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UK UFO sightings – August 2008 (updated regularly)

Posted by dandare on August 19, 2008

i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks).….

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity, after the MOD released its UFO archive, and this might account for the media clamouring for our attention (how much of it is fact, is frankly anyone’s guess), and also the public looking at the sky more than normal.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article).   

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research. 

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing. Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


Staines News “Is this the staines UFO?

 “A reader has sent us this intriguing picture after dozens of people reported strange lights in the sky over Staines on July 9” (extract from article).

 The Star “The truth is out there – these UFOs were chinese lanterns at a wedding

The lights – which sparked theories of a UFO invasion – were spotted by hundreds of people on Saturday night. But no one – including police – could explain what they were.
Now Sylvia Critchlow, aged 63, of Bluebell Close, Wincobank, has revealed the lights had nothing to do with aliens – she believes the cause of the panic was her daughter’s wedding reception
” (extract from article).

 This is Derbyshire ” Another sighting of UFO in region

I WANTED to let you know about a UFO that was sighted at Codnor on Monday, July 28..[.]…..The object was rugby ball shaped with a bright white light underneath, it was going at great speed then stopped turned and vanished instantly. I have never known any aircraft to stop in mid-air to turn, and there was no noise coming from it ” (extracts from short article).




 BBC News; Scotland “Police flooded with UFO sightings

More than a dozen UFO sightings were reported to police after partygoers attached candles to balloons and released them into the night sky” (extract from article). Later it says, that residents believed it to be “an alien invasion”…. i doubt it myself.

Press Association “Alien invasion alert was party game

Central Scotland Police said they received more than a dozen calls in half an hour from locals who thought the balloons were interstellar craft” (extract from article).


Jornal live “Chinese lanterns theory on UFO sightings

But last night a spokesman for Newcastle International Airport revealed that air traffic control had been informed in advance that around half a dozen Chinese lanterns were to be released from Tynemouth Priory as part of a celebration at 10.30pm.The spokeswoman said a wind may have caught the lanterns and blown them over the Morpeth area” (extract from article).

Londonist ” Croydon’s Mystery Jet

A war-time airplane, apparently crushed behind the walls of a perfume factory in Croydon, is vexing locals, who’ve sniffed the stagnant stench of conspiracy and cover-up. If this isn’t a job for the X-Filers, we don’t know what is” (extract from article).

Daily Record ” Police swamped by wave of UFO sightings

A BUNCH of balloons sparked fears at the weekend that Scotland was being invaded by aliens.Police were swamped with phone calls from locals worried about strange lights floating over their homes” (extract from article).

 Daily record ” Sky’s the limit

IT’S known as Scotland’s UFO triangle – the zone between Edinburgh, Falkirk and Stirling where extraterrestrials are more common than confetti at a wedding.

With scores of sightings of the unexplained every year, the patch around the M9 has been dubbed the Costa del Sol for aliens” (extract from article).


 Get Reading “UFOs turn out to be fire lanterns

The truth was definitely out there after the Evening Post was told the “bright orange globes” which stunned onlookers in the night skies on Saturday, July 26, were in fact fire lanterns.

The lanterns, which work in a similar way to hot-air balloons, were set off from a wedding reception being held at the Oakwood Centre in Headley Road” (extract from article).



Birmingham Mail ” UFO sceptics report sightings in King Heath ” 

Scores of people said they had seen bright orange and red lights hovering inexplicably in the skies over south Birmingham on Friday, July 18.But even more sightings have been logged since our story ran last week – the majority by non-believers who have changed their minds on the question of whether there’s anything “out there”.

Coun Neville Summerfield, cabinet member for regeneration at the city council, was among the former non-believers forced to change their tune“” (extract from article).


North Devon Gazette ” Was this the UFO? ”  

THEY were launched as a romantic gesture at wedding and engagement celebrations in Muddiford and Braunton – but could a pair of illuminated Chinese-style rice paper lanterns explain a wave of UFO sightings across North Devon?” (extract from article).




