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UFO Update (world news from October 2008)

Posted by dandare on November 7, 2008

Welcome to UFO update ……

Whats happened around the UFO world, in October 2008 (mainly articles that have caught my eye; sorry for lateness of this post)……post a bit short this time around, i’m afraid. 

**Seperate posts have been made for the latest Turkish video, the MOD UFO files (which took the attention of the world’s media for a large part of october, hence less other sightings reported) + the latest Stephenville UFO sightings**



 Weekly news now ” NT station stalked by UFOs ” 

THEY’RE back! Cattlemen at a remote Northern Territory station say strange lights have reappeared in the night sky ” (extract from article).


6438734_600x338 1008springstreenufos6abc.com “ UFO sighting over Philly ?


pnj.com ” UFO? no, space station ” 


 American Chronicle ” Large UFO will appear Oct 14, says Aussie woman

Unlike many UFO theories and reports, this one by Goodchild seems as though it will be quite easy to prove or disprove.
When Oct. 14 arrives, we will see what happens
” (extract from article).


 New Zealand Herald ” UFO flight will be re-enacted on 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago Safe Air pilot Bill Startup saw something out the window of his Argosy freight plane that has baffled UFO sceptics and believers to this day.

Now, the famous Kaikoura UFO sightings of 1978 are to be repeated in a replicated flight in December, with Mr Startup and other crew and passengers in the plane ” (extract from article).


svmissing-200x0The age.com ” 30 years on: UFO mystery still vivid

The now-retired air traffic controller was working the night shift at the Melbourne Flight Service Unit on Saturday, October 21, 1978, when the call came in at 7.06pm.

Pilot Frederick Valentich, flying from Moorabbin Airport to King Island to pick up some crayfish, reported that a strange aircraft was “playing a game with him” and he wanted to know if any military planes were in the area ” (extract from article).

North west Arkansas Times ” Out of the ordinary Local Chapter Of National Group Investigates Area UFO sightings

lr_nwat_pc0180200Neither Norm Walker nor Doug Krueger have ever claimed to have encountered an unidentified flying object in person, but they’ve heard too many stories and accounts not take a proactive stance on the subject ” (extract from article).


 The Franklin News Post ” Another UFO story peaks Morris’ interest

After a long lapse of not hearing any new stories about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), I heard one from another reliable source Sunday afternoon.

And of all places, I was told the story at the second Creek Freaks’ annual picnic at Lynch Park in Rocky Mount ” (extract from article).

The OC Register.com ” Did anyone else in San Clemente see a UFO ?

Here’s one from the wacky, weird and mysterious files that sometimes shows up on blogs across south county.

Did you see a UFO shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 12, in the sky over San Clemente? Three people playing at Shorecliffs Golf Course say they did ” (extract from article).



 Mansfield news journal ” UFO tracked over Mansfield 35 years ago

MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP — It was 35 years ago Saturday the “Coyne Incident” unnerved residents in north central Ohio. Few in Mifflin Township have forgotten it.

The close encounter over Mansfield involved a four-man crew in an Army Reserve helicopter and an unidentified flying object near Charles

Mill Lake. Mifflin Township resident Dave Switzer remembers what was considered one of the most credible UFO sightings in history ” ( extract from article).




 jp.dk (english version) ” Three UFO cases vex association

A Danish UFO society celebrates 50 years of investigating sightings, of which three cases remain unsolved The X-Files are alive and well at Scandinavian UFO Information, an organisation for enthusiasts of unexplained sightings that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Sufoi…

Sufoi is unlike many UFO organisations in that it takes a serious and sceptical approach to the UFO-phenomena, according to its website. The organisation’s Toke Haunstrup admits that a vast majority of sightings have less than other-worldly explanations ” (extract from article).


 ufo444DL – Online ” ’68 UFO run-in at ND air base still unresolved

A routine bomber flight in the pre-dawn hours of Oct. 24, 1968, turned unforgettable for navigator Patrick McCaslin.

McCaslin and his B-52 crewmates were practicing maneuvers in the skies above Minot, N.D., when officials at the nearby Air Force base radioed a request.

“The tower called and said, ‘Could you guys keep your eyes open for anything unusual?’ ’’ said McCaslin, recalling that flight four decades ago.

“We asked,‘What are we looking for?’ “They said, ‘You’ll know it if you see it,’ ’’ McCaslin said” (extract from article).


9241624_bg1KLSA.com ” Caught on tape: balloon or UFO ? ” 


 York Region.com ” Mystery object spotted over simcoe

Lake Simcoe’s reputation as a UFO hotbed got another boost earlier this month as a group of 15 people watched in amazement as a glowing box-like structure sailed silently past them in the night skies in Willow Beach ” (extract from article).


 *** very interesting post from NASA “Magnetic ports connect sun + earth

concept_medDuring the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn’t believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page….[.]….Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be connected. Earth’s magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet’s magnetic defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun’s atmosphere ” (extracts from article). Linked to this is a post from Now Public seen here (posted on 31st October). 



LoHud.com ” Yorktown police officer remembers life-changing UFO sighting

bildeYORKTOWN — It was a late March evening in 1983 that would become a huge night for sightings in northern Westchester and Putnam. Yorktown Police Officer Kevin Soravilla was alone on Route 118 when he was met by a sight in the center of town that he can never forget.

“It was a tremendous object, wing-shaped, coming towards me. … It had landing lights – white lights – all white lights that stretched a good 200 yards,” said Soravilla, now a lieutenant ” (extract from article).


De Void ” Tired of givin’ it away

“I’m sorry to be so agitated,” says Peter Davenport from Harrington, Wash. “I’m at the end of my rope. With the government, with the press, with the American people. You’ve caught me at a strange time.”

This week, on his National UFO Reporting Center Web page, the man who runs one of the world’s busiest eyewitness databases announced he was on the brink of shutting down his live telephone Hotline ” (extract from article).

One Response to “UFO Update (world news from October 2008)”

  1. Ms Wallace said

    On the 22/11/08 7:30pm As My 13yr Old Lad along with his Mate, were walking over Limkill Bank, towards bentlee ! in Stoke On Trent, they were suddenly drawn to a very bright light!, up in the sky!. It wasn’t an till it flew over their heads, did my son notice! how wide & round in shape it looked!, Whilst moving very slowly past them, My Son managed to see the base of disc shape object!; He described Green & Red Lights around its Base! with a Powerful Orange Beam in the center! His Mates mobile phone had a full Battery! But Went Completely Dead! when he tried to take a photo of it! Then again on 23/11/08 Walking past the same area! This Time With My Sons Mates Brother! All Three Lads said it was much too far away to see its shape but lights were noticeable, towhich both brothers at this point tried to take a photo of its lights but both their mobiles went dead! later this same evening the whole of this area & hanley had a power cut ! twice during an hr of my son & mates sighting i do now believe to have been a UFO!.

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