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Archive for August 31st, 2008

UFO Online to take a small break

Posted by dandare on August 31, 2008

UFO Online will now be taking a small break, due to me going on holiday, for 2 weeks to Benidorm, from early tommorrow morning (uk time).

Please bookmark this site (if you would like to that is), but rest assurred i’ll be back, to report more UFO news and goings on.

All comments that are posted for these next 2 weeks, will be held for me to approve or not….

so if you do not see a comment come up, this is why? i apologise, but this is the only way to beat the spam, which still manages to get through the filters …

 i will look through all comments left, and try and approve as many (with my own response to them also) ASAP. 


For now, i have left below some videos i have recently looked through on the internet, and found interesting.

UFO Testimony ( Seniour FAA official john Callahan recounts a major UFO encounter over alaska in 1986 ). Please see here for video from LiveLeak.com.

UFO: Uncovering a national Secret

Lonnie Zamora (april 24th 1964 )
Part 1

Part 2

Also from 2006 ( lonnie Zamora )

Clinton UFO files released by Clinton Library (Nov 12th 2007 )

The second UFO found near Roswell See here for video (from Metcafe video ).

Belgium UFO wave
Part 1

Part 2

UFO sightings in Belgium, 1990

UFO sighting over the wash, uk ( around 1998 )


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