Chard and Ilminster news ” Chard UFO mystery ”  

A NUMBER of people have contacted the News to say they saw some “bright orange lights” in the sky above Chard over the weekend … leading to speculation of UFO sightings in the area” (extract from article).

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner ” Mystery lights in the sky

Four people say they saw an unidentified flying object after being woken by a loud noise on Sunday night.Two people living in Marsh said that at first they thought it was a military aircraft.But seconds later they saw a bright spherical white light higher up and which had two lights where wing tips might be.

On the same night a Newsome woman was alerted by a noise around the Newsome Road area” (extract from article).




The Sun “ Extra Terrestrials

Littlehampton Gazette ” Comet due to appear in the night sky ” 

Peter Stanley from the Crawley Astronomy Society, said the comet Perseid, which passes over this time every year, is due to appear between 10pm Saturday evening and 2am Sunday.He said: “This particular comet passes over around August 12 every year.

I thought I would contact you because I was reading you’re UFO story and I thought people in the town might be interested in seeing the comet for themselves” (extract from article).

UPI.com “UFO sightings at Peak in Britain ” The same is reported in the telegraph ” UFO sightings in UK this year reach 150 ” .


Londonist “Every little green man helps ” 


Wales online ” Eight near-crashes in Cardiff Airport airspace ” 

And two years ago ground staff spotted a UFO. They originally thought it was a military helicopter, but air traffic controllers could find no trace of the aircraft” (extract from article).

Ufo digest ” UFO over Dublin ? ”  


Southern Daily Echo “ Gran sights UFO over New Forest ” 

Grandmother Jasmine Percy was packing up her tent to leave Ashurst campsite when she spotted an orange oval disc shaped object that appeared to be on fire” (extract from article).


Largs and Millport weekly news ” UFO mystery in Cumbrae

A spokeswoman for Clyde Coastguard said: “There was a high level of meteor activity reported across Scotland as far as Aberdeen. It was investigated.”

The ‘News’ also spoke to the Met Office who confirmed that there was meteor activity believed to be a perseid meteor shower (see youtube video above).The meteors come from a trail of debris left in the wake of the Swift-Tuttle comet” (extract from article).

Halifax Courier ” Riddle of UFO spotted in sky over Mytholmroyd

Readers reported seeing strange lights flashing above Mytholmroyd on Monday between 8pm and 9pm.
Chris Granger, 45, of Vale Mill Cottages, Cragg Vale, said he was shocked to see six bizarre lights for two to three minutes before they disappeared.The ex-RAF avionics technician, said: “The bright yellow lights emerged from the cloud base in pairs and moved towards Hebden Bridge.“They moved in a very erratic manner and did not display the flight characteristic of a conventional aircraft. Nor did they display the normal lighting array of a conventional aircraft – flashing white strobe, and red and green navigation lights”
” (extract from article).

Welwyn and Hatfield times ” UFOs spotted in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield cause a stur ” 

STRANGE lights were spotted across Times Territory by hundred of residents on the night of Friday August 8.
They featured in this week’s edition and online at http://www.whtimes24.co.uk.
Below are some of our readers’ reactions and photographs
” (extract from article).


 Loughborough Echo ” Is this a UFO ?

A mysterious orange orb was spotted moving silently across the skies of the village on August 4, at around 10pm.

The UFO, which was travelling west to east before turning 90 degrees and heading south, was spotted by at least three residents independently – including one who captured the light on camera” (extract from article).

The Royston Crow ” UFO group serious over new sightings

The Crow was contacted by paranormal investigation group Scope Paranormal, which said that four employees on the York Way industrial estate had spotted an unusual object in the sky at 1am on July 25.
The witnesses said that they saw a “bat-winged” shape with an orange circle of light in the middle hovering silently over the industrial estate for about 20 seconds. It then disappeared at speed. And when Scope Paranormal decided to visit the industrial estate to investigate further, we went to meet them
” (extract from article).

