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UFO World Update (November 2008- updated regularly)

Posted by dandare on November 11, 2008

Welcome to UFO World Updates…..dandare460

Whats happened around the UFO world, in November 2008 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).


8750270_bg2 Las vegas now.com ” I-Team witness: Mystery on the river ” includes video…. interesting.

8750270_bg1 The FAA and other public agencies say they have no idea what plummeted from the sky and plowed into the ground near the Colorado River back in May. But numerous eyewitnesses saw it and they saw the flotilla of helicopters that arrived soon after to retrieve it.

This can rightfully be called a UFO crash, since the object is, as yet, unidentified.

When the I-Team first reported on it back in July, we told you about a key eyewitness who had seen the crash up close and then dropped out of sight. It took awhile, but we found him ” ( extract from article).  Part 2 can be seen here . with video.




 Ufo Digest ” MCIA: UFO reported during descent manouvres

The crew of a Boeing 737-200 reported the presence of an unidentified flying object during descent maneuvers at Mexico City International Airport (MCIA).

The incident occurred last Monday, October 27, at 9:00 p.m ” ( extract from article).


UFO digest ” Argentina: Alleged UFO photographed over Concordia

cathedral2The image was taken in the downtown area of this city in Entre Rios. It shows a strange object between the two crosses on domes of the St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral at the heart of the city.

A tourist claims having photographed a UFO that disappeared shortly after ” ( extract from article).

Katy Times.com ” UFO making a sighting in small town Katy ?  

A strange flying object hovering over the area last month has caused some discussion amongst the community.
While some believe it is a helicopter or an airplane, others are entertaining the idea it may be a UFO.
It all started when I received a call from a Katy resident Oct. 23. She had noticed what she thought was a helicopter with a search light hovering back and forth over the Green Trails/Nottingham Country area.

As a former volunteer firefighter, she knew helicopters often respond to accident scenes and emergency situations, but LifeFlight sounds different and it does not have the bright lights ” ( extract from article).


De Void “ The fierce urgency of FOIA

There were never any real expectations from Bush Inc. Even before it was sworn in, when the imminent new regime announced it intended to run government like a corporation, you knew the only element of surprise would be one of degree ” ( extract from article).

USA Today ” The great fear of the unknown

large-hadron-colliderxBefore it was launched on Oct. 10, bloggers, late-night comedians, worried parents around the world and at least two lawsuits greeted the mere start-up of the collider with dismay. But Earth clearly survived the collider’s first nine days of operations before a technical glitch shut it down ” ( extract from article).


The New York Times ” The New Team     John Podesta ” 

podesta_1901Is otherwise known for: His obsession about U.F.O.’s and devotion to “The X-Files.” If anyone knows the truth about Roswell, N.M., it’s Mr. Podesta. He is said to be the only White House chief of staff ever to appear on the Sci Fi Channel ” ( extract from article).



Filter-mag.com ” Deep in the valley of Mystics: The great escape of Conor Oberst ” 

Tepoztlán (pronounced teh-pose-LAWN) means “place of the broken rocks” in the Aztec tongue, Nahuatl, and it is considered one of Mexico’s most sacred and paranormal-prone destinations. Located 45 minutes south of Mexico City, it’s a Mecca for spiritualists,alien hunters and hippies” ( extract from article).

Philstar.com ” Jarring revival of interest in UFOs

Recently, I found myself stupefied by a series of television footages of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). But I thought it was just a revival of a fad and dismissed them as an obsession by a group of dedicated believers in extra-terrestrials.

But it seems that is not the case. I was jarred recently by a letter received from a long-lost godson, Edwin Gatia, an amateur astronomer who is now living in Philadelphia City in the United States” ( extract from article).


 Vostockmedia.com ” UFO in Yakutsk?

YAKUTSK. 7 November. VOSTOK-MEDIA. In the night, November, 6-7, Yakutsk citizens could watch a strange phenomenon. In the air a bright spot appeared in teh sky. It happened at 00.10 a.m. Firstly, it was thought to be a jet but then this suggestion was refused as the sphere started to move slowly in different directions.
This object was watched by many people. It was hanging in the air for some time and then disappeared.
Object appeared in the air above the military unit # 77981, it is the western part of the city
” ( extract from article).

WCTV.tv ” Roswell UFO Exhibit

Sightings of UFO’s and alien abductions tend to face a great deal of disbelief, but tonight at the Mary Brogan museum skeptics may change their minds.

The real story behind the Roswell incident is on display at the museum ” ( extract from article).

