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Uk UFO sightings – September 2008 [ more articles to be added ]

Posted by dandare on September 29, 2008

                                 i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks).….

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity, after the MOD released its UFO archive, and this might account for the media clamouring for our attention (how much of it is fact, is frankly anyone’s guess), and also the public looking at the sky more than normal. In september, this seems to have died down a bit now.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article).   

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research. 

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


Halifax Courier ” Have girls solved the mysitery of the UFOs ? ” 

THE mystery of strange lights hovering in the sky above the Calder Valley may have been solved by two teenagers ” (extract from article).




 Lancashire Evening Post ” Investigators hunt for UFOs


 Hebden Bridge Times ” Chinese lanterns may explain UFOs ” (same article that was covered by the Halifax Courier – 1st september).














 Champion news ” Ufo mystery solved

Abigail Hyslop of Burscough read our story last week on US TV crews interviewing Southport author Pat Regan on the strange object he spotted on a photo of a funnel cloud.
Abigail had taken photos of the same weather phenomenon in July and captured an object she believes is a helicopter
.[.]..But Pat does not think it is the same object that he photographed” (extracts from article).

Louth Leader ” PHOTO: saucer-shaped rainbow UFO caught on camera ” 

Derry Journal “ Second UFO alert in Derry


Southport Visiter ” Southport’s UFO fire balls explained ” ( including video )

HIGH Park man has apologised after a sky lantern he released set alight over the Moss caused a full-scale emergency response ” (extract from article). 




news.scotsman.com ” RAF officer breaks 37-year silence on UFO radar mystery ” 

The incident, which has baffled and haunted Turner for decades, took place at RAF Sopley on the south-west coast of England in the summer of 1971.At the time he was Duty Military Supervisor and had the responsibility of monitoring the skies on radar screens for potential Soviet incursions…..[.]..

He said: “I can clearly remember people shouting: ‘What the hell is that?’ I got to a console and people were loudly telling me to look to the east of Salisbury Plain.”Twenty miles east of the eastern extremity was a series of returns, or radar blips, which were appearing in that position. There were five of them initially. Then six and then seven all following the same track.
“They were tracking south-east, each exactly six to seven miles apart and moving at exactly the same speed. At about 40 miles from the point they appeared on radar, they disappeared, to be followed almost immediately by a replacement at the point of origin.
“The objects were about 3,000ft above ground level when they first appeared and climbed so rapidly that, by the time they disappeared from radar they were in excess of 60,000ft.
“To climb to such a height in only 40 miles was beyond the ability of almost any fighter aircraft at that time.”In a bid to solve the mystery Turner diverted an RAF Canberra jet, which was returning from West Germany, to intercept the intruders.
“When the pilot got within a mile or so of one particular blip, he reported, in a very agitated voice, that his radar had picked up something on his port side that was ‘climbing like the clappers’. Neither the pilot nor his navigator made any visual contact with whatever it was.”

Within days, Turner was summoned into the Squadron Leader’s office and questioned by two men, who wore civilian clothes and were not identified, about the incident ” (extracts from article). 



 This is Bristol ” City’s close encounter with UFO’s

There were eerie goings on in the skies above Fishponds on Saturday night, according to residents who spotted a series of flashing orange lights” (extract from article).

Dinnington Today ” Saturday night UFO in Aston ”  ( short article ).


 Sarborough Evening News ” More sightings of strange lights ” 

MORE strange lights have been reported over the Scarborough and Robin Hoood’s Bay area and the sightings are becoming so frequent that UFO hunters are planning to set up permanent cameras to keep a close watch on the night skies.

The latest sighting was above Asquith Avenue in Scarborough and follows several reports of strange orange-coloured lights above Scarborough Castle a few weeks ago ” (extract from article).

Thaindian.com ” Now, UFOs spotted dancing in the air over Bristol ” 

Watford Observer ” UFO mystery in Mill End ” ( with 3 videos )

Four witnesses, three of whom took mobile phone footage of the alleged craft, contacted the Watford Observer this morning to tell us what they saw. Andrew Baskeyfield said a large ball of light hovered in the air for a few minutes at around 7.30pm ” (extracts from article).

The Sun ” UFO link to orange lights

UFO researchers were yesterday investigating more than 100 reported sightings of mysterious bright orange lights in the night sky ” (extract from article).


 This is Bristol ” Bristol UFO mystery solved

Mysterious orange lights seen floating in the sky over Bristol have now been identified.The UFOs seen in a number of locations from Fishponds to Westbury-on-Trym were actually a new slow-burning alternative to fireworks, known as sky lanterns ” (extract from article).

