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UFO activity In Germany (january 19th 2009)

Posted by dandare on February 2, 2009

airport-stuttgartThere have been various media sources claiming that German air traffic controllers tracked a UFO, and then fighter pilots were put on red alert.

We start with none other than The Sun, which has “ UFO in German jets alert ” (posted 30th january 2009).

FIGHTER pilots were put on red alert in a UFO drama over Germany, it emerged yesterday.

Air traffic controllers tracked a mystery object speeding across the entire country.

Investigators have checked and excluded conventional aircraft, weather balloons and freak atmospheric conditions ” (extract from article). They however, do not mention what alternatives it could be, among other things (although it is a short article).

SWR. de ( 21st january 2009 ) has ” UFO sightings ” (translated by google)  

germanufojan09Air traffic controllers have the Stuttgart airport on the night of Tuesday is a unknown flying object on the radar screens discovered. The object was near Herrenberg in Stuttgart space flight and have not intruded on radio Sprüche responding, was only on Wednesday.

The German air traffic control in Langen near Frankfurt, said that the unknown flying object was flown to the Czech Republic.Furthermore, analysis of radar records showed that the object before the Stuttgart area is already the area between Freiburg and Lahr must have overflown ” (extract from article).

Another article from the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, posses the possibility that it might have been a drone in  (posted 29th january 2009) ” UFO drone could have been ” (translated from google).

droneThe air traffic at the airport is the “UFO”, it could be but a drone acted.

The air had an unidentified flying object on the radar discovered that was not reported, but also by the pilot of an aircraft was discovered. As later determined, it flew in the direction Welzheim, Dinkelsbühl and Grafenwoehr in Bavaria.

The spokesman for the air traffic control in Filderstadt, Helmut Monday, headed out of a possible starting point in France and the probable landing point from the Czech Republic. He announced that international investigations ” (extract from article).

At GEA. de (posted ?) it has ” UFO alert on Airport land ” (translated by google)

For excitement, on Wednesday has provided the message that an unknown flying object over the country’s airport has been sighted. According to the German air traffic control in Langen near Frankfurt on Wednesday, it could be a microlight aircraft or a drone (unmanned reconnaissance aircraft) acted.

It should not have been reported, nor did it in the air reacts legally prescribed manner. The investigations on the incident were recorded. According to the Stuttgart airport, the operations were not affected ” (extract from article).

Britainnews.net has ” After UK, UFOs hover over Germany ” (posted 30th january 2009). It has taken its source from The Sun media.

If i hear of any new information on this event, i will update it on here.

UpDaTe: 3rd Febuary…. just my thoughts, but so far we seem to have a UFO which was flown from France? (possibly) to the Czech Republic, and could possibly be a microlight or drone (as suggestions above), or my thoughts that it could be a spy plane of some kind, or a drug runner?

If you have any theories please add to the comments…below.

One Response to “UFO activity In Germany (january 19th 2009)”

  1. Steve said

    My girlfriend and I noticed what appeared to be a UFO last night traveling from south east to northwest ofer Gerlingen, Germany; a suberb of Stuttgart. As we are close to an aircraft route, we noted that this was definately not an airplane or helicopter. It was traveling approximately twice as fast as the normal aircraft in the area. It had an oranges glow, and much larger than the aircraft observed on the past. Ther was no sound heard with this craft as well.. I’m curious if anybody else observed this?

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