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UFO World Updates [ December 2008 ] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on December 7, 2008

Welcome to UFO World Updates…

seal-ufo-onlinehopeanddeterminationWhats happened around the UFO world, in December 2008 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).


 podblack.com ” Are U(FO) dreaming of a Paranoid Christmas ?




cayCompass.com ” UFO’s in the skies

We were sitting on a beach late one night having a discussion and above the city in the distance there appeared to be the only star in the sky. The object was at about a 25 degree angle from where we sat.

To our amazement after about half an hour it suddenly flared up, increasing its size tenfold, then just as quickly resumed its original size and moved off at a speed at which none of us could ever imagine any object could travel” (extract from article).


SunWeekly ” Yellow UFO at Gosforth

Secretary of the society Dominic McNamara said a number of Central Coast residents reported seeing yellow, spherical objects in the skies around Gosford.

“One man said he saw a spherical object he couldn’t logically explain,” Mr McNamara said ” (extract from article).

The Cheers Magazine “ UFOs: Fact or Fiction ?

So, UFOs, are they just the thing of modern myth, or is there something deeper that can suggest that we are not alone? I am going to leave the jury out on this one. I think the belief in UFOs depends on the person. Although most (if not all) sightings, abductions and communications have logical explanations behind them, you can’t beat a good conspiracy, and people are going to believe in them no matter what scientists and the like say ” (extract from article).


ufodigest.com ” Perception versus Realities

night-flightWhen I saw the bright white light it was like a ball of light. When I got my binoculars out it still looked like a ball of light, why? The craft was huge and the landing lights were in the clouds. The Huge white/yellow lights were so bright it made the red/green lights not visible at all. All I saw was the huge white-yellow lights! But there was another factor, WIND!

The wind was blowing away from me. So the noise at that elevation was blowing away from me. I heard nothing! It was not until the aircraft turned and the plane actually headed to land that I actually saw the red and green lights. This not only shocked me but also opened my eyes so to speak as to the mistaken identity of what my eyes were seeing ” (extract from article). A very interesting observation has been made here; worth bearing in mind. 

Belfast Telegraph ” CD of the week: The killers – Day and age

Day And Age also explores the band’s enthusiasm for UFOs and alien life. Living near the secretive Area 51 in Nevada, Flowers and co have always had an interest in that other-worldly life…. ” (extract from article).






PRLog ” Best quirky Accomadation around the world ” What we are interested in is :

Chilean stargazing domes – Elqui Valley, Chile
There are more UFO sightings from this region than anywhere else in the world, so a visit here could be a life-changing experience. One of only seven astronomic hotels worldwide and the only one in the south hemisphere, the rooms are geodesic domes each with a detachable roof over it for star-gazing as well as having a telescope on the individual terrace. Prices start at USD $190 per night. http://www.thetravellab.com/trips/tlacd
” (extract from article).


 M & C (Monsters and Critics) ” Robbie Williams aquatic alien hunt


 NTnews.com ” UFO spotter’s fluke sighting

ufo1He is convinced the black objects that can be seen in the photograph have been flying around his home for years.

“I was out taking photos on Sunday afternoon and you can see two of them in one of the shots,” he said. “It was a fluke – an absolute fluke.”

ufo_close_up2 [photo above, but a close up]

Mr Ferguson attracted publicity around the world in July after the Northern Territory News reported on his UFO spotting exploits ” (extract from article).

Independent.ie ” We will find aliens by 2025

A SENIOR astronomer has told a conference that we will make contact with aliens within two dozen years.

The astronomer – Seth Shostak – has shocked skeptics by his remarks, made at a yahoo – organised conference in California.

“We’ll find ET within two dozen years,” said Seth, adding that his theory was based on a mixture of equations under Moore’s Law and equipment that is likely to become available within the next few years ” (extract from article). [ he is part of SETI].


Helsinki Times ” Why do we see UFOs ? 

ufoAccording to Närvä, numerous and significant similarities between UFO experiences in particular and folk belief material can be provided, for example with regards to traditional fairy and shamanistic material.

Psychologically, UFO sightings can be explained as the combined effects of various misinterpretations and cognitive psychological actors. Strong UFO experiences such as UFO abductions can be explained as hallucination, sleep paralysis, fantasy tendencies and false memories ” (extract from article).

PRNewswire ” UFO party in Las Vegas ” 

Majestik Magnificent, best known as “the magician to the stars,” announced today that he will be throwing a private VIP party in Las Vegas this Friday in honor of Rael, the world’s most famous UFO contactee. The party will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Rael’s UFO encounter ” (extract from article).

