticed the unidentified object to the left of the funnel cloud” (extract from article).

Also another article by them, on the same event “Natural phenomenon has snappers in a spin

Harborough Today “UFO seen above Harborough “.  “A BAFFLED office worker who saw a strange silver ball hovering in the skies above Harborough has appealed for other witnesses to come forward” (extract from article).

Hounslow Chronicle “Video footage of Hounslow UFO

Aaron Rhys Jenkins from Osterley saw three lights hovering above him at the Ashford Roundabout on New Year’s Eve at around 3am and recorded them on his camera phone as he watched in awe” (extract from article). Although i cannot see a link to the video.

*** Rossendale Free Press ” Mystery of UFO alley ” 

 ” A VALLEY resident will feature on a TV documentary about close encounters with UFOs later this month. Mike Sacks, from Stacksteads, is interviewed on Five’s Britain’s Close Encounters about three sightings in Rossendale between late 1978 and mid 1979.The sheer number of incidents over the years has earned the region the nickname UFO alley – but is there any truth to these stories?’ Britain’s Close Encounters: UFO Alley is on Five on 23 July at 8pm” (extract from article).


Tito put in the comments, in another article on this website, a comment that i thought i would place here:   Tito Says:
July 13, 2008 at 1:11 pm e

Hi yesterday at night round about midnight, 4 of us were walking up to my friends house, and this man passed, and said “i dont know about you but i have never seen anything like that b4 in my life” (he pointed to the sky) and it was like a glowing orange light, circular, quite large maybe half the size of the moon, it just flew or went passed, it was quite high in the sky, but we were watching it, and it seems to have been travelling quite quick, we watched it until it got right into the distance then it just vanished. I dont know if it was a UFO or some meteor, but i never seen nothing like it, i just thought i would share it with you, because im just curious, thanks Tito….

 if anyone saw anything, please add a comment below (although we do not know where this sighting took place). 


Harrow Times “UFO mystery unravelled

She got in contact with the Harrow Times and we featured her spooky footage of the light as it hovered eerily over Stanmore Park on our website.Several people called her and explained that the light is Jupiter, which can be seen at certain times of the year.

She said: “Jupiter can be seen from Earth when looking southwards.”I got excited because it was a bright light hovering and I couldn’t explain it.”People are not aware that Jupiter can be seen, and I think it is interesting.”” (extract from article). The article was posted on the 3rd, and can be seen above.


This is Lincolnshire “UFO mystery of Lincolnshire skies

Six people in the last 16 months have reported seeing UFOs in the skies over Lincolnshire.
They have called the Ministry of Defence claiming they had witnessed visitors from outer space tracking the county’s skies.
The latest report was just a few weeks ago on June 23 in Welton, near Lincoln
” (extract from article).

Yorkshire evening post “VIDEO : Woodkirk woman spots UFOs

CLOSE encounters of the first kind seem to be occurring regularly at weekends in a remote area near Dewsbury. Bright lights hover in the sky, sometimes in a triangular formation, and then apparently fly off at great speed ” (extract from article).

Rye and battle observer ” UFO hovered above marshes

After a reader spotted a fast-moving light which appeared to stop then turn abruptly in the night sky above Heathfield, Sheila Dukes who lives in flats behind Waitrose, Hailsham, reports two separate sightings of a strange, cone-shaped object.
She told the Express: I first saw it last Saturday night, the same night the other reader saw it
” (extract from article).

Southport visiter “UPDATE: Overseas interest in Southport UFO image

A UFO spotted over West Lancashire could feature on an American Sci-Fi programme after experts denied the photograph was a fake.
Pat Regan, 51, of Sandbrook Road, snapped the oval object during the stormy weather last weekend and has since been hounded by international press
” (extract from article).

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Latest: MUFON Update on Stephenville UFO

Posted by dandare on July 13, 2008


MUFON have the full report that you can download here on the Stephenville, Texas radar report.