Manchester Evening news ” UFO mystery in Stretford

CROWDS of people in Stretford watched in awe as a formation of mysterious orange lights hovered low over their houses last night.
The intensely bright orbs, the colour of the setting sun, were spotted by dozens of residents between 10 and 11pm.
Motorists stopped their cars and neighbours on several streets congregated outside to watch the orbs pass slowly overhead
” (extract from article).
Video to this can be seen on you tube, plus added footage.



 Times Online ” Don’t shoot down the flying saucers, it’s one of ours, to support urban warfare

The military is to assess whether the alien-like aircraft, Moon buggies and miniature flying robots are capable of detecting roadside bombs and insurgents without putting troops in the line of fire.The saucers, which are less than a metre (3ft) across, have optical and infra-red cameras and can fly over enemy positions without the need for a remote-control operator” (extract from article). a similar article can be seen in The Inquirer here


Daily Star ” Northern frights – UFOs appear over city ” 

Police had so many calls they sent officers to investigate the UFO mystery.Matthew Darsley, 31, who lives on the estate in Stretford, Manchester, said: “It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. They looked as if they were on fire – really bright orange orbs.

“They definitely weren’t helicopters or planes and there was no smoke or sound. We were thinking: ‘This is it.’”

Beverley Clarke, who watched with husband Michael and son Joe from their garden, said: “We saw one through the trees. Just as it was disappearing, another one came from the same direction” (extract from article). I do not usually comment on these articles, but i would like to suggest that they have the characteristics of  chinese lanterns.


 Wales Online “Are aliens targeting Wales ? ” including video… “Mrs Usher claimed she watched in amazement as the crafts buzzed her property while she sat in her garden on a warm summer evening.Mrs Usher, 38, said: “I was with my husband, aunt and uncle when I spotted a bright orange light coming over the trees.

“Two more came side by side, followed by many more – about 24.”There was no noise, they just came over. We watched in amazement until they all disappeared.”” (extract from article).


Boston Standard “UFO spotted in Lincolnshire skies ”  short article… one of those, i did not see anything until after i took the shot on my camera. 


Littlehampton gazette ” Worthing UFO sighting : reaction and comment” 

 Bedford Today ” UFO sightings – Its time for an official Inquiry

Leading paranormal enthusiasts have called for an inquiry following a spate of claimed UFO sightings across Bedfordshire this summer.Last month the Times & Citizen reported that a mysterious object had been spotted in the skies above Clapham and captured on video” (extract from article).

Enfield Independent ” Orange rugby ball-shaped UFOs seen in Winchmore hill

Mystified Alison Moynihan, of Hillcrest, said she was watching television with her husband at 10.30pm on Sunday 10 when she first caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a procession of lights. She said: “My husband saw this bright orange light. We ran up to the loft to have a look and it suddenly zoomed out and up. It was like a bright orange rugby ball and it had a sort of halo around it like a street light. It moved up and to the left quite swiftly.” ” (extract from article).

Aversion.com ” Muse lets its UFO go to waste


Halifax Courier (follow up article)..link given in article ” Mytholmroyd UFOs: Aliens….or just space rubbish ? ”  

Two people suggested the bright spots in the skies could be attributed to an annual natural phenomenon.
Reader James Fryer said: “I’m certainly no expert, but I believe the lights were probably part of the annual meteor shower known as the Perseids.”
The showers, which are active from July 17 to August 24 this year and reached their peak on August 12, are caused by small bits of debris that enter the Earth’s atmosphere when our orbit passes through the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet. These particles travel at very high speeds, reaching up to 32 miles per second and burn up in the atmosphere
” (extract from articles). I would tend to agree with this theory, i’m afraid. 

South London Press ” UFOs seen over Brockley

Chairman Roy Lake said: “At first I thought it might have been Chinese lanterns, which are quite large and glow when they rise up into the air.”But in this case there is no doubt in my mind that they have seen something that is going on in our skies.

