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**Second batch of MOD UFO files can now be downloaded for free **

Posted by dandare on October 20, 2008

The MOD has released the second batch of UFO files (the 1st was in May 2008 ), consisting of 19 files (800.8mb in all) , and available to download from the National Archives . Please try to download these as soon as possible, as they will not stay free for long: the last batch in May was available for free for a month only.

It also has a highlights guide, * videocast (i have put this in below) and background material also for you to have a look at. The files cover the years 1986 – 1992. 

 For a deeper understanding of these files please see  DI55 document by uk-ufo.org   (especially on how MOD is structured). For some more background information on why the MoD decided to release these Files to the Public, please see here

* The videocast from the national Archives can be seen below:


Also i have addded a BBC Radio Leeds talk with UFO DATA Magazine editor, Russell Callaghan, about the UFO file release (dated 20th october, 2008 at 7.40am) .

Below you can see national and local coverage of the MOD UFO files, with many covering the same incidents (i have not given all the links possible, as many repeat the same things, or are exactely the same article). I think it gives you a flavour of what is out there in the media; some good some not so good. All the articles below are from today, 20th october, unless mentioned otherwise. 

CBC News ” Britain releases latest batch of UFO files ” 

BBC News ” Airliner has near miss with UFO ” with video

AFP ” Britain releases secret UFO files ” 

ITN.com ” Real X-files released ” with small video near top

 Cbbc newsround ” UFO files released by government

CNN.com Europe ” UK:jet captain reported UFO sighting ” 

The Press and Journal ” MoD files reveal previously unknown encounters with UFOs ” 

Channel 4 news ” UFOs: can you see them Major Tom? ” with video/ report 

The Sun ” Missile came close to Airliner ” with Sky News video 

The Telegraph “ UFOs, alien abduction and Tina Turner feature in close encounters secret files ” with short video

 The telegraph ” UFO archive release:The best pictures on file ” (there are seven in all in this article)

Express and Star ” Flying saucer photo hailed

Sky News ” Replay: webchat with UFO expert ” (with Dr David Clarke )

Daily Star ” Real X-files reveal UFO sightings

The Independent ” Passenger jet’s near-miss with UFO above Kent

The Guardian  ” Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released ” 

The associated Press ” Britain releases UFO files, dispels some mysteries ” 

Belfast Today ” MOD release Ulster UFO sightings ”

WZTV.com ” Britain releases UFO files, dispels some mysteries

The Daily Record ” MoD reveals real life UFO files

 RTE News ” Britain’s secret UFO files released

Birmingham Post ” UFOs over Birmingham and the Black Country

Manchester Evening News ” Police saw UFO over Manchester

Please also visit Dr David Clarke’s site for more info here 

also Sky news (2 Parts)

part 1

part 2

thanks to aceBryan7cox for posting this on you tube.


After the first initial posts/articles, we are now started to get more [reactions/comments/analysis- or not in some cases] from the national and local media; reports on the MOD ufo files:

seen below are these reports:


 Northampton Chronicle & Echo ” MOD report reveals UFO sightings over Northamptonshire

Gravesend Reporter ” UFO sightings over Cliffe unexplained

Sunday Mercury ” UFO in Rowley Regis, Birmingham ?


Ulster Today ” Mystery of UFO over Glenavy remains

Hemsworth & South Elmsall Express ” Did UFOs visit our skies?

This western morning news ” Is there anybody out there

 (pic; they say is a representation- welll that’s a relief?) Wigan Today ” UFO files reveal East lancs encounter

Cannock Chase Post ” Ministry reveals UFO sightings

News Softpedia ” UK UFO Archive made Public


Aero-News Network ” Pilot Recounts tale of 1957 UFO encounter

Times online ” Weather eye: UFO sightings could be due to atmospherics ” (interesting although fairly brief )

Romford Recorder ” Did UFO fly over our skies ?

Wakefield Express ” Secret X-files reveal UFO sightings in Wakefield District

5 Responses to “**Second batch of MOD UFO files can now be downloaded for free **”

  1. Gincarlo said

    UFO stories are bullshit..baloney!

  2. dandare said

    Thanks Gincarlo.. short and sweet i see; you are entitled to your opinions, and i respect that, but of course so am i.

  3. Gregg Machlowski said

    So there’s like hundreds of planets right, in a galaxy, a solar system, and theres trillions of planets solar systems galaxys out there, and were the only one with intellegent life on it? That my friend is bullshit, people who believe that we are the only intellegent life in the whole universe – unlimited space – are just plain blind. We are just 1 planet, we aren’t even a dot on space, we are nothing in the world really, a black hole could kill us, our environment, ourselves (war), a comet, disease or aliens. It is quite worrying, but interesting, that there’s so many sightings, even more recently of UFO’s, from a logical view if we were the only planet of this kind around, wouldn’t they be observing us a lot more? Wouldn’t they be trying to make contact with us and interact? Remember our technology is basically caveman technology to them. From a logical point of view they could want or be doing a number of things, studying us, they could of killed us if they wanted to, that’s obvious, but they haven’t ! Only good things can come from these things in the longrun – hopefully, they could of rinsed our planet of resources or anything if they wanted to, my opinion is that they are studying us, have been for a long time, and will continue to for who knows how long – before we see some real communication.

    Another theory which has been prodded a lot is secret german or russian aircrafts, there was evidence of them constructing aircrafts like this a long time ago, maybe they finished building them and we should all start panicing? Unlikely, but who knows? It’s just another known theory.

    Just think if the government released everything then religion would be finished and the planet would go into chaos, we are only allowed to see the small picture, but for a valid reason! 🙂

  4. […] Next batch of UFO files were made available in October; please see https://dandare.wordpress.com/2008/10/20/second-batch-of-mod-ufo-files-can-now-be-downloaded-for-free… for full details. Videos are included, but some are not available […]

  5. […] full details please see my post here . Previous instalment post can be found from Second batch and first batch . Also first batch included in here (for media […]

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