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MOD – UFO report for 2008 available

Posted by dandare on February 5, 2009

ufo-updatesJust a quick message too say that the MOD (Ministry Of Defence), in the Uk has made available the ufo report 2008  (published 4th febuary 2009). This is free and will stay free, and consists of reported UFO sightings, sent to them throughout the year of 2008 ; Please do not confuse these with the UFO Files.

As you can see, other UFO reports can be seen from 1997 -2007 as well (have been freely available for a while). All these reports are quite brief, with a small description, for each sighting sent to them. 

Also from january 1st 2009, all UFO matters are now looked after by HQ, Air command, RAF High Wycombe. Please see ” how to report a UFO sighting ” .


For more MOD links:

MOD: on UFO documents  <–from 2005 for instance Part one. (it frequently changes the website, so links need finding every so often, to keep up to date). Part 2 can be found here and lastly part 3 here . Also Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) can be found here .

Also, on the MOD site go to the Disclosure Log search, found here  and type in ufo or other words such as ufos,ect…. and a list will result in MOD replies and any reports.

Uk UFO Files:

The MOD has released 2 batches too date; for instance, the second batch of UFO files (the 1st was in May 2008 ), consisting of 19 files (800.8mb in all) It was free, but now there is a small fee to download these 

However, Both the May and October UFO files can be downloaded from The Black Vault here (fifth entry down from the top) for free.

It also has a highlights guide, * videocast and background material also for you to have a look at. The files cover the years 1986 – 1992. 

 For a deeper understanding of these files please see  DI55 document by uk-ufo.org   (especially on how MOD is structured). For some more background information on why the MoD decided to release these Files to the Public, please see here

2 Responses to “MOD – UFO report for 2008 available”

  1. Nice Catch!

  2. Thanks for posting that. I did a quick look through in the 2009 sightings files…and any one who thinks it’s just lights in the sky, is mistaken. These witnesses report craft and even when they are lights many of them do not behave like floating lanterns. You may have genuine UFO flap going and if more people look up and keep watch they may see many more. There are theories of why this happens, but no one knows for sure. In Mexico many sightings started in 1992 through 2003 when it started to slow down. This was longest UFO flap in the history of “UFO Flaps”. By the way they are starting to have sightings again.
    SO keep a watch what you see my change what you’ve believe all your life. By the way I got the link to you from Aliencasebook, they do a great job keeping the important information out so we can see it.
    Thanks Again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

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