Also from the media  star-telegraph (july 12th 2008 ) “Radar tracked unidentified craft from Crawford, groups report says” 

Pegasus news (july 12th 2008 ) “MUFON radar evaluations show UFOs aimed at Bush’s Crawford ranch

This therefore asks some serious questions?  the larry King live latest show (aired 11th july, 2008 ) also touches on this, among other things to do with Stephenville, proving this is still not going away…. please see the link https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/07/12/larry-king-live-stephenville-ufo-aired-july-11th-2008/ which was put on here earlier for the videos from you tube.

interesting indeed.

Also Abovetopsecret.com has a thread on this here

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Larry King Live (Stephenville UFO) Aired july 11th 2008

Posted by dandare on July 12, 2008

Here is the recent Larry King Live video, on the Stephenville UFO incident ( that took place january 2008 ) that was aired on 11th July, 2008.

****As of this moment (19th august2008)this video has been removed/deleted…. if i can find another link, i will add it ***** if any one can find a link for this elsewhere, i would really appreciate it if you could post it below in the comments…

Thanks to ghf10 for placing this on youtube for us too see…..

The video is divided into 4 parts, but could be made unavailable at any time; i will endeavour to find another link to this, if it disappears…but sometimes this is impossible? so please take this on board..thanks.
part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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UFO Update ( 43 )

Posted by dandare on July 6, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update ( 43 )…..  

All sorts of strange and odd UFO stories, have been circulating the internet and beyond… I have been neglecting the rest of the world (as the UK seems intent on pinging out all sorts of sightings ‘out there’), as far as ufo reports go recently, so i am trying to address this now.

So here we go..

Northern Territory News has “UFO dive-bombs couple” 

Lawrie Fuchs, 70, and his wife Gwen, 69, were returning to their home town of Elliott following a trip to Queensland last Friday when they say the UFO swooped them as they drove along the Barkly Highway (posted 2nd june ) extract from article.

newsnet5.com (posted may 27th 2008 ) “Pilot on way to cleveland reports UFO” (including video; FAA believes it could be a model rocket). The FBI is investigating an unidentified object seen near a Cleveland-bound Continental Airlines plane just after it departed from Houston (extract from article).

The telegraph has (posted 2nd june 2008 ) “Cosmos may be teeming with alien worldsEstimates of the number of alien planet in the universe have soared once again with the discovery of the smallest world orbiting another star (extract from article).

The Pitch (Kansas city) blog “KC skywatchers keep track of UFOs” (posted 5th june 2008) For years, locals have been reporting paranormal sightings to the database at the Mutual UFO Network. MUFON’s Web site lets viewers look up reports by county. Here are some highlights from Missouri and Kansas: (extract from article).

Popular mechanics.com “New alien video shines (photoshopped) light on UFO hoaxers” (posted june 3rd, 2008 ). “In what amounts to a bizarre new kind of viral marketing, the footage screened on Friday—to be included in an upcoming documentary about Romanek’s experiences—is also part of a ballot initiative to create a commission that would formalize contact with aliens. The man heading that effort, 54-year-old Jeff Peckman, has a curious political track record running parallel to his extraterrestrial PR” (extract from article).

Foxreno.com (posted 9th june, 2008 ) “Satellites or UFOs over San Jose? ” (with video).

Metro.co.uk (posted june 10th, 2008 ) “Fighter jet hits UFO“. “A UFO had a mid-air collision with a fighter jet over central Europe, a leaked report has revealed. Defence chiefs are investigating claims that the Romanian MIG 21 fighter plane was struck by ‘strange objects’ ” (extract from article).

Reporternews.com (posted 14th june, 2008 ) “Stephenville UFO report out“. The world waited for Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) official report on the Stephenville unidentified flying objects.And waited. And waited”….[.]…”The report says many of the sightings have been identified, including one video presented by an unknown witness that resembled a black snake “being blown across the sky.” MUFON identified this object as a “military sleeve.” Where’s the data? Meanwhile, it’s mostly recognized that UFO sightings are eventually identified. James Fox, UFO filmmaker, believes as many as 95 percent are identified and he has been known to say it’s the other 5 percent we should be worried about.

What the report does not say is which cases were not identified or give any exact numbers” (extracts from article).