Courier mail ” Is this a Sydney UFO caught on Google? ” 

North Platte Bulletin ” Deputies Investigate UFOs near Jeffrey Lake ” 

Two deputies investigated the sighting of unidentified flying objects in the sky south of Brady Nov. 21, according to Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer.

Although both deputies and the man who called to report the lights dancing in the sky observed them for more than 15 minutes, they could offer no explanation about what they were ” (extract from article).


Denver Post ” Collectible market flying

20081209__20081210_b05_bz10lewisp1_200Junk collector Stuart Ellis, 57, of Siler City, N.C., has a dream.

He is selling his flying saucer so he can pay off his credit-card and mortgage debt and then stake himself as a stock-options trader ” (extract from article).

Balkan Travellers.com ” Radio hoax scares Croatian Capital with reports about Aliens, Orson Welles style

Radio reports about an unidentified flying object about to land in Zagreb on Wednesday gave the Croatian capital’s residents a scare and angered authorities.” (extract from article).

The Croatian radio station Antenna caused chaos in Zagreb on the morning of December 9 with a report about a bright spot of light moving in the sky over the capital and fake testimonies of witnesses observing the phenomenon

CBS News ” Luke Skywalker Lightsaber sells for $240k

Stuff.co.nz ” I beleive in aliens

Keanu Reeves thinks it’s “likely” that aliens exist.

The 44-year-old actor – who stars as a being from outer space in upcoming movie The Day the Earth Stood Still – has no doubt that there are other life forms in the universe ” (extract from article).

Khou.com ” Woman: UFOs are killing my dogs ” ( including video )

The 42 toy English fox terriers were found inside a 5 x 9 trailer with an unidentified woman. Authorities said the woman believed the dogs were dying due to the UFOs that were circling her home ” (extract from short article).


American Chronicle ” UFOs & Rock – An interview with Scottish rock band CEIV

cookiealien1In 2007 I obtained an interview with American UFO rock band Element 115.

I met one of the band members in Roswell in at the 60th anniversary events where they were playing live.

But long before there was

Element 115 there was the British equivalent and that being CEIV from Scotland ” (extract from article).


American Chronicle ” SETKA: A Secret Soviet UFO research Program

A sharp increase in UFO activity in 1977-1978 (especially, the Petrozavodsk Case) had forced appropriate departments within the USSR Academy of Sciences to agree to a research program for anomalous atmospheric phenomena. The code name for this program was SETKA-AN (Akademii Nauk Set´–Academy of Sciences Net, or AS-NET ) ” (extract from article).




 Allnewsweb ” UFO mothership or air force display over Santiago, Chile?

A remarkable video has been filmed of craft over the night skies above the city of Santiago in Chile last week on December 10th. The video shows what appears to be a large UFO ‘mothership’ hovering over the skyline, and other craft. The Chilean Air force has issued a statement that the lights were an air force display corresponding to the graduation of trainee pilots, however some are less than convinced of this explanation ” (extract from article).
The video can be seen below



Wired Science ” Tiny Saturn Moon ID’d as good candidate for Alien Life

The tiny Saturn moon of Enceladus may be among the best candidates for extraterrestrial life in our solar system.

Scientists for the first time have gathered comprehensive evidence suggesting Enceladus may have all the necessary ingredients to harbor life in the ocean beneath its icy crust.

Particles in a large plume of water vapor emanating from the surface suggest that the moon has an active ocean that circulates life-sustaining nutrients picked up from the rocky interior below ” (extract from article).

Daily comet.com ” Wheel in the sky wows local residents

bilde33Locals who phoned and e-mailed the Daily Comet and The Courier this weekend about the strange cloud formation did agree on one thing: “It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Raceland resident Sandra Ledet, who shared some spectacular photos with the Daily Comet.

Shawn O’Neil, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Slidell, identified the phenomenon as a hole-punch cloud.

“They don’t occur all that often, and they are usually caused when an aircraft intersects altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds,” he said ” (extract from article).


 Faxts News ” ET Disclosure, and why we need it now

ufo_russiaSo here we are, just weeks away from the inauguration of our new President, Barack Obama. So now what does the future hold for those of us in the States, and the world over, for that matter? Will we be successful in getting the answers we deserve? Will we see the light of day on a full and open governmental acknowledgement of the ET presence any time soon? Well I know how I feel, and what I’d like to see, but will it happen? ” (extract from article).

American Chronicle ” More UFOs reported over Ohio

Recent reports of UFOs spotted in Ohio’s skies may remind us of past incidents over the years in that state.
For example, the 35th anniversary of the so-called “Coyne incident” over Mansfield, in central-northeastern Ohio, recently passed without much notice
” (extract from article).

