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UFO spotted in Slovenia

Posted by dandare on October 19, 2008

According to Macedonia online ” Slovenians see UFO ” (dated 17th October 2008 ).

Unusual sighting last night in Slovenia when several people noticed a strange large object, believed to be a UFO, reports local media ” (extract from article).

 The only other news i can find on this, is at the Focus Information Agency  (click here for the Agency home page )with ” Blic: UFO over Slovenia ? ” The short article is reproduced below:

An unidentified flying object flew over the territory of Nova Gorica in Slovenia on Tuesdat at about 6 pm, the Serbian news source Blic reports.
According to the information the people living in the area heard an unusual sound and when they looked up they saw a flying object with the shape of a disc
” (extract from article).

If i find any more news on this i will update this blog entry.

2 Responses to “UFO spotted in Slovenia”

  1. Patrick said


    Recorded with cell phone on October 24, 2008 near the Krško Nuclear power plant in Slovenia. A person working at the nuclear power plant recorded this UFO early in the morning. Also a Russian newspaper reported that a UFO was seen above the Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Krško, Slovenia, on several occasions between October 13 and October 16, 2008. This might explain the roughly five minute power outages that occurred in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and other cities and towns throughout the country during the UFO sightings, reported paranormal researcher Bill Knell from New York.

    A male passenger that was aboard an Adria Airlines flight headed to Ljubljana, sent Bill Knell an email about a UFO sighting he had. He is an American currently working in Slovenia:

    “We were getting ready to land in Ljubljana around 1430 hours when the aircraft started shaking briefly. There were not more than fifty people aboard and we’re all used to the kind of turbulence that you get flying over Slovenia. This was different. It put us all on edge. Some of the passengers on the port side started yelling. Every looked out the windows and saw a glowing light that kept changing colors. It sparkled purple, red, green, blue. The light was oblong and kept flipping over. After a minute it blinked out and was gone.”

    The passenger said that he and the other passengers saw several aircraft near the UFO, but told me that they did not appear to be military. The flight crew never said anything about the UFO and no one from his flight talked about it after the plane landed. He did hear several people in the airport saying that they saw a UFO during another flight, but he was afraid to ask them about it. There were more armed security officers roaming the airport that evening than he was used to and that made him cautious.

  2. dandare said

    Patrick, i thank you for finding the time to write this out for me…

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