“It’s obviously a UFO, which could be anything – a Government black-ops project, a Chinese lantern or something else.” ” (extract from article).

Kentish Express ” Woman freaked out by UFO sighting” 

A woman claims she saw bright flaming lights hovering over Ashford before dropping laser like shafts to the earth.Jade Anthony, 29, said she witnessed the unidentified flying objects from the garden of her home in Bullrushes, Singleton, on Sunday night.She says they left her feeling “freaked out”.

The model and singer, who also runs her own DJ agency, spotted what she is certain were alien craft at 9.15pm ” (extract from article).

Burnley Express ” UFO spotted above Burnley?

A BIZARRE formation of lights over Burnley has left residents baffled.The strange sight was seen around 10-40 p.m. on Friday” (extract from article).


 Loughborough Echo ” More UFO sightings reported

One resident said: “At 10.30pm I saw 10 of the orbs travelling from an easterly direction, then turning northerly, at about two minute intervals…[.]..However a Loughborough sighting was rubbished by Neil Gibson, who saw an orb in Loughborough on August 17 near to Churchgate: “I could not identify the object. After 10 minutes of research on the internet I pretty much confirmed it was a fire balloon.” ” (extracts from article).


Rossendale free press ” UFOs were lanterns, says new witness ” 

Another witness claims the sightings were caused by Chinese lanterns being set off in the grounds of the Sykeside Country House Hotel and Restaurant, Haslingden” (extract from article).

Suffolk Free Press ” Your comments on Sudbury’s mystery buzz

Electronic gadgets, locusts, refrigeration plants … opinions on what is creating the Sudbury Buzz have been pouring into the Free Press from around the world…

George Bemiss, from Melbourne, Australia thinks the buzz is the background noise to modern life” (extract from article).

Worcester News ” Look out for that UFO in riverside fireworks display ”  

Hebden Bridge Times ” Mystery lights fuel UFO speculations throughout Calder Valley

Between the end of July and this week householders up and down the length of the valley, from Todmorden to Mytholmroyd, have described seeing silently moving bright yellow or orange lights make their way across the sky in a way that does not seem like conventional aircraft” (extract from articles). Also covered by Halifax Courier here .







Harlow Herald ” UFOs spotted over Essex ? ” 

When I got to where my daughter was, the first thing she asked me was, ‘Did you see them?’ There were many others who were out pointing up at the sky.”
She later added that the objects were bigger than stars, and said that they were not Chinese lanterns
” (extract from article).

This is nottingham.co.uk ” UFOs spotted over Carlton

SEVEN orange lights were spotted in the night sky over Nottingham and Carlton resident Sally Slater is convinced they were UFOs..They were seen at around 9.30pm on Sunday over Carlton” (extract from article). However, in the comments section below this article, and there are quite a few, a party after a wedding seems to be the cause…. with you guessed it chinese lanterns; although the witness who sent in the photos, is still not convinced. 

Hoprncastle news ” Mystery lights seen in sky


Islington Gazette ” Dad has close encounter with UFOs ” 

John Petros, 42, was celebrating his birthday with son Petros, 11, when he saw what he described as bright red craft appear in the night sky.
From his balcony in Rokesly Avenue, Crouch End, he says he saw the six ships form a cross over Archway for several minutes before disappearing
” (extract from article).

Newbury Today ” Alien life over Theale ? ” short article, and to be frank – not very interesting.

Enfield Independent ” UFO-style lights in the sky confirmed

Now, five more people have contacted the Independent with reports of UFOs, ranging from a cone-shaped light with an orange halo to a rugby-ball shaped spacecraft” (extract from article).

Somerset County Gazette ” UFO sighting in Creech St Michael

Glen Cornell, who lives in Taunton, was at his girlfriend’s home with her parents when they spotted a strange array of lights from their back window at around 9.50pm on Saturday.He said five of them watched as the orange lights appeared over a hedge” (extract from article).


