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Rock stars + their alien encounters (Times online )

Posted by dandare on November 1, 2008

The Times online has an article entitled ” Rock Stars + their alien encounters ” (posted november 2nd 2008 ); The Sunday Times mentions in its first part of the article: 

First of all, just about every songwriter of note has written at least one song about the final frontier. Space is, after all, the perfect metaphor for . . . well . . . just about anything you’d like it to be “…[.]…” Elvis Presley told his inner circle about alien experiences — hardly surprising since his father had noted a strange blue light in the sky when Elvis was born. John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix all saw UFOs, and Lennon had an extremely close encounter with an alien ” (extracts from article).

It then goes on to mention a new band called Sneaky Sound System, who have made a new song called UFO; the lead singer claims to have had an encounter. She said   

“I tried to remember what had happened and gradually it came back to me. I had seen two lights in the sky, and then each light split into three, and then went like that and like that and like that.” Mitchell draws fast, jerky, triangular movements in the air ” (extract from article).

Of course, some might say, that due to the recent hightening/increased media attention for  sightings, they might be trying to ride on this popularity….. personally i do not. 

Below are some of the videos of the band off you tube

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