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UFO experts at ‘The Sun’ cover David Cameron’s comments on UFOs

Posted by dandare on January 27, 2009

david-cameronHere we go again, with the UK media ‘experts’ The Sun, proclaiming ” David Cameron in UFO Files promise “.

Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct meetings, at which he takes questions from the public, the Conservative leader promised to be “entirely open and frank” about what the Government knows about close encounters.

At the forum in Tynemouth, North Tyneside, he was questioned about a spate of mysterious incidents ” (extract from article). It mentions that a member of the audience (that person is Richard Hall, not mentioned by The Sun) asks him several questions.

He replies with the standard political response, that of course, we will be as open as possible….. a flavour of his answer can be seen below: 

“But I think we should be a open as possible, so I would be quite happy to give you a guarantee that if I became prime minister I would always be entirely open and frank about these things.

“I don’t think any of us have any clue whether there’s intelligent life out there and it is certainly not something that any Government should seek to hide from anyone” ” (extract from article). This does however show, that he has little, if no real understanding of the UFO subject.

 where have we heard that one before; Also to see the whole thing on video please see below:

The Sun seem to want to print everything about UFOs, with or without facts, proof or any type of indepth discussion about the subject. For instance , in this article they have not gone further than the you tube video, and just quoted cameron, and that’s it basically. It’s lazy journalism.

Alos why have they labelled it with UFO Files; do they not know that these ‘UFO files’ are starting to come out; 2 batches of files have come out by the MOD, with more to follow.

What do you think The Sun is playing at? are they experts in Ufology? are they trying to increase readership? is Cameron real in his belief? do you want him in charge of the country???

Also does Data look like david?data2


richard-d-hall-uprightRichard Hall

SCIFi.co.uk ” UFOs: the disclosure project ” his recent stuff, plus his Bio at the bottom.


Richard D Hall also wrote to Gordon Brown; see here for the reply .

2 Responses to “UFO experts at ‘The Sun’ cover David Cameron’s comments on UFOs”

  1. OMG, he does look like Data. lol

  2. dandare said

    Scary isn’t it…..although i like data? Actually come to think of it, i would like him compared to most politicians.

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