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Not UFO related: but something dear to my heart

Posted by dandare on August 7, 2008

This blog post is to pay tribute to my dog taz, who i (and my girlfriend) had to have put down by the vet on wednesday (6th august 2008)….      I know this is not UFO related, so am sorry. But she was something that was close to my heart, and will be badly missed; she had a tumour in her mouth, that was ulcerating, and not improving…..

It was the best and only choice left…. the vets where very kind and thoughtful. She was 14 years old …

 i hope she has found her own peace + paradise….

2 Responses to “Not UFO related: but something dear to my heart”


  2. dandare said

    Thank you Atrueoriginall for the link (ahhh)….
    But we are going to have a break from having another dog for a while… and let it all settle.
    We might take in (its on a temporary basis) rescue dogs (i think its 2-4 weeks)that have need of looking after, from operations, and so on (i’ll be looking into it soon). Then decide…. it sounds like a good worthy cause anyway.
    thanks again for the comments

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