ESO.org (posted 16th june, 2008 ) “A trio of super earths“. “Using the HARPS instrument at the ESO La Silla Observatory, they have found a triple system of super-Earths around the star HD 40307. Moreover, looking at their entire sample studied with HARPS, the astronomers count a total of 45 candidate planets with a mass below 30 Earth masses and an orbital period shorter than 50 days. This implies that one solar-like star out of three harbours such planets” (extract from article).

Breitbart.com (posted 17th june, 2008 ) “Chinese company develops UFO: report“. “A Chinese company has developed a prototype flying saucer that can hover in the air and be controlled remotely from afar, state press said Tuesday.

The aircraft is 1.2 metres (four feet) in diameter and is able to take off and land vertically and hover at an altitude of up to 1,000 metres (yards), Xinhua news agency said” (extract from article).

Postchronicle.com (posted 20th june, 2008 ) “Lily Allen gets Robbie Williams UFO Hunt invitation

TBO.com (posted 20th june, 2008) “South Pasadena couple capture UFO fireballs on video“.

At about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday, Charles Marcum and his girlfriend were on the balcony of their condominium in Pasadena when they saw a round, fiery object traveling slowly across the sky” (extract from article).

Marshallpi.co.uk (posted 25th june, 2008 ) “Super fast silent UFO chased by Chinook helicopter over Washington USA

ESA Space Science (posted 27th june, 2008 ) “Cluster listens to the sounds of Earth“.  “The first thing an alien race is likely to hear from Earth is chirps and whistles, a bit like R2-D2, the robot from Star Wars. In reality, they are the sounds that accompany the aurora. Now ESA’s Cluster mission is showing scientists how to understand this emission and, in the future, search for alien worlds by listening for their sounds” (extract from article).

 Greatfallstribune.com (posted 29th june, 2008 ) “UFOs buzzed state in 1975, according to facility’s reports

The Portugal News online (posted 5th july, 2008 ) “Aliens and UFOs in Lisbon

The Portuguese Society of UFOlogy (SPO) is organising the first International Meeting on July 5th in Lisbon, gathering several experts associated with UFO’s such as establishing contact with aliens, space exploration and indications of other life in the Universe” (extract from article).

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BBC NEWS | England | Eyewitnesses spot UFO

Posted by dandare on July 5, 2008

Several eyewitnesses have reported seeing a UFO in Somerset recently.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “BBC NEWS | England | Eyewitnesses spo…“, posted with vodpod


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Some recent UFO videos (more audio than visual) of possible interest?

Posted by dandare on July 4, 2008

An interesting radio interview was made available on you tube…. and it was with Nick Pope … i do not agree with some of what he is saying here? however, i will let you be the judge of this (jeff rense show).
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Next is Dr David Clarke, UFOlogist and senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, talks about the The Ministry of Defence files recently transferred files to The National Archives (interesting stuff).
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Nick Pope, former UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and now independent expert on the unexplained, discusses the UFO files released by UK MOD.

Also on the MOD by abc news:

a bit of fun…….. UFO: the arrival

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Recent UK ufo sightings in 2008…. a reality check please!

Posted by dandare on July 4, 2008

In case you might not be aware, the Uk has been inundated with UFO sightings for a while now; the start of the year seemed to be normal, with a standard amount of reported UFO sightings in the media, and online.

So it seems the catalyse came on May 14th, when the MOD released 8 ufo files (each one a pdf file, consisting of many sightings); they are still available for download from the National archives website (please see the national archives for the files you can download) however, now a small fee is charged. These cover the years 1978-1987….. thanks must go to David Clarke, Joe Mc Gonagle and Gary Anthony for actively pursuing the right for all of us to see these files. There will be more files to follow.

The media covered this, with some half decent reporting, to rather dubious reporting ..below is only a very small sample of the reports/articles written (so there was large media interest: 

the BBC “Files released on UFO sightings” it mentions

They include accounts of strange lights in the sky and unexplained objects being spotted by the public, armed forces and police officers” and “Much of the previously classified paperwork is made up of correspondence from the public sent to government officials, such as the MoD and then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher” (extracts from article).