National Post ” A great day for UFO believers

” ..This front-page article stated that John Podesta, a former chief of staff in the Clinton White House, has been appointed to co-chair the Obama transition team. What Sheldon Alberts failed to point out is that this influential Washington attorney is on record on two separate occasions as stating, “I think it’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs …it is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this [UFO] phenomenon.” ” ( extract from article).


 The American Chronicle has an interesting article “ Is this a photo from Apollo 16 mission ? ” 

apollo_16_ufo_smallA photo taken from Apollo 16 as it was leaving the moon appeared to show a strange object to the left of the image, was this a UFO as some have claimed?
It has been accepted that the photo is not a hoax, or that the image is of Earth (as some had suggested earlier). Even the possibility that the image was a reflection of the sunlit camera lens in the Apollo window has been ruled out.
However, there is a strong belief that the image showing is actually the end part of the EVA boom, but can we be absolutely sure?
” ( extract from article).

i09.com ” Heaven’s gate UFO cult sneakers: Creepy, wrong or fake? ” 

heavensgate1Rumors are swirling that Nike discontinued work on this sweet black-and-purple prototype Dunk shoe because it reminded consumers too much of the Heaven’s Gate Cult mass suicide…..[.]….So, the idea is that because the shoes match the colors of the suicide victim, the shoe was discontinued? ” ( extracts from article).


 Lo Hud.com ” Don’t ridicule belief in UFOs

I’m responding to a Thursday letter to the editor by Terence Hines, “UFO evidence is unconvincing.” Mr. Hines is surely entitled to disbelieve whatever he chooses, but before he continues to ridicule those of us who believe differently, please listen ” ( extract from article).

Chicago Sun Times ” Witnesses stand by 1980’s UFO sightings in Westchester, Putnam counties ” 

One generation ago, a boomerang-shaped object as bright as a city street and as big as a football field appeared in the night skies over southern New York state, drawing such mixed reactions from some 7,200 witnesses that it never turned into the cosmic public event that it really was ” ( extract from article).

From Google translated page of the Norwegian website NRK ” Suspicion of UFO in Mo i Rana

The powerful light of Mofjellet came and went in the direction Selfors mountain where it went in the ground a little way into the mountains.

Etter en del undersøkelser ble det brakt på det rene at en meteoritt hadde falt ned i Rensjøen nord for Kiruna i Sverge, og at lysfenomenet formentlig hadde sammenheng med dette. After some investigation, it was brought on the plain that a meteorite had fallen down in Rensjøen north of Kiruna in swear, and that lysfenomenet Formenta had connection with this ” ( extract from google translated page from article).


 PRlog (press release) ” UFO contactee abducted from 100 mile House to speak in Nelson, Canada

10089634-console-of-spaceshipMiriam Delicado was 22 years old when she was led aboard a spacecraft that had stopped along highway near 100 Mile House, BC in 1988.
While driving with friends, Delicado noted they were being followed by what she thought was a vehicle with large round and very bright lights. After Delicado and her friends had traveled a fair distance with the lights still close behind, she told the driver to pull over.
That’s when an ordinary evening turned into a mission for Delicado
” ( extract from article). for a previous article on this see here .

The Chicago Tribune ” Elkton remembers 1958’s ‘little blue man’ hoax

Once the mystery was solved, news of the “Little Blue Man” stretched across the globe, along with a photo of the “alien” and two policemen. Fifty years later, people still talk about this famous caper, and a local corn maze celebrates this tale that’s almost too “out of this world” to be true.
The zany tale starts with three young men who had just returned home from serving in the military, one of those men being Don Weiss
” ( extract from article).


fearnet.com ” Exclusive: we ‘Race to witch mountain ‘ with director Andy Fickman! ” what caught my eye was:

impbzal76cpchsyjocnuiqg1 ” I’m a huge paranormal nut. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico so I’ve lived the whole UFO legacy my entire life. [When] we started going, I wanted people like Whitley Streiber from Communion in my film. I wanted people like Bill Burns, UFO Hunters, I wanted the real UFO community involved, which meant I had to track these people down and individually have this conversation with them about my belief in UFOs, my desire to make a cool UFO conspiracy movie that did not poke fun at what the UFO world is, but would poke fun at what people’s view of the UFO world is. And to have Whitley on screen and to have Doctor Leir on screen and to have Bill Burns on screen, and to have these people not just say “Yes” to helping but to actually get involved – that was a huge plus ” ( extract from article).