Fort Frances Times ” Strange light seen in night sky

The strange light appeared late at night on both Dec. 5 and again last Wednesday (Dec. 10), and it looked to have flashing red and blue lights.
Both nights it shone in roughly the same spot. The light streaked straight across the sky, hovered, and then darted around quite a bit, with the show lasting for about an hour.
At first, Morrison guessed the mysterious object was a weather balloon—until he realized we no longer have any of those.
Then he figured it must be the new drone plane—until Customs confirmed it was not flying around on either of those nights
” (extract from article).

Screen Rant ” California Drones Mystery solved by Sarah Connor Chronicles ? ” 

ufo04-scc-scene04In Monday night’s episode, Sarah is chasing her “three dots” clue and ends up going to a UFO convention. There, she meets a “woman” who has pictures plastered all over “her” home’s walls. The interesting thing about that is that I recognized those pictures and said, “Hey! I know those pictures! Those are the California Drones that Raji posted in 2007!”…..[.]…….ufo02-scc-scene01My question to you: Did Fox perpetrate the viral ad gone south, or did they take advantage of something that is out in the public domain and made it their own, risking possible legal issues? ” (extracts from article). The writter says the former, but i would say the latter; what do you believe it was?  The full episodes can be seen at  aliencasebook.blogspot .com 


Telegraph.co.uk ” Alien Hunters send text messages into space to contact extra terrestrials

Chris Thomason, one of the founders of website SentForever.com, based in Surrey, said: “Lots of people believe we’re not alone. They send messages saying ‘I am here, I am ready’, or ‘Waiting for you to contact me’.”

The website accepts messages that it passes on free of charge, but users who want a certificate of transmission must pay £9.95, which includes postage ” (extract from article).

Sun Weeky “ I saw yellow UFO ” 

420645Tim Behan, who is in his late 30s, said he saw the object from his veranda, which has a good view over Gosford, at about 10.40pm.

He was phoning a friend in Melbourne at the time and his attention focused on the unknown object.

Mr Behan, a Sydney television station master controller, discounted the chance that the object could have been an aircraft because its light was not blinking.

Instead, he said, the object emitted a consistent bright glow as it changed direction and headed south ” (extract from article).

American Chronicle ” Year of UFOs in Stephenville ending in more sightings

If 2009 brings more unusual activity to Earth County, at least local residents and public safety personnel will be more prepared.
Regional residents have their new cameras. Law officers have their dashcams and radar guns ready to go. National and international media representatives know where the good inns and restaurants are.
The Stephenville UFO sightings may turn out to be an ongoing story.
And there may be another chapter yet to come ” (extract from article).

abwsizedAstrobiology Magazine “ Life on Super-Earths ” 

“A more worrisome question is, if these planets have life on them, how would we know it? We have a hard enough time trying to figure out where there’s life on Europa, let alone something that’s hundreds of light years away,” he added ” (extract from article).  


 Seacoastonline.com ” Exeter – the East Coast Roswell ” (* Part 1 of 2 )

bilde55In addition to the glowing orb, Andrew Ulery has also seen two UFO crafts. One was a large triangular UFO, which came over the ancient chestnut trees at the head of the PEA pathway and traveled over his head at the High Street/Portsmouth Avenue intersection. The craft “came low and slow” and “veered” toward the former Globe store where it disappeared from sight. People in other cars saw it too, he said.

Ulery’s other sighting was with his dad, on Route 150 near Great Meadows, not far from where the original 1965 “incident” occurred. He described this craft as cigar-shaped ” (extract from article).






 Springfield News – Sun ” Recalling cold War days of innovation and UFOs ?

donald-rizer11In Roswell.

This was the nascent Air Force Donald Rizer served in.

By the time he was initially discharged in 1948, the Springfield resident had gone from feeding cavalry horses at a base in Texas to personally watching Chuck Yeager fly faster than the speed of sound in the California desert.

He went from tinkering on airplanes at Crabill Airport in Springfield to chasing UFOs across the western night sky ” (extract from article).








 Seacoastonline.com (* Part 2 of 2) ” Exeter’s UFO window

bilde662 It might be concluded that there has been a continually utilized UFO window in the Exeter quadrant since the town’s founding. There are factors that may be leading to the renewed interest and resurgence of “visitors” to the area.

A revived Portsmouth Naval Shipyard with a new generation of nuclear submarines, and a second reactor at Seabrook Station looming in John McCain’s planned nuclear renaissance, combined with a world in turmoil, follows an historic pattern of such events that seem to magnetize the interest and concern of UFO occupants.

Are they once again being drawn to Exeter? ” (extract from article).






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