BBC “In pictures: The UFO files” 

The today programme “UFO sightingsfiles released” … with media player (audio) 4 mins.

BBC News “Dear MOD: where is ET?” written by Dr. David Clarke…. it mentions: 

For decades the Ministry of Defence kept what it knew about UFOs locked away in its archives. Now, the contents of what have been called Britain’s X-Files are finally being revealed. One of the UK’s leading UFO experts told Radio 4’s Today programme about his hunt.

The first eight of 160 MoD UFO files have been opened at the National Archives, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act” (extract from article).

 Daily Telegraph “British government releases UFO files” including video (1min 53secs). it mentions:

The most comprehensive Government files on UFO activity are opened to the public for the first time today and they disclose that even air traffic controllers and police officers have seen mysterious craft in the skies over Britain” (extract from article).

Timesonline “HM Government has never been approached by people from outer space

Yet the files do show that the MoD conducted a rigorous investigation of every alleged sighting of a UFO until well into the 1980s. In a briefing note in 1979 the MoD wrote: “Her Majesty’s Government has never been approached by people from outer space.” But the Defence Intelligence Staff was given the task of following up sightings, interviewing witnesses, collating information and filing reports” (extract from article).

blogs.guardian.co.uk “Explore the X-files” it mentions:

Several sightings in the files are from police. At quarter past midnight on Christmas Day 1985, a group of 3 police officers in Woking were surprised by a white light descending on the Horsell area. The officers were apparently worried their report would not be taken seriously because Horsell Common features in HG Wells’ War of the Worlds as the place where the first Martians land” (extract from article).

news distribution service (NDS) “Ministry of Defence release X-files

Reuters “Green aliens, ufos said to visit

Aliens from outer space have been visiting Britain for years and UFO sightings doubled after the film Close Encounters was released in 1977, according to secret files collating reports by members of the public.

The alien craft come in all shapes, sizes and colors but their occupants are uniformly green, the Ministry of Defence files show” (extract from article).

The Guardian “The truth is out there: National Archives lifts lid on UFO files

The files consist of a variety of documents, including numerous individual sightings, accounts of investigations and briefings prepared by MoD staff for ministers on the subject. “There are a lot of conspiracy theories that have grown up about the military interest in UFOs. What we are getting to see in these papers are the actual facts,” said Dr David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, in a podcast prepared for the National Archives on the release” (extract from article). Included is a podcast at the bottom of the article.

The Independant “The truth really is out there as Britain’s X-files released” 

What i liked, was this mentioned near the end “It will show that in April 1984 police in Edgware, north London, were called to investigate a light flashing “blue, white, green and pink”, followed by a “blinding white ball with a tail”. Women ran to their homes, screaming, with one declaring to officers: “I am not a nutter”” (extract from article).

news.scotsman.com “Truth is out there as government releases ufo files” 

ACCOUNTS of bright lights in the sky and even alien abduction have been made public for the first time in a batch of “X Files” released by the Ministry of Defence.

Defence chiefs have kept files on 11,000 sightings dating back to the 1950s.Briefing documents for government ministers facing questions about policy on unidentified flying objects also form part of the release at the National Archives in Kew.Defence intelligence staff were more interested in checking that UFOs were not, in fact, signs of earthly covert spying missions by other countries, the documents reveal” (extract from article).

The sun “Brit ufo fever is flying sky high“… wins my reward for the most stupid ufo alleged photo!!!

*** MSN uk news “Britain’s X-files opened to the public” near the end it says  

“”It’s a question of who you going to believe: your lying eyes or the government?” once remarked John Callahan, a former Federal Aviation Administration investigator, who said the CIA tried to hush-up the sighting of a huge illuminated ball four times the size of a jumbo jet in Alaska in 1987. You’ll forgive me if I have more faith in my 20/20 vision than I do in any elected representative” (extract from article). 

*** news.uk msn (from ITN) “Britain’s X-files made public” 

*** news24.com “Britons spotted UFOs

But enthusiasts hoping for evidence that aliens were attempting to land in Britain will be disappointed” (extract from article).