Louth Leader ” BUFORA offer possible explanation for orange lights UFOs

We contacted BUFORA’s chairman Robert Rosamond for his expert opinion and an update on the current increase in UFO activity around the UK, he said: “We have received quite a number of sighting reports recently – some including images that would suggest a curious increase in national UFO activity.
“I have to state from the outset, that an inordinate number of these reports are suspiciously similar to the Chinese lantern profile, both in colour and in their behaviour patterns.
“It is perhaps worth pointing out to the uninitiated that a column of lanterns are often tethered, and as such appear to fly across the night sky in a controlled ‘line astern’ and thus uniform formation
” (extract from article).

Metro.co.uk ” Is this really a UFO ? “ 

Andrew Baskeyfield spotted the unexplained ball of light circling above his home in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, at about 7:30pm Monday night.

The bright white dot, which was still visible in daylight against the blue cloudy sky, is simultaneously seen dancing around the screen of three separate mobile phones belonging to the 23-year-old, his father and older brother ” (extract from article).


 The Shields Gazette ” Could this explain the UFO mystery

One man handed the Gazette a video of wedding guests in Whitburn sending up mini hot-air balloons into the sky.

After the 100 mini balloons were ignited, they floated off into the night ” (extract from article).

Wigan Today ” Odd-shaped UFO spotted

“It was a slightly overcast evening and the clouds were grey when I saw six very dark objects in very close formation.”They were like rubber balls and they were very close together in a circle.
“My son was with me and we both had a look through our binoculars.

 The objects were turning towards the Downhall Green area and were in sight for a good five minutes below the line of the clouds.”They were very slow-moving but it definitely wasn’t balloons and after
observing them for some time they just seemed to vanish from sight.”
…[.]…In a separate incident, a man from Billinge e-mailed the Reporter on the subject of UFOs.
His email read: “Did anyone else see the unusual flaming object in the sky over Billinge/Orrell at 9.35pm tonight? (Sunday, August 31)
” (extracts from article).








 ufo digest ” Confusion and contradictions, the cardiff UFO sightings

UFOs over Cardiff?” screamed the South Wales Echo, with a picture of the ‘Independence Day’ mothership hovering over the Cardiff city skyline. As the story broke around the world all three of the aforementioned government bodies would spend the next few weeks fighting off a media frenzy and trying to satisfy researchers searching questions ” (extract from article).

Bedford today ” Crop circle amazes the world

Andy Fazekas, president of Luton Paranormal Society, said his group had investigated a number of crop circles over the years. He said: ‘Barton has recently been the centre of UFO activity and it could be linked to the new crop circle. However it would appear the evidence is limited as no-one actually saw who made the crop circle.’
Despite this Andy felt it was more likely that the circle was man-made. He said: ‘What we are aware of is that within Luton and the surrounding areas there are a number of people who believe that crop circles are an attempt by aliens trying to talk to us and our group would welcome anyone with an interest in crop circles to contact us further about this
” (extract from article). 

Salisbury Journal ” UFO mystery solved

THE UFOs seen in the skies above Salisbury at the weekend have been revealed as Chinese sky lanterns, set off by partygoers celebrating a double birthday ” (extract from article).

Evening leader ” Triangular UFOs spotted near Wrexham

STRANGE, dazzling lights flying slowly through the night sky have been reported near Wrexham, sparking a new UFO scare.

The Evening Leader has been inundated with calls reporting the triangular shapes over Rhos, as well as sightings in Johnstown and Borras ” (extract from article).


 Leyland Guardian ” Chorley in UFO alert

BAE Sytems worker Neil Simpson was at his home in Saville Street, Chorley, at around 9.50pm when he saw the light in the sky.
Seconds later his partner, who on her way to work, rang to say she had seen an amazing orange light in front of her car as she drove down the slip road to the M61 at Botany Bay
” (extract from article). similar article in Chorley Guardian here .

Wigan Today ” Flaming UFO spotted last night

A man has emailed the wigantoday newsroom asking if anyone else saw a bizarre Unidentified Flaming Object in Shevington last night” (extract from article).

Evening Leader ” Wrexham UFOs – Experimental balloons, aliens or chinese lanterns ?




 Leyland Guardian ” More Chorley UFO sightings

A mysterious orange light spotted above houses in Lancashire has sparked a string of suspected UFO sightings.Residents across Chorley have come forward after seeing the strange flashing light on Monday evening ” (extract from article).

This is Croydon Today ” UFO spotted in Croydon night sky






 BBC local news ” Police probe Sausage shaped UFO

A large black, sausage-shaped balloon was reported floating above Slades Farm Road, in Bournemouth, on Saturday.