Shields Gazette ” Mystery lights spark UFO alert ” (short article).

Sussex express ” Worthing’s latest UFO exposed ” ( must be short article day ! )

Great Yarmouth Mercury ” Ufo sighting over St Olaves

Wigan Today.net ” Mysterious UFO captured on film ”  

The man in his 30s, who only revealed his first name as Geoff, filmed the strange object hovering near to junction 27 of the M6 at Shevington Moor last month ” (extracts from article).

Scarborough Evening News ” UFO mystery deepens with more encounters

Lough leader ” UFOs described as orange lights spotted over Lough


The Sun ” Every little green man helps ” 

The white and green lights were snapped hovering over the supermarket — which has the slogan “Every Little Helps”. Sid O’Driscoll took our exclusive pictures at the 24-hour store in Croydon, South London, at 2am…[.]….UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence, examined the pictures.He said: “Green lights are unusual — it rules out the so-called Chinese lanterns that accounted for some recent UFO sightings in the UK.”The images and description of the movement don’t fit a list of things frequently reported as UFOs — aircraft lights, meteors, satellites. “This is a genuine mystery.” ” (extracts from article).

I’m sorry… yes it is different from the usual sightings we have been seeing lately; however, it could be lens flare that is causing this image, among other things. There are far too many so called UFO experts jumping the gun, and saying that “this is a genuine mystery”, and so on, without analysing the evidence properly (is there any serious discussion in this article on the photo?)…. it suggests a hidden agenda; unfortunately, due to the size of the photo being presented in the article, it really is almost impossible for anyone else to analyse it.

 This is nottingham.co.uk ” City UFOs? This couple has the answer

WHEN lights floated across the evening sky in Carlton last weekend, no one was able to identify the mysterious flying objects.Many believed the lights were alien spacecraft, prompting a flurry of comments on the Evening Post website.But a more earthly explanation for the strange, ethereal objects has now emerged.Newlyweds Izabella and Adrian Jagiello-Marks believe the lights were actually flying Chinese lanterns, released into the sky as part of their wedding celebrations ” (extracts from article).

Whitby gazette ” See UFOs for yourself ” (for videos please go here ) .

Burnley Express ” UFO alert over Burnley




16 Responses to “UK UFO sightings – August 2008 (updated regularly)”

  1. martin said

    hi,please can you help me find a answer about the strange lights i saw last night.it was 24/8/08 in milton keynes about 11.00 pm when i crept out side for a smoke i saw in the sky lots of lights orange in colour following each other no sound but continuesly we saw about 60 to 70 lights following each other.there was no sound and saw lights from a aeroplane in the sky.we have not seen anything like this before and would like answers.we have 3 films of it but did not show how orangethe lights were.
    please get back to me with any info.
    many thanks martin

  2. dandare said

    Hi Martin, and thanks for finding the time to add your sighting…..
    First i would like you to take a quick look at my link https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/
    What we are trying to do, is eliminate what it isn’t before going on to what it could be.
    Secondly, please take a look at recent encounters (and the information at the bottom)… this will be added to over time, with as much information as possible to help with sightings! This may not succeed, of course, but i’ll do my best.
    I’ll try and add some more links for you a bit later on in the week.

  3. dandare said

    Sorry forgot to mention… also see an excellent article at
    Well worth a look.
    Can i also ask, where any of the lights bunched together/ or one after another/ what the weather was like… ie windy,light wind and so on; was it a clear night/ did they all come from one direction or from different directions/ did the lights look orange and then change at all/at any moment.
    Regards. Also it would be good to send this information to a local ufo group, who will have more resources.

  4. Captain Brian Malone said

    This Sunday, my copilot said he saw a large ball of light off the starboard wing at 34,000′ MSL somewhere over Kansas, while heading to Germany. By the time I unstrapped and looked out his side, it was gone. He said it was nothing he had ever seen before in his life and it’s flight characteristics were unusual, but controlled.

