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Danish Air Force make public UFO Files

Posted by dandare on January 30, 2009

600px-ovniThe Danish Air Force has followed France and the UK, and released UFO Files to the Public (released on the 28th January 2009).

DR has a short article here (translated with Google, so the English is not brilliant). Its the 2nd article from the top, on the list (for some reason will not go directly to the article).

An archive of the last 25 years of UFO observations are now been opened at Karup Air Base.

Observations out in a blue binder with 329 pages.

Air Force published the file today and made it available simultaneously on the Internet.

None x-files It was Captain Thomas Pedersen from the Air Force, which handed UFO directory.

We have chosen to tell people that here is the folder we put it on the Internet. And then it all afmystificeret and shows that there is no secret. There is no x-files. The folder has never been secret, it has just not been available, “said Captain Thomas Pedersen ” (full article quoted here).

danish-ufoAt Forsvaret.dk  (danish Air Force) there is ” UFO archive online ” (translated from google). At the bottom of the article the PDF can be downloaded, in Danish. It also mentions that Air Force Magazine (published 2nd febuary) will have more on the UFO archive.

The historical-UFO sightings, which now can be downloaded from this page, is reported to the Air Force Tactical Command and also the very thorough investigation reports from Scandinavian UFO Information and some newspaper articles – including the story of then frozen toilet waste fell from the sky and gave rise entitled to wonder ” (extract from article).

Future Ufo sightings will be sent to SUFOI .

JP.DK has ” Secret UFO archives opened

The Danish Air Force has opened its UFO archives, providing information on over 15,000 reported extraterrestrial sightings to the public UFO archives are now readily available to the public, detailing sightings from over the last 30 years. The Danish Air…

UFO archives are now readily available to the public, detailing sightings from over the last 30 years. The Danish Air Force published the archive online yesterday because it felt that ‘there was nothing secret in the files’.

The Air Force said that most of the sightings remained ‘unidentified’ because the details were not precise enough. However, some of the reports contained enough description to rule out the UFOs as aircraft, weather phenomenon or paper lanterns.
Not all of the sightings were centred over Denmark and one event over Greenland is attracting attention.

On the 5 January, 1981 at 12:50 a flaming, square disc was seen approximately 45 degrees over the frozen land near Thule Air Base. It then vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

Coincidentally, radar stations at the American base recorded an unidentified flying object on its radar at 12:50.

Air Force Captain Thomas Petersen, who has an extensive knowledge of the files, commented that any unresolved sightings are handed over to the Scandinavian UFO Centre, if they request it.

He added that the Air Force’s main mission was to defend Denmark against threat, ‘and UFOs are not a known threat’ ” (full article here).

The PDF can be downloaded here .

The Copenhagen Post has ” Secret UFO archives opened ” (posted 29th january 2009, in English).

Farshores has ” Danish Defence Dept releases 52 years of UFO files ” (with translation, posted 28th january).Part of the article mentions that a boy aged 15, saw a UFO and some aliens in 1982. The description is on page 144 (of the UFO files), plus the drawing (see below).


Please also see Alien casebook for a blog article ” Denmark discloses its UFO files “. It gives more information about the 15 year old’s encounter.

In a related article on UFOs (posted 29th january) in Ingenioren, it has ” Thai paper lamps creates Danish UFO hysteria ” (translated by google). Sound familiar to any other particular country?

UPDATE : 30th january 2009

An article written today by The Copenhagen Post online, has some further information to give us; entitled ” The truth is now out there “.

But not all sightings can be readily explained. In August 1991 two police officers on a night patrol in the northern Copenhagen suburb of Ordrup had an unusual experience. Sitting in their patrol car at 2:30am they suddenly saw a strange object hovering about 75-150 metres in the air above the car. The officers thought it looked like the underside of an airplane and they noticed that their communication systems had ceased to function. Intrigued, the officers followed it as it moved slowly away, eventually disappearing behind some tall trees a few minutes later ” (extract from article). It also gives us more information abou the 15 year old’s sighting (for instance the figures were about 60cms tall?)

UPDATE: 24th February

SUFOI has an interesting article entitled ” Exciting release of Air Force UFO Archives “; in the article it links to a PDF file, translated into English Air Force opens UFO files “.

For instance it mentions  the photo (see below),  was analysed by both SUFOI and TAC, and was found to be created from a steam leakage, from a nearby power station.

um09-05l(photo from Viborg 1974)

The Danish Air Force magazine (feb 2009) has an article on UFOs in the pdf here (page 30 and 31)… in Danish.

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