 StarTribune.com ” A date with Fate

1fate1111Lakeville-based paranormal magazine Fate has been around since 1948, and while editor Phyllis Galde may not make you believe that aliens and ghosts exist, she just might change your opinion of the people who do ” ( extract from article).


phillyBurbs.com ” Discovery channel to air Bucks UFO special

The recent spate of UFO sightings over Bucks County will be featured on the Discovery Channel later this month. The special “UFOs Over Earth: Bucks County, Pennsylvania” is scheduled to air from 10 to 11 p.m. Nov. 24 on the cable TV channel ” ( extract from article).


De Void “ Oh well whatever nevermind

November 11 has come and gone. So where are the UFOs over Las Vegas?

“Well,” begins Prophet Yahweh over the long-distance line, “I had a vision and it showed me something about November the 11th. But what I’ve come to realize is that it meant November, the 11th month. That’s just the way interpreting spiritual things works out sometimes.” ” ( extract from article).

Pravda RU ” Killer UFOs hide in lakes

Mysterious flying objects of all shapes – round, ellipsoid, rectangular and triangular – can often be spotted near Lake Gaipo in the Cordilleras. Locals see them flying into the water of the lake or hanging above the water surface and then disappearing in the sky ” ( extract from article).

The Telegraph has :

 140 years of UFO sightings – part 1” (photos)

140 years of UFO sightings – part 2” (photos)

140 years of UFO sightings – part 3” (photos)


Western Courier ” Ufologist to bring the truth to Western ” 

On Nov. 18, Western Illinois University’s Society of Professional Journalists will sponsor a presentation in the Sandburg Theater by renowned UFO investigator Sam Maranto.
Maranto, state director of the Illinois division of the Mutual UFO Network, an international organization, will present various UFO cases throughout the state, exploring facts of the cases and how these investigations were presented in the media. The ultimate goal of the presentation is to explore why ufology is depicted the way it is by media, diving into how it became that way and shedding light on some of the misinformation conveyed about ufology
” ( extract from article).

De Void ” Scientists decline to defend themselves








phillyBurbs.com ” After UFO sightings, alien hunters to gather here

With more than 50 reports from Bucks since January, the Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network says it now will gather here for its next alien hunter conference Jan. 24 at Bucks County Community College.

State MUFON coordinator John Ventre is scheduled to discuss what he calls the “Pennsylvania UFO Wave.” The list of speakers also includes self-professed local abductees, including history professor David Jacobs of Temple University.

Bucks County also will be profiled in a documentary — “UFOs over Earth” — scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Monday on the Discovery Channel ” ( extract from article).

Another Garbage article by FoxNews.com “ If you believe in progressive ideas, you’ll believe in anything

( cartoon below not in article )swampgasSee, I’ve always felt that people into UFOs are loony, in that normal life is so complicated, they cling to conspiracies for intellectual comfort. If you disagree with them, then you’re blind to the truth, which is as real as David Duchovny’s sex addiction.

But I like the UFO obsession because it points out a peculiar aspect of progressivism. That is, if you believe in progressive ideas, you’ll believe in anything, including alien conspiracies. Worse, it’s a symptom of backward prioritizing that’s especially retarded when you’ve got real terror at your doorstep ” ( extract from article).

Maybe they should get together with The Sun (from the UK)…mmm on second thoughts maybe not! Also it proves yet again, how well they understand the subject…not. Also believe it or not, quite a few of ‘us’ have a normal life as well…. wow. 

Star Beacon ” Is anybody way out there?


Telegraph.co.uk ” The 30 greatest conspiracy theories – part 1

apollo_1116679cFrom the assassination of John F Kennedy to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. From Roswell, New Mexico, to Nasa’s moon landings. From the bloodline of Christ to the death of Elvis Presley. Every major event of the last 2,000 years has prompted a conspiracy theory and here we examine those with the biggest followings and the most longevity ” ( extract from article).

The Telegraph ” The 30 greatest conspiracy theories – part 2

From the Moscow appartment bombings to the Indian Ocean tsunami. From Pearl Harbour to Peak Oil, the Philadelphia experiment and Pan Am flight 103. Every major event of the last 2,000 years has prompted a conspiracy theory and here we examine those with the biggest followings and the most longevity ” ( extract from article).

FOX40 ” Bright lights fall from Sacramento skies ” (with video)

Elk Grove Resident Dave Dial believes it was meteor shower. He said it was a glowing light that shot through the sky, from east to west.

For some, the bright lights were alarming. California Highway Patrol Officer John Griffin said he received many calls of a possible aircraft down. A helicopter and police units went to check on an area near Highway 99 and Twin Cities Road, but found nothing. He says it was most likely a meteor shower, a first for him ” ( extract from article).


**reporter-news (by Angelia Joiner)**  ” Another unexplained UFO sighting in Stephenville

He saw what appeared to be a brightly lit object in the sky.”It looked really close to Stephenville, like it was almost over the courthouse,” Corn said.