    Monday night while eating and drinking with my crew and about 20 Germans, a large ball of orange light, which looked almost like fire, silently passed over the hotel in Leipzig, at about 2-3,000 feet AGL, at no more than 30-40 knots. It stopped momentarily over the courtyard, then continued downrange. Nobody knew what it was. It made no sound, was not any recognizable aircraft, helicopter/airplane/balloon, was totally silent, and moved very deliberately and controlled. It almost looked like a small sun. Everyone scratched their heads and went back to eating and drinking. At least six jet pilots witnessed this and had no clue what it could be. Moments later, another one flew the same course and altitude over the hotel and stopped again, then continued out of sight, reflecting light onto the overcast above.

    An hour later, I Googled it and it turned out that there were sightings over England and elsewhere with all sorts of explanations ranging from space junk burning up in the atmosphere to wedding lantern/ballons burning as they floated by. These objects seemed to be in controll of themselves and moved very slowly and silently. I have seen plenty of meteors re-enter the atmosphere and burn up, the International Space Station fly by at high speed, missile launches over the Atlantic, but nothing like this. Pretty interesting. I gave up believing in this stuff 30 years ago…

  5. dandare said

    Thanks Brian, for your detailed account… very interesting.
    Have you thought about going to a ufo group like http://www.mufon.com/ and filling in an online report, it can be done anon if you wish. There are others too.
    When i have time (along with the rest of the readers sightings, i will put them on the readers encounters page.
    Thanks again

  6. Angela Treanor said

    Hi, on Saturday 23rd August 2008, my husband and I were having a bbq with a group of friends in our garden in Dorking, Surrey (UK) when, shortly after 9pm, we noticed bright orange orbs travelling silently across the sky above us. The sky was dark, but clear and there was no wind at all. I grabbed my video camera and captured some very interesting footage. When I zoomed in, the orbs appeared flower shaped – a bright orange circular centre surrounded by smaller brighter orange circles (I’ve since extracted some intriguing stills from this footage). I’ve checked the above links and these things don’t look like either chinese lanterns or weather balloons. We counted 20+ of them and they travelled (some in clusters, some separately) in a very controlled fashion across the night sky. The footage I took looks far more detailed than the videos I’ve seen on the above links, did anyone else see these things?

  7. Ash said

    Coleshill, Birmingham Approx 4 miles from BHX (birmingham international airport)

    Walking home at approximately 11:55 pm I was brought to the attention by people in front of me also walking home of an unusually bright light in the sky. Nothing peculiar one might think, however despite being reasonably close to the BHX (Birmingham international) departure and arrival route, this was fairly unique. I know the lay out of aircraft exteriors and the approach to any airport legally requires Navigation lights on the left wing red, right side is green, white on the rear. Strobe lights-located on the wing tips and rear tail cone. Moreover there is an Anti collision light or beacon-Red flashing or rotating light on top and bottom of the fuselage. However these were not visible in any capacity on the craft. The craft was travelling too low and fast (over the legal 250 knots) to be descending into BHX, moreover it made no sound what so ever. The light on the front of the craft was too bright to decipher what shape it was, it was an unusually bright white, and another witness believed it had an orange tinge to it. Did anyone else see this?

  8. ben said

    hi last night being the 30th of aug 2008 drivin back from plymouth was goin along next to the holland inn in hatt (cornwall) and up the the sky was about 30 bright orange lights all zig zagged along the sky, me and my friend pulled over along with other people using the busy road,everyone could not believe wat we wer seeing.the womeon we wer talkin to had been there for 5 mins before us and she had counted 40 of them.the lights slowly huddled into a group then split into a semi circle before in groups of 3 slowly got smaller and dissipeared up in the sky…… that was the most amazing thing iv ever seen in my life and i believe there is something out there

  9. Claire said

    August 30 approx 9.00pm In Scholes Village,Holmfirth,West Yorkshire We also witnessed glowing orbs around 20 30+ in number travelling accross the sky at a constant speed,then they seemed to vanish when they reached the same area of sky. They also appeared to be travelling in some kind of group formation of 4s and 5s Truely amazing and witnessed by dozens of residents.Spookily silent,but beautiful all the same..Their Here!!!

