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UK – UFO sightings [ October 2008] updated regularly

Posted by dandare on October 19, 2008

i will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks).….

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity, after the MOD released its UFO archive, and this might account for the media clamouring for our attention (how much of it is fact, is frankly anyone’s guess), and also the public looking at the sky more than normal.

Many of the sightings are sensationalised, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article).   

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research. 

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


EDP24 “Dereham UFO mystery is solved ” 

Mrs Rose said: “We let off 16 lanterns, one for mum and one for each of her grandchildren and step-grandchildren. We did joke that people might think they were UFOs. I hope we did not worry anyone.”

The EDP reported yesterday how aerial photographer Derek Edwards and two of his neighbours, Fred Mason and Rodney Groom, from Breton Close, Toftwood, were baffled when they saw the strange orange lights at about 7.30pm on Sunday
” (extract from article).

Sunderland Echo ” Light thrown on UFO sighting

Often used as an alternative to fireworks displays, the lanterns, which are made of paper and bamboo, are known to rise as high as 1,500 metres and can travel miles. They are regularly seen at weekends and mistaken for UFOs.
After viewing the footage, a spokesman for the association said: “I see nothing at all here to suggest anything other than lanterns. The colour, appearance and behaviour of the lights unfortunately fit an all too familiar – and, from our perspective, annoying – pattern.”
There have been similar sightings in Bristol, Lincolnshire and Wrexham.
The spokesman added: “It is not the fault of such witnesses that so much time ultimately becomes wasted on these reports as the general public are by and large, and perhaps understandably, unfamiliar with the behavioural traits of these things.”
” (extract from article).

Rhyl Journal ” UFOs are revealed as chinese lanterns


 Evening Leader ” Flintshire mayor calls for witnesses after seeing ‘pipe-like’ UFO ” 

Flint mayor Terry Renshaw was making lunch at his home in Bagillt at about 1.30pm on Saturday, when he noticed a strange pipe-like object flying through the air ” (extract from article).


Sunderland Echo ” Teen party sparks UFO alert ” 

” An 18th birthday party sparked a series of apparent UFO sightings across Wearside, it emerged today ” (extract from article).

Harrogate Advertiser ” UFOs in the sky at Masham ?

ON September 11, I and others saw in the sky above Masham 20 luminous objects travelling in an arc south east to north west at about 10pm ” (extract from article).










St Helens Reporter ” Pair spot UFO over Sutton ” 

” The four discs were bright, but not like a shining light, like a reflective surface.”The man was amazed when he spoke to a taxi driver friend later that week and discovered he’d also seen a similar UFO over Parr later that same evening” (extract from article).

Longridge news ” Longridge UFO mystery solved

A ‘UFO’ spotted over Longridge was actually a sighting of the International Space Station orbiting the earth.

Several people reported seeing a ‘blazing, flying object’ in the skies above the Ribble Valley just after 8pm on Monday, September 22.
Eye witnesses from Longridge, Hurst Green and Chatburn all described the ‘UFO’ moving in a slow arc across the sky.
But it has now been confirmed by the American government space agency NASA that the sighting was in fact the International Space Station, which due to atmospheric conditions was visible above the Ribble Valley for three minutes from 8.12pm and then again for less than a minute from 9.46pm, tying in exactly with the local sightings
” (extract from article).

Meath Chronicle ” The Hoax files : source of mystery UFOs revealed ” claim this was due to wedding sky lanterns.




 Hold the Front Page ” Welsh daily plots online map of UFO sightings ” 

The third-party site, http://www.dipity.com, has allowed the Flintshire and Cheshire-based title to collate the growing number of articles in timeline and Google map form, with links back to the stories as they originally appeared on the paper’s own site ” (extract from article). The Map can be seen here .






 Watford Observer ” Another UFO sighting

A taxi driver watched in amazement as he spotted a group of “orange lights” in the night sky above Abbots Langley.

Kev Brown spotted the unusual sight at around 9.05pm on Saturday ” (extract from article).

Wigan Today ” UFO at Orrell Park? ” ( short article )

Evening Leader ” UFO sighting over Bagillt

A Bagillt resident told the Evening Leader that they saw a strange object “hanging in the sky” between 11pm and 1am on Thursday.
The spotter, who asked not to be named, said: “I thought it was a helicopter at first, it looked like a big black balloon.
“It just hung there, but I knew it wasn’t a balloon the way it quickly shot off through the clouds.” 
(extract from article).

