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Are Stephenville residents seeing more UFO activity in the area once again?

Posted by dandare on October 25, 2008

I have just seen this article on WFAA ” Stephenville residents report more UFO sightings ” which includes a video report.

Over a three-month period this summer there were 1,000 UFO sightings filed with the National UFO Reporting Center.

Some 75 of those UFOs were reported over the state of Texas.

Stephenville is one hot spot we’ve shown you before.

Now the small town is getting buzzed by UFOs again and we have the video ” (extract from article).

Also at stephenvilleufos.com ” more lights spotted in stephenville skies ” (posted 24th october, 2008. 

If anything signifigant develops, i will post it on here.

A you tube video can be seen below:


The Stephenville Empire-Tribune has a post on this (dated october 24th 2008 ) “More lights spotted in Stephenville skies ” I have added the post below :

Dozens of Stephenville and Erath County residents have reported unidentified lights in the Texas sky this week.
Recent accounts started coming in Tuesday, Oct. 21. More sitings were reported Wednesday night and a stadium full of parents watching a Junior High Football game spotted more strange lights Thursday night.
Many witnesses reported seeing the lights and then watched jets chase after them. Local residents made headlines nine months ago after reporting unidentified flying objects in the southeastern county skies
“. Lets hope the reporter does not lose her job as well, if anything more comes of this.

UPDATE (27th October 2008 )

I missed this article written by the Stephenville Empire-Tribune (posted on 26th october, 2008 )

Here is the full article, and the only new information i can find about recent events; again i do not usually take the whole article and show it here, but i think it is needed as alot of activity seems to be going on again, and i cannot easily summarise it… so here it is. ” They’re back ” 

Dozens of Stephenville and Erath County residents reported seeing unidentified lights in the Texas sky last week.
Accounts started trickling in on Tuesday. But on Friday, they poured in, with dozens of people claiming to see unexplainable lights across the area Thursday night.

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant said dispatch received multiple calls from people claiming to see bright lights in the southern part of the county Thursday. Callers reported that the lights would flash and disappear, then reappear a short time later.Charlie Carrasco, who lives in Stephenville, said he saw two fighter jets flying low to the ground around 8:30 p.m. Thursday, chasing flashes of light in the air.
Ashleigh Cole was also working with her horses around 8:40 p.m. when she turned her attention to the night sky.
“It seemed like it was really close,” Cole said. “I’ve never believed anybody when they say they saw a UFO, but I saw one myself.”
She said there were three lights in a row that would move straight up in the sky and at an angle.
She was about 10 miles south of Dublin and thought the lights were flashing and moving around for about five minutes.

Darlene Ross, who lives south of Ranger, noticed two orange lights in the sky about 8:45 p.m. Thursday. The two lights turned into four lights in a straight line, one stacked on top of the other.
“It was just the weirdest thing I ever saw in my entire life,” Ross said. “It was acting weird and it was scary.”

Nick Horn caught part of what he saw Thursday night on video.
He was at his house west of Stephenville talking on his phone outside. He saw on orange light above the house and went inside to get his family.
He said jets were flying across the sky coming out of nowhere. He grabbed his video camera and caught about 20 seconds of lights flashing across the sky.
Nick’s four-year-old brother Matthew was so excited that he tripped over a rock and bumped his head on the sidewalk.

Juli Gibson was riding her horse in the southwestern part of the county around 8 p.m. when she noticed the lights.
She said there were four white lights flashing on and off.
“It’s like they were talking to each other,” Gibson said. “It was just weird.”
The flashing lights spooked even her horses.

Stephenville resident John Darby and his daughter were driving on Highway 67 near the Seldon cutoff when they saw the lights around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.
“At first I thought it was my lights reflecting off the power lines,” Darby said.
But he quickly realized it was something more than a reflection.
The lights started out small and orange. They grew larger and began to display different colors in a beachball-like pattern. Then they disappeared.

His daughter jumped out of the vehicle trying to take a picture with her cell phone. The lights reappeared in the sky when she came back to the truck.
Darby said there were about nine jets traveling at a high rate of speed and headed for the Metroplex.
He is convinced they were not passenger airplanes.
“If it were my speculation, they were doing maneuvers with some kind of tracers,” Darby said.