  10. dandare said

    Thank you to all those who have recently added their sightings to the comments sections… i will try and place them all in the readers encounters section ASAP. I’m afraid this will have to wait until i get back from holiday…. i leave tommorrow for 2 weeks.

  11. james eddy said

    I was just wandering if any one else saw the strange orange light which i saw while camping in the forest of dean near coleford on the 27th and 28th august. it apeared in the sky over the forest at about 9 oclock each night sailed across the sky and then slowly moved upwards untill it went out of slight there was no noise and im sure it was not a flare of any kind, I was in the RAF for 9 years and have seen many flares and it didnt look like any of those. I did get a bit of video but the quality is very poor as the zoom is not very good on the camera.
    im just interested if any one else saw it or can give an explanation as to what it was.

  12. Louise said

    I saw something very strange last night from my window in Crouch End. It was just after a huge storm and it was pretty cloudy but I saw white lights as if I was looking at the panels of the underside of a flying saucer shaped object. I couldnt see the actual aircraft but the formation of the lights suggested it was a round object. At first the lights rotated in a circular fashion with each panel lighting up one after the other. This happened for a few minutes (long enough for me to try and find 2 camera’s – the first having run out of battery)Then all came on at once and they slowly disappeared as if they were travelling upwards and the light was getting further away. I couldn’t get a good picture and I wish someone else was at home so I didn’t feel so stupid as I’ve never really been into anything like this. Glad you’ve got a website though so I can join what I now realise are many others that have spotted weird things!

  13. tracy coleman said

    at around 12.30am on the 15/9/08
    iwas just going to bed when drawing the curtains i see some orange lights at first i thought they could of been fireworks but then soon relaised they where not
    i live in east sussex ,uk
    i am sure there is others things out there but can they ever prove it

  14. Sonia Duffy said

    Saturday 27th September 2008, Approx 8.20pm

    Sitting in the garden having a bar-b-que at my boyfriends house in West Enfield, the sky was cloudless, clear and the stars were out. Both of us and 4 teenagers and a 10 year old looked up and saw bright orange circles in the sky. They moved in formation to create a “W” shape in the sky. Some moved off and others arrived slowly behind them. There were at least 25-30 of them at one time. They were there for approx 5 minutes. Others must have seen this as it was such a clear bright night.

  15. jodie said

    Okay its 18:37 on Monday the 24th November 2008.At approximately 18:00-18:50 there were 2 starnge lights over Birmingham town centre.I live on a hill and have a great view of a lot of things. I’m not sure whether they were stars or not. I do not think they were because they are in the same place every night and have being in the same place for about 4 days.There is 2 of them bright white orbs one bigger, brighter and higher than the other.They seem to hover and then move very slowly to the right and then i can’t see them.They have been there for about 4 days now but they’re not always there.I am freaked out by these lights… what are they any ideas?

    Also i was in newport on wednesday in the half term break of 2008 and there was this big bright orange light in the sky.I was in the car and (i started panicking because this kind of stuff freaks me out) slowly as we were travelling it dissappeared so i calmed down a bit.When we were further up the motorway near Birmingham the light appeared again.It was really scary and i hope it can be identified.

  16. satmanman said

    right i know everyone goes on about the orange light over bedford but a couple of days before that in bedford in broad daylight i was in my garden and i look up and saw what i could only describe a large object shape like a misshaped disk but when it turn to the side look abit bird shaped know if there wasnt two other pepole with me i was say i going mad but all 3 of us saw it as it wzas daynight and could be seen clearly i was hoping that others maay have seen so when the papers later that week said ufo spotted in bedford i thought great only to find that was on about orange lights i know someone else must have seen

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