Warrington Guardian ” UFO sighted in the sky above town centre

AN unidentified flying object has been sighted hovering over Asda Cockhedge. The UFO was reported to be a deep red triangular shaped light with other lights surrounding the body of the craft ” (extract from article).




Lancashire telegragh ” Lights in sky over Coppull spark a UFO alert

   ” “I went to get my mum and she saw the lights as well.

“At first there were four but one disappeared and the other three had formed a triangle.

“They were there for about 10 minutes then one suddenly zapped off to the left, followed by the other two.” ” (extract from article).


 Dunfermline Press ” Dunfermline’s UFO mystery solved

Louth Leader ” Pictures: Trianglular UFO witness fears alien abduction

He said: “I have been watching these space ships for six weeks now, and saw eight together on September 25 and more again last night. It was really spooky and I can say for sure that any explanation these are just Chinese lanterns is ridiculous.” ” (extract from article).


Sussex Express ” UFOs seemed to leave Earth

Ben Coxe, 26, a postman, saw strange lights from the back garden of his girlfriend Fiona’s parents’ home in Harmers Hay Road, Hailsham.
Between eight and nine lights were seen rising up at the same point in the sky.
Mr Coxe said: ‘I would say they were in the sky for five minutes and we started counting them.
‘They faded as they went up
” (extract from article).


York Press ” UFO mystery ” 

Gail, of Springfield Close, said: “We saw the first one at about 7.15pm which appeared for about five minutes and then disappeared. We then spotted the three lights which are on the photo at 9.40pm. They came from the same direction as the first one (Langton Road area) and again disappeared. Then at 10.17pm I saw another two lights.

“They went up slowly, so they weren’t fireworks, and they were very bright. They flickered like little street lights in the sky then just fizzled out ” (extract from article).


 Worcester News ” Were these UFOs over county ? – video

Mr Weeks, of Brantwood Road, said the strange lights moved north before they faded somewhere above the M5 at 8.51pm on Sunday, August 24.”This was followed by another single bright orange light on its own this time, but exactly the same, following the same path as the first three which we saw at the same height and speed,” he said ” (extract from article).




** Please see seperate blog entry on new MoD UFO files out now, free to download here ** All MOD related news/articles will be put on this blog entry and not here.




Grantham Journal ” UFO spotted over Grantham’s area 51 ” (that’s a new one on me? ) 

Margaret Avis was driving from Grantham to Bourne at around 8.05pm on Thursday, October 14, when she saw flashes in the sky after turning towards Corby Glen.
Margaret said: “Before I reached the first village, I noticed a mysterious object in the sky to my right hand side, that shone two bright white lights and one red light. I could describe it as oval in shape
” (extract from article).


 Your local Guardian ” UFOs over Wandsworth

Red and white lights zipping through the sky between 10pm and midnight last Monday had residents in the Wandsworth Common and Balham areas in a spin ” (extract from article). Later in the article

In recent years, sightings of this kind have been dismissed as Chinese lanterns but UFO expert and former Ministry of Defence employee, Nick Pope, is not entirely convinced by this theory.

He said: “Chinese lanterns are almost exclusively red and orange and drift on the wind. The colours mentioned are slightly unusual, particularly the blue trail. But, if the reports witnessed a perfect triangular shape, then it raises the possibility of it being genuine. However, it could also be atmospheric plasma or a meteorological phenomena.” ” (extract from article).

Garforth Today ” Russell Callaghan: Meet Kippax’s own UFO expert


gazette live ” UFOs spotted in the skies over Teeside

Witnesses include police officers, PCSOs and members of the public….[.]….Footage of the UFOs above Eston Hills taken on a videophone has been posted on video website You Tube…[.]…..The lights may simply be part of meteorite showers commonly seen at this time of year, but PCSO Andy Harrison ruled out that explanation ” (extracts from article).

I do not usually comment on these sightings as a rule (preferring that you guys make up your own opinion) but i would suggest that this seems like chinese lanterns i’m afraid.

Eston & Normanby (part of Gazette live ) ” UFOs spotted in the skies over Teeside ” similar to the above report by Gazette live, but without the video; makes references to the MOD ufo files later in the report. 

Peterborough Today ” Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire ” 

The most likely explanation, according to RAF Wittering-based Met Office weather forecaster and keen astronomer Julian Cooke, is that it was an “unusually large” meteor.
“Fireballs are meteors or meteorites which are brighter than normal and although they are not common, they are not all that unusual either,” he said.
“There has been a meteor shower which was at its maximum on Tuesday, and they do tend to spread over a few days either side
” (extract from article).


