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More free online UFO resources

Posted by dandare on November 4, 2008

In january of this year i wrote a post on free online books available from NICAP…. please see here .real1

Since then i have discovered other resources that might be of interest.

Professor Solomon ” How to make the most of a flying saucer experience

Cohenufo.org has an article called “MSNBC Article re NIDS reassessment of triangular UFO sightings” (2004).

The same site also has Author’s select cases (table of contents, including Belgium UFO flap 1989-90, Brazilian Air Force admits studying UFOs (2005) and the Rockefellar report among others ).

clipart_scifi_spaceships_003The Black Vault has a wealth of documents you can download here .

Stardrive.org  ” UFOs and the new physics ” (1995 article).

qedcorp.com ” Now for the real X-files ” (article, april 1999 ).

Nick Humphries ” The UFO guide ” (feb 1994 ).


Stanton Friedman ” A review of Col. Philip J. Corso’s book ‘the day after Roswell ‘ ” (article, december 1997). His other articles can be seen here .

Richard M. Dolan ” Some thoughts on J. Allen Hynek ” (2002).

Also by Dolan ” Alien Essays ” there are loads of links to his articles.


Wilbert B. Smith ” The New science ”  

Presidentialufo.com ” The white house role in crashed UFO retrievals ” 

ufoinfo.com has ” The Magonia Database – A century of ufo landings (1868-1968) compiled by Jaques Vallee, scanned in by Don Allen “.

NCAS.org ” Project Condon cases 1 -10 ” NCAS.org ” Project Condon 11-45 ” 

NCAS.org ” The Condon report

cropcirclesfordummiesWhilst doing my usual rounds of my favorite linked sites, i came across this post by dbreckenridge at the footnote.com site, entitled “UFO in Utah, Comic book style” . It is in relation to the sighting of 1952, which was produced in a comic style, to portray the sighting. Another interesting post can be found here .

Other entries on UFOs from footnote.com can be found here .

Ufo documents (original) can be found here ; try varients on this word too; some of the contents are premium (ie you have to pay for them, but quite alot are free to view). For instance ufo, returned 137,680 returns….. most you can view.  Its nice to get a chance to view the documents at its source.

 Don Berliner ” UFO briefing document – the best evidence ” (1995).

Edward Ruppelt ” The report on Unidentified Flying objects ” (book, 1956).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA handy link to Area 51 (groom lake), from FAS (Federation of American Scientists): http://www.fas.org/irp/overhead/groom.htm  

It goes into detail about the imagery available, an overview of the area, handy links to other sites (some now are not working), and images of Area 51 through the years, near the bottom of the article.

It seems to have been written in 2000, but still handy for anyone interested in this topic. Imagery of groom lake can be seen here .

Related Websites:



Please also see my link https://dandare.wordpress.com/ufo-links/ (a permanent link at the top of all pages)…. which has more websites worth visiting [and also visit other sites on the left hand side of all pages].

This i hope to update as time goes by, with more great websites/blogs, and UFO information on the internet.

Maybe, i’ll do a similar post for videos in the not to distant future, and use past videos, together with new ones.

If you have any more links i should consider, or have missed please leave me a comment… although this is not a definative listing here.

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