He said the amber/orange lights pulsed in a right-to-left direction.

“I could see the bottom of the object from the illumination of those lights and the city lights,” Corn said. “The bottom (of the object) looked smooth.

“There is no way you could be outside and look up in the sky and not notice this thing. It was just weird.”

Corn said he observed the object for about 15 seconds, and then it disappeared without a sound.

“It just vanished,” he said ” (extract from article).

North By Northwestern ” The centre for UFO Studies that Northwestern wanted nothing to do with

cufos-picThe stereotype of the ufologist is something like the lone Gunmen— just a bunch of crazies, sitting in their moms’ basements, staring at computer screens through thick-rimmed glasses and spouting conspiracy theories about how the CIA or NSA or some other initialed agency covered up the Roswell crash because the government is trying to harness the alien technology to build a race of superhumans, starting with their prototype, Barack Obama. It’s a stereotype that’s all over the media and, quite frankly, isn’t far from the truth in a lot of cases.

But the scientists (yes, scientists) at the Center for UFO Studies are different ” ( extract from article).

Star Beacon ” More sightings surface

“I saw a big ball of fire with a flame behind it,” said Cavinder, 47, of Monroe Township. “I called the police, and they acted like I was crazy. Now, after other local UFO sightings have been reported, I’m vindicated.”

Jeni Collins, 42, of Ashtabula, shares Cavinder’s sentiments ” ( extract from article).

Wilmette-Life.com ” Selective damage to car drives UFO theorists

nb-ufocar-112008-w2Did magnetic waves from a visiting UFO warp, dent and wrinkle the side of a car heading east on Lake-Cook Road? nb-ufocar-112008-w5_pp_feed_20081114_17_36_14_5_h78w59

nb-ufocar-112008-w3_pp_feed_20081114_17_36_08_4_h42w59   It may be more likely that a deer did the damage. But local UFO enthusiasts are looking into the Nov. 4 event just to make sure, and are planning scientific tests on the car ” ( extract from article).

De Void ” Don’t start making sense

At Gutfield’s Fox News blog, however, he evidently has the license to dispense with the Handkerchief and the Thought altogether so’s he can spray directly into your face. Or at least that’s what happened Tuesday, when Gutfield attempted to brand UFOs as a liberal confabulation. Not only did the dude get his facts wrong about Obama transition team leader John Podesta (no, sorry, Greg, the former Clinton chief of staff did NOT form the Coalition for Freedom of Information), he went out and blew snot all over his own political species…[.]…..The point here isn’t that Gutfield doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s better that way. Let’s hope the suits at Fox News keep this blundering, Podesta/UFO liberal fantasy alive and bobble it all the way into the prime-time news cycle. They might get it so wrong, they could provoke some sort of official response. Then we might actually get a debate going. Then we might actually get somewhere ” (extracts from article).


AOL news Canada ” Mysterious fireball streaks across prairies

A bright light lit up the sky around 5:30 MT Thursday evening in Western Canada, with people reporting sightings in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

People telephoned the CBC newsrooms in Edmonton and Calgary to talk about what they saw ” (extract from article).

All News Web ” Mexico: Beoing-737 crew report UFO sighting

The object was described as having an ‘elongated teardrop’ shape with a frontal diameter of 8 meters. It was said to be bluish in color and slightly glowing. The skies were clear that day and the weather conditions were described as being good. One of the witnesses was Juan Hose Dominguez, the flight mechanic. The names of other crew members and the airline have not been disclosed. It is reported that some crew members were somewhat frightened by the encounter and described the craft as having ‘other-worldly’ qualities. A few passengers were said to have complained of headaches shortly after landing ” (extract from article).

9390870_bg1Montana’s News Station ” Meteor creates spectacular sight ” (with Video ).

jaunted.com ” Massive fireball spotted over Alberta and Saskatchewan

Hundreds of people in Western Canada Thursday night reported seeing a flaming object streak across the sky, variously describing it as green, yellow, purple and blue, brighter than a lightening strike and as loud as fireworks.

But before you get your UFO theories in order, know that aviation and astronomy experts say it was most likely a meteorite–though they can’t say it was for certain” (extract from article).








Over at Bad Astronomy ” Aliens? yes. UFOs? no

As far as aliens go, I suspect pretty strongly that there’s life in space. We know of over 300 planets orbiting other stars, and we’ve only just started looking. In our Milky Way Galaxy alone there are probably literally billions of planets. Life on Earth got started pretty rapidly, relatively speaking, after the crust cooled and liquid water formed, so we know it’s not tough for life to get its start… and it’s entirely possible there is microbial life inside icy moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn.