Monica Diaz was driving on the Northwest Loop near the high school in Stephenville around 8:15 p.m. on Thursday when she saw the lights.
“It looked like a row of stadium lights,” Diaz said.
The four lights would turn on and off individually, but they would move as a group. The show only lasted about 30 seconds.
She pulled over and watched the sky but she never saw or heard anything else.
“It was very odd,” Diaz said. “I don’t believe it was aliens but it was definitely something different.”
Diaz said the lights were white and round and didn’t resemble anything close to an airplane.

D’Ann Wheeler is a Hico resident and a skeptic.
“I never had a personal experience until last night (Thursday),” Wheeler said.
She and a friend, who confirmed Wheeler’s story but did not want to be identified, were stargazing around 9 p.m. when they noticed a lot of activity in the sky.
“There were jets all around them (the lights) but you couldn’t hear the jets,” Wheeler said.
She saw two sets of lights that she described as a string of pearls. Then the lights just disappeared.
“I have never in my life seen anything like this before. I went in the house and shook my head and thought, what did I just see?” Wheeler said. “The lights disappeared and then came back on a second time. They stayed on for about a minute.”

The lights were large and white, and moved up and down with the jets close behind.

“I know they were big and far apart, but I couldn’t tell how big or far apart,” she said.

Wheeler said the sight unnerved her the rest of the night and she had a hard time sleeping. She even went back out around midnight to check the sky, but she didn’t see anything.

Ashley Ainsworth was driving on Highway 377 near Tractor Supply Company around 8:30 Thursday night when she and several other cars pulled over to watch the lights dancing through the sky.
She counted six yellow lights on the horizon that moved in a circular motion. They disappeared completely but started blinking on and off.
“I’m not into that alien thing, but it’s kind of weird,” Ainsworth said.
She reported her sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

“I saw four, five, six jets, then bam, hit my head,” Matthew said.
Unlike other witnesses, Nick said he got a good look at the lights above his house. It appeared to be a metal object hovering about 400 feet in the air.
He said it moved away from the house and disappeared before reappearing closer to Dublin.

Steve Hudgeons, MUFON Chief Investigator in Texas, said he received reports of three sightings near Stephenville on Thursday. At press time, he had not yet interviewed the witnesses.
At least one witness came forward to say she saw lights in the Stephenville skies on Tuesday night.

Sherry Sechrist was outside of her house in town when she and her family noticed the lights around 8:30 p.m.
She snapped a few pictures on her cell phone and her mom even caught video footage on her phone.
Sechrist said the lights would flash and move up and down and side to side. She could hear jets buzzing around the lights, but doesn’t think the jets produced the lights.
“I’d like to know what goes in reverse,” Sechrist said. “The lights would fly over and then they would stay still.”

United States Air Force Reserve Major Karl Lewis, public affairs officer at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, responded to the numerous sightings.

“Seven F-16s from the 457th fighter squadron flew from Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth to the Brownwood Military Operation Area (MOA) for normal training operations, Thursday, 23 October 2008, from approximately 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. local time,” Lewis stated in an e-mail.

Similar sightings made national headlines 10 months ago after reporting unidentified flying objects in the southeastern county skies ” (extract from article).

UPDATE (30th october 2008 ):

First coast news has ” UFO caught on camera ” (+ video )

AUSTIN, TX — Two men believe they saw a UFO flying over Austin in October.

They said they have the videotape to prove it.

Carl Lancaster and Doug McCullough were both outside their apartments on Oct. 8 around 9 p.m. when they both saw three bright lights. Lancaster said he saw a red light and two white lights that flew in a zigzag pattern across the sky ” (extract from article).

WFAA.com has (28th october,2008 ) ” UFO group probes light mystery in Erath, Comanche ” (also with video).

An investigator with the Mutual UFO Network has traveled to Erath County to talk to dozens of people who all reported seeing unusual lights in the sky last week” (extract from article).


