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Archive for October 30th, 2008

Kirill? any ideas [ Updates will be posted here ]

Posted by dandare on October 30, 2008

Any ideas what Kirill is and what the logo stands for ?

I will be following up with any more information, when i have it… but until then, please feel free to leave any comments 

UPDATE (30th october 2008 ):

I know this is not strictly speaking to do with UFOs, (or then again it might be), and it is drama ? probably ….. however it looks interesting, and i think, it warrants a blog entry…. it’s kind of X-files, on the internet…… there again it might be something else entirely.

Anyway, the latest video (teaser to this) can be seen here 

Also discovered about Kirill is “Three scientists have vanished. Two bloggers are under siege. One man has an urgent message to deliver. None of them are safe”.

 Update ( 4th november 2008 )  

Episode 1 can be seen here and episode 2 due out soon.


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