Huddersfield Daily Examiner ” UFO special: Is this a UFO & police report lights in the sky

In the recent sighting, on Friday last week, Anndy and Julie Evans were walking home along Smithy Lane in Skelmanthorpe with their daughter, five-year-old Amber, when they saw a strange orange light in the sky ” (large extract from article). Also mentions MOD ufo files.




Get Reading ” UFO spotted by Brewery worker

A 42-year-old Whitley man spotted a light speeding through the sky in the early hours of Wednesday and wants to know if he was seeing things ” (large extract from article).


Rutland Times ” Did you spot Rutland’s UFO ? ” (short post)

The UFO had a large dome shape on top with lights that looked like an erupting volcano. It stayed in the sky for a minute and then disappeared ” (extract from article).

Gazette live ” Light work of UFOs mystery

Mr Young and his friends have been letting the lanterns go from Grangetown over the past few weeks. Some nights they have released up to six at a time.The lanterns are made of rice paper with a wax candle at the bottom and as soon as the flame goes out, they come down ” (extract from article).

Gazette Live ” Teesiders tell of their ‘spacecraft’ sighting

Midhurst and Petworth Observer ” Southwater UFOs identified ” claims they were chinese lanterns


 Louth  Leader ” UFO investigator backs triangular spacecraft claims

After reading the Leader’s story on Mr Goring’s extraordinary claims last week, a local UFO investigator has been to the village to scan the skies himself ” (extract from article).

Evening Leader ” Film maker to document North Wales’ UFO sightings

London-based film-maker, Ben Dodd, contacted the Evening Leader to let us know about his plans to make a documentary on a spate of UFO sightings that have been reported in the North Wales area” (extract from article).

Melton Times ” Video: UFO spotted over Asfordby

Worthing Herald ” Reader’s photograph : UFO over Worthing


Rutland Times ” Meteor theory over sighting of Uppingham UFO


This is Grimsby ” UFO spotted over Cleethorpes

Monmouth Today ” UFOs mystery deepens

The reader brought with him a rough sketch of two of the mysterious space craft over the dual carriageway.
“I know people will be sceptical, but I definitely saw these flying objects” added the man.
We said we would like to hear from any other Beacon readers who might also have had an out of this world experience.
Well, it seems other readers have also had their own experiences of UFOs
” (extract from article).

7 Responses to “UK – UFO sightings [ October 2008] updated regularly”

  1. Jesse said

    Very cool website my friend I am interested in learning more about this

  2. Jaimesald said

    It is important to be well aware that some apparent ufos are not really that but they really are identifiable as man made flying objects (MMFO)

  3. dandare said

    Thanks Jesse, glad i could be of help; please also try some of the websites i refer to on the left hand column…. especially hyper.net, and MUFON.com.
    Jaimesald i agree and thank you for your comments.

  4. cody said

    my name is collin and my sisters name is asdie and we were sitting on top of our neighbors roof and we were talking about how ufo talk to each other.
    like if they talked through thier minds and than like 1 min. later at 1:34am on october 25 we saw a UFO!!!!!!

  5. Ebabyonline said

    Really great site. I never knew it existed..but I suppose the truth is out there! When I was younger I kept all newspaper reports of UFO sightings, and looking back on the (they are from the 70’s) it is possible to identify a remarkable similarity to some of todays fighter aircraft and spy plane drones.

  6. p wilson said

    Saturday night at around 5.30 – 6 pm went outside to get in my car and saw batches of mushroom shaped orange objects with very bright lights underneath. they were all going in the same direction but then one by one disappeared behind clouds. Two neighbours also saw them and my next door neighbour brought her binoculars to view them closely. We both had a look thinking we would see hot air ballooons but there was no base or basket just the mushroom shaped top and no tail.In total there were about 40 of them. The light was so intense on each one of them. I know a few friends also saw them.

  7. Mrs Nicholson said

    at about 9.20 on Saturday the 11th April 2009 my husband shouted me to have a look through the window quickly. We saw about 8 or 9 bright orange balls of light travelling across the sky. They were not in a straight line, rather squiggly. We watched them for about five minutes until some trees obscured our view. There was no sound and if they were lanterns they kept a pretty straight line behind one another!!!

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