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UK UFO creating a Storm in January 2009? How much truth is there in Wind Turbine UFO mystery

Posted by dandare on January 17, 2009

I must first start by quickly apologising to everyone, for not adding a blog post since 31st December;Unfortunately, i have had/still have an eye infection, and am still limited to short spells on the computer (but hope everything will be back too normal in a while).

Anyway, back to the Wind Turbine story that hit the Uk, and then soon hit the world newspapers, and media (not the first or last time this will happen).

ufo-alert444I first became aware of this story on the 5th january 2009….. it was from the Louth Leader (a frequent local newspaper reporter of UFOs ) ” UPDATE PLUS PHOTO: Are UFOs to blame for the chaos at Conisholme wind farm ?  ”

Reports of a large bang and flashing lights skimming across the sky on the night a turbine on Conisholme wind farm was damaged have been told.

Mr Stephen Willows and his wife, Dorothy who live in Fen Lane close to the Conisholme wind farm have told the Leader how Stephen was startled in his sleep by a loud bang at 4am Sunday morning.

It is believed the damage which has left one of the massive blades missing and another bent out of shape happened at some point on Sunday night.

They also reported how on Saturday night, Dorothy and two friends were travelling to Louth by car, when Dorothy looked up at the sky to see lights travelling in a strange fashion across the sky towards the wind farm.

Dorothy said: “I don’t believe in UFO’s but it was a low flying object. This light seemed to be in the distance, and then it seemed to skim across the sky towards the turbines.

“It might not be connected, but it is just how your mind works when something like this happens – you think, could that have been the noise Stephen heard, or was that to do the light I saw? But until we know what has happened for definite it is very hard to say” ” (extract from article). Although later, i was alerted to a BBC news article from the 5th ” Blade falls off wind farm turbine ” no mention is made to a UFO at all.

So lets be honest here, there is nothing really to substantiate these sightings as a known incident together ( i only add this now, as we will soon see, that certain national tabloid papers, soon elaborate onto another level entirely, in all areas of observation).

tentacle-ufo-wind-farm-lenny-montanaThis was quickly followed up by the same local newspaper, on the 6th January 2009 with ” UPDATE PLUS VIDEO FOOTAGE: Tentacle UFO spotted night before carnage at Conisholme Wind Farm” ; Also it had a second article ” Probe into turbine damage at Louth area wind farm “.

The main National media picked up on the story on the 8th January:

The Sun ” UFO hits Wind Turbine

A woman motorist told how she saw a UFO zoom towards the wind farm and strike the 290ft turbine.

Dorothy Willows — who lives half a mile from the scene of the hit-and-run — was in her car when “strange lights” loomed in the evening sky…[.]…The object that struck the turbine at Conisholme near Louth on Sunday dodged others surrounding it — and last night experts had no explanation for what it was. There were NO reports of any aircraft collisions.… ” (extracts from article). It  also mentions the tentacled lights of the night before also.

seal-ufo-truth However, you can see the language has changed here…. The same witness from the Louth Leader (Local paper), which first brought out this story, is now in the Sun saying ” she saw a UFO zoom towards the wind farm and strike the 290ft turbine “, and also  ” The object that struck the turbine at Conisholme near Louth on Sunday dodged others surrounding it ” (extract from article again). So you see with a very quick observation, (there are others) the facts have already changed over 2 days, and in rather a way that suits the paper, for its headlines, and therefore it must be AN EXPERT on UFOs ! 

Both The Sun and other main sources, keep also quoting that UFO experts are excited about this, and believe (some of them more adament than others) that a UFO hit the wind Turbine. 

Soon the whole story was worldwide, and lots of speculation was made as to what had caused the blades of the wind turbine to brake…. there were many theories, including a spaceship hitting the blades, ice forming on the blades (although there is a mechanism that prevents the blades from moving, if it does, i think) a secret black ops plane and other ideas.

The most plausible one for me is that of metal deteriation…. i’m sorry to say that there simply is not enough evidence, if any, to point to a UFO of any description hitting the turbine. 

ufo-online3The blades were found and taken away for analysis by a german company- and it now seems that near the end of this month, the results of the test will be known.

However, i did a little research of my own and discovered at  http://www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk/page4.htm a rather interesting statistic: it is full of wind turbine incidents dated up to 31st december 2008. There were 560 known accidents, fatal accidents 52, blade failure 139 (yes that many) and structural failure = 60, 110 fire incidents, ice throw 24. For the Blade failure it mentions:  

By far the biggest number of incidents found were due to blade failure. “Blade failure” can arise from a number of possible sources, and results in either whole blades or pieces of blade being thrown from the turbine ” (extract from article).

The wind turbines if nothing else should be looked at more closely, if only on the grounds of safety…

For instance, there were no strong winds in this area at the time, and especially with the possibility of bigger turbines being placed in the Uk in the future, then i for one would be concerned about this? However, with no really stringent safety rules in place, and the government wanting greener alternatives, this could be overlooked. 

