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Help needed with Brighton UFO sighting (1st December 2008)

Posted by dandare on December 5, 2008

animated-flag-englandOver at http://ufotruth.wordpress.com  (the whole article is posted  below; sighting was seen december 1st 2008 in Brighton):

At approx 5.20pm this after noon I happened to be out with the BXF tech expert ‘Wolf’. We were watching the planet Venus as it just appeared from behind the moon. I’m going to keep this brief for now and will publish a more detailed report an some fuzzy photo’s later. At the time indicated I looked over head and saw what I thought initially was a very bright star. The object was intense white with a blue tinge. It appeared to possible be stationary before moving swiftly and silently across the sky in a NE direction. It was a large ‘blob’ of light and was approx 2-3 times brighter than the star Sirius. It did not appear to be a plane and had no other lights. It’s color was consistent and it moved swiftly and silently. As it passed downward through the constellation of Orion it suddenly dimmed and vanished. What was odd was at this moment of vanishing an extremly high and fast jet with unusual flashing lights appeared from the north and bank sharply to follow into the direction of the UFO light!

If anyone else has seen this or has any information then please contact us here at BXF or post a comment.

Wolf and I will post a more detailed report later on.

Keep watching the skies!

Thanks, dh & Wolf   

 If anyone can help out with this then please leave a comment here, or on their blog… thanks. It could well be the International Space Station, or an IFO, but further information will be reported by dh and wolf at ufotruth.wordpress.com soon. Did anyone see a similar sighting?

 I hope dh and wolf do not mind me posting their blog entry here.

(whole article from http://ufotruth.wordpress.com/2008/12/01/ufo-brighton-uk-tonight-1st-decmber-2008/ ).

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