Star-Telegram.com (30th october 2008 ) ” New UFO sightings investigated in Erath County

Most of the descriptions are of an oval shape with lights around the outside, said Alejandro Rojas with the Mutual UFO Network, a nationwide organization created in 1969 to scientifically study UFO sightings. A MUFON investigator is interviewing witnesses, and the group has already sent requests for radar data from the F-16s ” (extract from article).

UPDATE 2nd november:

you tube video

Also (thanks to Aliencasebook.blogspot.com ) this took place on october 29th, 6.30pm near airport.


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Alien UFO in Turkey? or just cold Turkey!

Posted by dandare on October 25, 2008

My attention has been led to the UFO footage in Turkey…. I must point out that this is old news, and has been on you tube,ect for a while. But yes i’m afraid its my friends,  at “The Sun” who are behind the start of this media hype again……

In ” Flying saucer filmed in Turkey ” (posted 21st October, 2008 ).

The shots were captured by night guard Yalcin Yalman in a compound in Turkey earlier this year….[.]…The 42-year-old and a number of residents claim the UFOs were spotted over a four month period between May and September near the compound in Istanbul…[.]…The clips were handed to the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Centre in Turkey……[.]….”After conducting all of the analysis we came to the conclusion that this video footage is 100 per cent genuine “ ” (extracts from article).

What i have a problem with,  is that there is no real details, on what type of analysis was made, and who conducted the analysis. Anyway, soon other media circles started picking up on this as well.

A good article can be seen written by Digital journal ” Turkey UFO pics – sudden interest in UFOs by media, or more hype from tabloid trash ? ”  It makes some very valid points  

We do not have:

Corroboration from an independent source
Any official data, radar, or other information
Anything but this video

We do have:

Some reason to believe The Sun isn’t an irrefutable source of information.
A certain skepticism that mainstream media, which has been shamelessly attacking UFO witnesses for decades, is suddenly among the believers.

The ability to take better pictures with a cardboard box with a hole in it .
Readers of The Sun don’t seem to impressed, either. There’s a UFO expert who seems to be convinced, but that’s not quite court standard evidence, either.
The sick thing about this is that nobody believes any official sources any more. 60 years of denial of honest reports from people like Air Force pilots, as well as the public, has just convinced people that the officials doth protest too much. There’s not even the expectation of honesty.
Unless someone comes up with something a lot better than this, I’d say we can assume that mainstream media is just living up to its heavy responsibility of providing more bull for the world.
I guess if credibility isn’t an issue, it’s not a problem for journalists, either
” (rather large extract from article).

I could not have put it better than this….. so unless proved otherwise, i’m afraid this is cold turkey/a hoax.

Just one more thing to add and its important, about Haktan Akdogan, and it is some background information; it was written by the Asia Times in 2007 ” Close encounters of the Turkish kind

Haktan Akdogan of Sirius seems to be a recurring figure in Turkish UFO lore commenting freely on each event and insisting on the importance of Turkey to alien life. His motives however may not just be scientific, he is also the owner of the Istanbul UFO museum that opened in 2002 (commercially riding on the back of these multiple UFO events) and any extra interest in aliens will also encourage customers to his museum. He also runs the museum as a fairly successful franchise with three others in Turkey (Istanbul, Denizli and Goreme in Cappadocia) and his website http://www.siriusufo.org advertises for further partners to open other UFO museums.It is his intention to open UFO museums all over Turkey to “further the knowledge of the Turkish people and to attract tourists”. His organization provides all the necessary materials and installations so each museum is a de facto copy of the first. Whether they are lucrative or not is not mentioned but when the Goreme museum opened in 2006 Hurriyet newspaper reported that they had 5,000 visitors in one month alone. Apparently it was especially popular with the Japanese ” (large extract from article).


News.com ” Bizarre pictures ‘ most important UFO images ever’

Sky news ” Is the truth really out there

Herald Sun ” Video shows UFO, aliens flying over Turkey

National Ledger ” UFO video: stunning tape on heels of UFO shoot down

Previous Turkish UFO sightings on UFO Online can be seen here

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