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UFO Update ( 43 )

Posted by dandare on July 6, 2008

Welcome to UFO Update ( 43 )…..  

All sorts of strange and odd UFO stories, have been circulating the internet and beyond… I have been neglecting the rest of the world (as the UK seems intent on pinging out all sorts of sightings ‘out there’), as far as ufo reports go recently, so i am trying to address this now.

So here we go..

Northern Territory News has “UFO dive-bombs couple” 

Lawrie Fuchs, 70, and his wife Gwen, 69, were returning to their home town of Elliott following a trip to Queensland last Friday when they say the UFO swooped them as they drove along the Barkly Highway (posted 2nd june ) extract from article.

newsnet5.com (posted may 27th 2008 ) “Pilot on way to cleveland reports UFO” (including video; FAA believes it could be a model rocket). The FBI is investigating an unidentified object seen near a Cleveland-bound Continental Airlines plane just after it departed from Houston (extract from article).

The telegraph has (posted 2nd june 2008 ) “Cosmos may be teeming with alien worldsEstimates of the number of alien planet in the universe have soared once again with the discovery of the smallest world orbiting another star (extract from article).

The Pitch (Kansas city) blog “KC skywatchers keep track of UFOs” (posted 5th june 2008) For years, locals have been reporting paranormal sightings to the database at the Mutual UFO Network. MUFON’s Web site lets viewers look up reports by county. Here are some highlights from Missouri and Kansas: (extract from article).

Popular mechanics.com “New alien video shines (photoshopped) light on UFO hoaxers” (posted june 3rd, 2008 ). “In what amounts to a bizarre new kind of viral marketing, the footage screened on Friday—to be included in an upcoming documentary about Romanek’s experiences—is also part of a ballot initiative to create a commission that would formalize contact with aliens. The man heading that effort, 54-year-old Jeff Peckman, has a curious political track record running parallel to his extraterrestrial PR” (extract from article).

Foxreno.com (posted 9th june, 2008 ) “Satellites or UFOs over San Jose? ” (with video).

Metro.co.uk (posted june 10th, 2008 ) “Fighter jet hits UFO“. “A UFO had a mid-air collision with a fighter jet over central Europe, a leaked report has revealed. Defence chiefs are investigating claims that the Romanian MIG 21 fighter plane was struck by ‘strange objects’ ” (extract from article).

Reporternews.com (posted 14th june, 2008 ) “Stephenville UFO report out“. The world waited for Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) official report on the Stephenville unidentified flying objects.And waited. And waited”….[.]…”The report says many of the sightings have been identified, including one video presented by an unknown witness that resembled a black snake “being blown across the sky.” MUFON identified this object as a “military sleeve.” Where’s the data? Meanwhile, it’s mostly recognized that UFO sightings are eventually identified. James Fox, UFO filmmaker, believes as many as 95 percent are identified and he has been known to say it’s the other 5 percent we should be worried about.

What the report does not say is which cases were not identified or give any exact numbers” (extracts from article).

ESO.org (posted 16th june, 2008 ) “A trio of super earths“. “Using the HARPS instrument at the ESO La Silla Observatory, they have found a triple system of super-Earths around the star HD 40307. Moreover, looking at their entire sample studied with HARPS, the astronomers count a total of 45 candidate planets with a mass below 30 Earth masses and an orbital period shorter than 50 days. This implies that one solar-like star out of three harbours such planets” (extract from article).

Breitbart.com (posted 17th june, 2008 ) “Chinese company develops UFO: report“. “A Chinese company has developed a prototype flying saucer that can hover in the air and be controlled remotely from afar, state press said Tuesday.

The aircraft is 1.2 metres (four feet) in diameter and is able to take off and land vertically and hover at an altitude of up to 1,000 metres (yards), Xinhua news agency said” (extract from article).

Postchronicle.com (posted 20th june, 2008 ) “Lily Allen gets Robbie Williams UFO Hunt invitation

TBO.com (posted 20th june, 2008) “South Pasadena couple capture UFO fireballs on video“.

At about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday, Charles Marcum and his girlfriend were on the balcony of their condominium in Pasadena when they saw a round, fiery object traveling slowly across the sky” (extract from article).

Marshallpi.co.uk (posted 25th june, 2008 ) “Super fast silent UFO chased by Chinook helicopter over Washington USA

ESA Space Science (posted 27th june, 2008 ) “Cluster listens to the sounds of Earth“.  “The first thing an alien race is likely to hear from Earth is chirps and whistles, a bit like R2-D2, the robot from Star Wars. In reality, they are the sounds that accompany the aurora. Now ESA’s Cluster mission is showing scientists how to understand this emission and, in the future, search for alien worlds by listening for their sounds” (extract from article).

 Greatfallstribune.com (posted 29th june, 2008 ) “UFOs buzzed state in 1975, according to facility’s reports

The Portugal News online (posted 5th july, 2008 ) “Aliens and UFOs in Lisbon

The Portuguese Society of UFOlogy (SPO) is organising the first International Meeting on July 5th in Lisbon, gathering several experts associated with UFO’s such as establishing contact with aliens, space exploration and indications of other life in the Universe” (extract from article).

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