*** M & C “Is there anything out there?”  

They used to be stamped ‘Secret: For British Eyes Only’ – but on Wednesday files about the sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the skies over Britain were made public for the first time” (extract from article).

*** commentisfree.guardian.co.uk      “ET alors?”

*** RINF.COM “MOD begins full UFO-files public release

Many of the MoD’s UFO files – including, probably, most of the good stuff – have already been revealed under Freedom of Information Act requests. In particular, the splendid conspiracy fodder surrounding the Rendlesham Forest incident of 1980 (“Britain’s Roswell”) has long been available, full of mysterious lights, strange marks left in the ground and traces of radiation. Even better, the cameras recording the British air-defence radar picture were switched off at the time, indicating an almost certain government conspiracy” (extract from article).

*** Time.com “Britain releases its X-files

*** this is dorset “Close encounters” a short article. Also a video link to regional (past UFO ) encounters? here .

*** this is local London “Croydon UFO sighting included in X-files

The Sanderstead resident recalled peeping out of her bedroom window at 3am, in June 1983, and seeing a large rectangular-shaped object passing slowly.

“There seemed to be no means of propulsion. The object was not being pushed, pulled, lifted or carried – its movement was silent,” she reported. She drew a picture of what she had seen and it appears in one of the eight files of reports released yesterday by the National Archives in Kew” (extract from article).

So obviously, this was now in the public eye, and alerted certain media, to the possible attraction of this type of news during silly season (thats around june – august, as there is usually not a load of news to report on).

So, reports started increasing, after the UFO files were released by the MOD, but what gained world attention again, was the article by tabloid newspaper “the Sun” (a dubious paper at best for actual facts, in all regards). The article was “Cops chase a UFO over Cardiff” 

“The incident happened as the helicopter was returning to the MoD’s St Athan base near Cardiff, where it is stationed.The chopper was at 500ft and waiting to land when the crew saw the UFO speeding towards them from below.

A source said: “It closed in at great speed, aiming straight at the helicopter, “The chopper had to swerve sharply to avoid being hit. The guys said if they’d stayed where they were, they’d be dead – it would’ve been a direct hit.

“They are convinced it was a UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they know what they saw” (extract from article). The incident took place on the 7th june 2008 it was reported by the sun.

However, it seems that the date of the incident is not clear cut (either the 7th or 8th june), and there seems to be two versions to the sighting…. that was soon relayed to the other tabloid papers, then the other major streamline papers, and soon it hit the world media, who clamoured for information.

There is a basis of truth in this incident, but how much has been added, is the question.

The official response was “unidentified aircraft” which is interesting… although this could also be not telling us a hell of a lot.

drawing by “the Sun” below

I also disagree with Nick (gullable)Pope, how do we know that the helicopter had a near miss with a UFO….this is from the sun newspaper (no source available) who have papers to sell in the silly season (and not interested in facts). I’m not dismissing it totally (but i find the whole thing unlikely at best), just that this might take on a totally new identity (oops it already has). 

All types of both local and national newspapers, started reporting about recent sightings (and it seemed like open season-as it were), but quite a few are quite obviously IFO (Identified Flying Objects); the majority being ufo balloons/lanterns…. and trying to find the legitimate incidents from the rest is proving differcult.

This is a  big shame….I did see some articles, for instance of the Liverpool lights incident, recently, and that it was an “invasion”…. as i live not too far away from the city, most people are completely unaware of this invasion. It was a complete fabrication, and nowhere near reality.

What is an even bigger shame is that “The Sun” seem to think they are now experts on the subject, and have their own dedicated page to UFO’s….. personally, i wish they would leave the UFO subject well alone…

I will dwell on this some more, at a later date, but felt i had to mention something, about the recent spike in UFO sightings in the UK.

What effect will this have on Ufology when it all dies down? i do not know? I am not blaiming the public though, as i genuinely believe alot are reporting sightings, that they really want an answer too (although you are also inevitably going to get your fair share of hoaxes). Some ufologists seem to also like to jump on the bandwagon, and hype up the situation…. this to is not a great help.

What we should be looking for is the facts…. but they too might be illusive….

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