There are many more unanswered questions to this incident, not necessarily UFO based.

Below, i have added all available sources to this incident, please take a look at some of them (there are quite a few), however not all sources have been added, as many repeat themselves.

Of course, all i have written are just my interpritation on the incident, and i could be wrong….. i would be interested to hear your views on this, so please leave your comments below. 

What does the tentacled UFO mean? i am possibly interested in this? but how much of this has been blown out of all proportions as well, is anyones guess.     

Other sources:

January 5th

Abovetopsecret.com (forum based) ” Did a UFO hit wind turbine in Conisholme Uk ? see picture and news article

January 6th

CleanTechnica.com ” Could tentacle UFO have destroyed UK wind Turbine? ” 

January 8th

BBC News ” UFO claim over wind farm damage ” (including video).

BBC Today ” Thursday 8th January ” (links to radio items: listen to link, 6 down from the top – takes a while to load- not sure if people can listen to this from outside the uk?).

Yahoo UK news ” UFO blamed for destroyed British wind turbine ” 

BBC News ” Call for wind Turbine inquiry ” (video)

Kare11.com ” Did UFO damage wind Turbine?

CNN.com ” UFO strike has UK in a lather over E.T. ” (video)

The Telegraph “ Wind Turbine destroyed after octopus UFO seen in sky

Organ Grinder blog (at Guardian .co.uk) ” UFOs crashing into wind farm: has the guardian solved the mystery ” (with google map )

The Guardian ” Speculation grows over mysterious wind turbine damage

Louth Leader ” UPDATE: Nick Pope on tentacled wind Turbine UFO – a secret Russian connection ?

Ecotricity.co.uk  ” UFO damage mystery roundup

Sky News ” Dodgy blade blamed for UFO puzzle

Press Association ” Mechanical theory in UFO mystery

Reuters ” Cause of wind turbine damage unknown

Itv.com ” Aliens damage wind turbine ?

Thaindian Times ” UFO wrecked British wind turbine

January 9th

The Sun ” Close encounter of the turbine

Focus.fen.net ” UFO hits wind turbine in Uk

The Guardian ” Alien Concept

The Telegraph ” UFO turbine mystery: theories in full

 The Star.co.Za ” Damage to British wind Turbine sparks speculation

China Daily ” UFOs at fault for broken wind turbines

National Wind Watch ” UFO Wind turbine mystery: the theories in full

January 10th

American Chronicle ” UFO over UK wind farm sparks theories

The Telegraph ” UFO turbine debris sent to German forensic scientists

The Sun ” Take me to your lederhosen

The Telegraph ” UFOs spotted by hundreds at wind turbine site

January 11th


January 12th

 Mail Online ” Proof at last…. aliens in UFOs are far more intelligent than we are ” (definately more intelligent than alot of journalists).

The Sun ” UFO No-GO

The Telegraph ” Tentacled UFOs spotted days before turbine destroyed

The Telegraph ” UFO wind turbine crash site sealed off

Louth Leader ” UFO UPDATE: SECURITY called to protect Conisholme wind farm from UFO hunters

January 13th

 edie.net “ Damaged turbine sparks UFO theories

Green Inc.blogs.new york times ” Do space aliens dislike wind power, or are they just clumsy

January 14th

 Louth Leader ” WIND FARM UFO UPDATE: fallen blade riddle latest

The Sun ” Farmageddon

Janaury 15th

windturbinedonut20ufo2022021-1-09 Louth Leader ” PHOTO: donut shaped UFO caught on camera near wind farm ” (with photo; if you look at the photo however, it is shot from within a car… headlights from car in front, i suggest would play a part in what you see as the donut shaped UFO). 

New Energy Focus ” Ecotricity: No evidence yet for UFO attack on wind farm

January 16th

Louth Leader ” UPDATE: work to repair UFO turbine is underway

5 Responses to “UK UFO creating a Storm in January 2009? How much truth is there in Wind Turbine UFO mystery”

  1. Neil said

    So an alien spaceship which can travel 50 trillion google light years at great speed across the frontiers of space with navigation instrumentation so advanced that it can allow the ship to traverse the universe like a stone skipping across a pond…. then it crashes into a junk metal wind turbine in a scruffy part of England? Yeah right.

  2. […] UFOs whatsoever, and sooner the rest of the media realize this the better. For instance, the latest wind Turbine incident is a good example of hype by […]

  3. Dannii said

    That whole thing with the Tentacled UFO hitting and damaging the wind turbing I don’t believe for a second.
    WHile I strongly belive that we are not alone in the Universe, the way that night was described and the way that “UFO” was described sounds too much like lightning. “Bangs and flashing lights across the sky” sounds like a Thunderstorm. And that tentacled UFO sounds like ball lightning.

  4. […] UFOs whatsoever, and sooner the rest of the media realize this the better. For instance, the latest wind Turbine incident is a good example of hype by […]

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