So thinking aliens exist has a pretty decent scientific basis. But them coming here is an entirely different beast ” (extract from article). Alot of comments to this blog post, also worth looking at.

phillyBurbs.com ” Falls woman stars in UFO documentary

Murter believes she saw a UFO outside her Falls home.

And so does the Discovery Channel.

On Monday night the cable channel aired its special “UFOs over Earth” and Murter along with her daughter and husband, Dan, tuned in. The topic wasn’t the only draw for the Murter family, Denise’s story was featured on the hour-long show.

Denise Murter was one of about a half dozen Bucks County residents who reported such sightings this past summer ” (extract from article).

PRweb.com ” Novel Relates Mormon Theology, UFOs and the Occult ” mmm…next please.


 ** Very interesting article by ScienceNOW **

Most planets may be seeded with life 2008112621

Astronomers have detected a building block of RNA floating within the hot, compact core of a massive star-forming region in the Milky Way. The molecule appears to have formed with all of the other stuff that makes up planets, suggesting that many other worlds are seeded with some of life’s ingredients right from birth.

Two of the greatest questions of existence–Are we alone? and How did we get here?–remain unanswered. Clues keep coming, and they are tantalizing ” (extract from article).


 Central Coast SunWeekly “ UFO hot spot

News Blaze.com “ Strange lights or a UFO: watch video, make up your own mind ” with link to video. 

While shooting Friday Night Football highlights over Sacramento, Air10 pilot Ed Georges and FNF correspondent Angel Cardenas spotted a strange set of lights flying over their helicopter.

‘I know what aircraft lighting looks like and this was definitely something different,’ Georges said. ‘It looked almost like a scrolling message on a blimp to the naked eye. I was at 1,200 feet and it was considerably higher.'” News10.Net ” (extract from article).


 Pravda RU “ Soviet cosmomauts conceal truth about UFOs

Former Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok appeared at a press conference devoted to unusual and anomalous phenomena in space. He said that he had witnessed something inexplicable during his work on board the Salyut orbital station. The cosmonaut said that he once saw a strange object on Earth’s orbit. He asked his partner, Viktor Savinykh, to fetch a camera. While Savinykh was trying to find the camera, the object exploded in front of Kovalenok’s eyes. The object split into two parts and had something like a bridge connecting those parts. The dumbbell-like object disappeared before the other cosmonaut was ready to photograph it ” (extract from article).


 jupitervenusNational Examiner ” Check out the night skies monday for a rare celestial event ” 

Telegraphindia ” Heavenly trio light up night sky


 The Telegraph “ UFO enthusiasts call on Obama to release X-files

Desperate to see the US emulate the British Government and disclose reported “contact” with UFOs, the enthusiasts have written to Mr Obama to ask that his administration comes clean about the contents of America’s “X-Files”.

They believe they have good prospects of success after public statements of support from both John Podesta, who is running Mr Obama’s White House transition team, and Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico – a UFO sighting hotspot – who is expected to secure a cabinet post ” (extract from article).

Daily Mail ” UFO enthusiasts urge Obama to release X-files about alien sightings

article-1090611-029bc122000005dc-867_233x308The enthusiasts are encouraged by public statements from John Podesta, who is running the president-elect’s transition team, and Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico, who is expected to land a cabinet post.

When he was the White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton, Mr Podesta was in charge of a project to declassify 800 million pages of intelligence documents.

He said in a press conference: ‘It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.’ ” (extract from article).



One Response to “UFO World Update (November 2008- updated regularly)”

  1. Ms Wallace said

    Ms Wallace Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 25, 2008 at 2:54 am
    On the 22/11/08 7:30pm As My 13yr Old Lad along with his Mate, were walking over Limkill Bank, towards bentlee ! in Stoke On Trent, they were suddenly drawn to a very bright light!, up in the sky!. It wasn’t an till it flew over their heads, did my son notice! how wide & round in shape it looked!, Whilst moving very slowly past them, My Son managed to see the base of disc shape object!; He described Green & Red Lights around its Base! with a Powerful Orange Beam in the center! His Mates mobile phone had a full Battery! But Went Completely Dead! when he tried to take a photo of it! Then again on 23/11/08 Walking past the same area! This Time With My Sons Mates Brother! All Three Lads said it was much too far away to see its shape but lights were noticeable, towhich both brothers at this point tried to take a photo of its lights but both their mobiles went dead! later this same evening the whole of this area & hanley had a power cut ! twice during an hr of my son & mates sighting i do now believe to have been a UFO!.

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