Police sent an officer to investigate who found it to be a bundle of bin liners tethered with balloons which had started floating in the air ” (extract from article).


Daily Express ” Party sparks UFO alert ” 

TWO birthday girls sparked a UFO alert after releasing flying Chinese lanterns at their party ” (extract from article).


Evening Leader ” UFO affected TV reception – Wrexham woman claims

The Evening Leader has once again been besieged with calls and emails from members of the public reporting fresh sightings of strange lights in the night sky over North Wales ” (extract from article).


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UFOlogy and the way of the world

Posted by dandare on September 27, 2008

Ufology has not got a very good image….. the general consensus is that its made up of eccentrics, cults and nutters. To a certain extent this is true, which is a shame, however it is not the full story.

The media play a very large part in all of this…. they want sensationalism, not the truth, drama and not the facts, have tacky X-files music and little green men coming at you from all angles. They say we are being invaded, or attacked frequently, to which i say OH DEAR.


 The UK ufo sightings rocketed this year, mainly started by the MOD bringing out its UFO files in May. However, it seems the SUN (a tabloid newspaper ) seemed to take it upon themselves, to rise to even bigger lows (if thats possible), and become the UFO experts, and hype up the whole UFO sightings to a rediculous level. It was total rubbish…. no facts, no research, no clear evidence, nothing.

Of course, it seemed that this encouraged other newspapers both national and local to print sightings, without proper research and reporting; to them its admitedly, to all intense and purposes, just a filler for the paper.

I have touched on this subject before, but i do feel that alot of people see something in the sky, and not being certain what it is, genuinely would like an answer. Of course, the media are not really happy with this scenario, and would like to maintain the status quo….. to keep repeating the same thing year after year, during the quieter periods in the year, when there is not much news to report on.

We also get the other extreme, those who believe totally, in all sightings being of extraterrestrial origin; i’m afraid they are easy prey for hoaxers and others; they never question anything either.


The Australians seem to be having the same thing starting to happen as well, but to be totally honest, i see the same thing happening there- hype, sensationalism and so on.

I hope that blogs like this one, can try and attempt to help those who do not know what something is ( and i’m not saying i know the answer either, far from it, and i do not consider myself an expert ), or to show links to where they can go….. however many blogs/sites like this one attempt to help, but with limited time and resources…. i only have so much time (as this is only one of my hobbies/pastimes/interests ) . The bigger places like MUFON are really the ones with the resources and experience; i would encourage everyone to get to visit sites like these.

I wish that the ufo subject could be taken seriously, for once by the media, but i do not see this happening in the near future ( if ever ) ; that’s a shame and a missed opportunity, as far as i’m concerned.

Ufology is therefore a hit and miss affair, with blogs/websites also mirroring the media, with quite a few, also sensationalising the information and/or even fabricating the events. I am going to be honest here, and say that i do get slightly annoyed by this, but realise that is the way of the world, unfortunately.

So where do we go from here……. i’m not sure. However, for the ufology community as a whole too move forward, all of us need to have a good hard look at ourselves.

There is alot of good information out there, but because it is not written in a certain way, and hyped alot of it slips under the radar, unnoticed.

The only way forward is for every sighting to be analysed, and questions asked; also to try and eliminate what it might be.

If you feel that there is something i am failing to do on this blog, then please add a comment, so i can consider it, and if possible ( and doable/reasionable ) i will attempt to rectify.

I do aknowledge, that i have concentrated quite alot on UK sightings to the detriment of other world sightings… i will try and rectify this.

 I also apologise for the inactivity of this blog lately, but after coming back from holiday, i have been extremely busy. I will endeavour to try and spend some time and catch up soon, and relay the information on to this blog.

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Back from holiday

Posted by dandare on September 16, 2008

I returned from a 2 week holiday in Benidorm, yesterday ! ouch… a bit of a shock… from lovely sun and nice temperatures, too drizzle and coldish weather… oh no.  

Thanks to all those who have left comments in my absence, and i have approved all the relevent ones now, and they are up on the website ( i will try and reply to as many as i can when i get a minute). For all those who have sent e-mail to my yahoo e-mail address ( thanks ), i will try and reply ASAP also.

I am now trying to catch up on all UFO news and hope to send out some news soon’ish. Its back to work tommorrow.

The only UFO encounter i had was of the cocktail kind (called amazingly UFO )…still nice though, and numerous mahou lager. There was so much to see and do (night entertainment was top notch), that i have only just recovered.

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