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UFOlogy and the way of the world

Posted by dandare on September 27, 2008

Ufology has not got a very good image….. the general consensus is that its made up of eccentrics, cults and nutters. To a certain extent this is true, which is a shame, however it is not the full story.

The media play a very large part in all of this…. they want sensationalism, not the truth, drama and not the facts, have tacky X-files music and little green men coming at you from all angles. They say we are being invaded, or attacked frequently, to which i say OH DEAR.


 The UK ufo sightings rocketed this year, mainly started by the MOD bringing out its UFO files in May. However, it seems the SUN (a tabloid newspaper ) seemed to take it upon themselves, to rise to even bigger lows (if thats possible), and become the UFO experts, and hype up the whole UFO sightings to a rediculous level. It was total rubbish…. no facts, no research, no clear evidence, nothing.

Of course, it seemed that this encouraged other newspapers both national and local to print sightings, without proper research and reporting; to them its admitedly, to all intense and purposes, just a filler for the paper.

I have touched on this subject before, but i do feel that alot of people see something in the sky, and not being certain what it is, genuinely would like an answer. Of course, the media are not really happy with this scenario, and would like to maintain the status quo….. to keep repeating the same thing year after year, during the quieter periods in the year, when there is not much news to report on.

We also get the other extreme, those who believe totally, in all sightings being of extraterrestrial origin; i’m afraid they are easy prey for hoaxers and others; they never question anything either.


The Australians seem to be having the same thing starting to happen as well, but to be totally honest, i see the same thing happening there- hype, sensationalism and so on.

I hope that blogs like this one, can try and attempt to help those who do not know what something is ( and i’m not saying i know the answer either, far from it, and i do not consider myself an expert ), or to show links to where they can go….. however many blogs/sites like this one attempt to help, but with limited time and resources…. i only have so much time (as this is only one of my hobbies/pastimes/interests ) . The bigger places like MUFON are really the ones with the resources and experience; i would encourage everyone to get to visit sites like these.

I wish that the ufo subject could be taken seriously, for once by the media, but i do not see this happening in the near future ( if ever ) ; that’s a shame and a missed opportunity, as far as i’m concerned.

Ufology is therefore a hit and miss affair, with blogs/websites also mirroring the media, with quite a few, also sensationalising the information and/or even fabricating the events. I am going to be honest here, and say that i do get slightly annoyed by this, but realise that is the way of the world, unfortunately.

So where do we go from here……. i’m not sure. However, for the ufology community as a whole too move forward, all of us need to have a good hard look at ourselves.

There is alot of good information out there, but because it is not written in a certain way, and hyped alot of it slips under the radar, unnoticed.

The only way forward is for every sighting to be analysed, and questions asked; also to try and eliminate what it might be.

If you feel that there is something i am failing to do on this blog, then please add a comment, so i can consider it, and if possible ( and doable/reasionable ) i will attempt to rectify.

I do aknowledge, that i have concentrated quite alot on UK sightings to the detriment of other world sightings… i will try and rectify this.

 I also apologise for the inactivity of this blog lately, but after coming back from holiday, i have been extremely busy. I will endeavour to try and spend some time and catch up soon, and relay the information on to this blog.

2 Responses to “UFOlogy and the way of the world”

  1. Very well done! My words exactly. Essentially, ‘we’ are our worst evidence since the media dictates what people eat up, which is certainly sensationalism.

  2. DrDil said

    Great post Dan, as per usual we see eye to eye on the, *2008 UK UFO Flap*. (just a longer-winded version!!)

    Keep up the great work,

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