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UFO World Updates [ January 2009]

Posted by dandare on February 8, 2009

Welcome to UFO World Updates…

seal-ufo-onlinehopeanddeterminationWhats happened around the UFO world, in January 2009 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).




 All News Web ” UFO traffic and Australia’s Bermuda Triangle

 On the 7th of October 2008 the passengers on Qantas flight 72 from Singapore to Perth experienced something that may well haunt them for the rest of their lives. As the Airbus A330-303 was travelling over the isolated town of Exmouth in Western Australia the pilots received a faulty message and auto-pilot was automatically disengaged.

 The plane climbed 60m before pitching down and plunging 200m in a terrifying 20 seconds in an uncommanded manoeuvre. The pilots steadied the plane however a few minutes later the craft again plunged another 120m in 16 seconds (extract from article).


 All News Web “ Dramatic development regarding UFO hotspot and Aussie Bermuda Triangle


 Juneau Empire ” Large Explosion over Tol mystifies residents

FAIRBANKS – Was it a meteor falling from space?

Officials think that might be what residents saw shooting through the Alaska sky near Tok on Monday afternoon.

A tremendous explosion, like a sonic boom, drew some people outside, where they watched irregular contrails scribe a path in a clear sky ” (extract from article).


All News Web ” Argentina: UFOs and Katchinas

argentinaufoThere is a striking similarity of the pictograph on the left with a Hopi Masa’u Katsina from Harvard’s Peabody Museum katsinam collection. In both the “techno-pictos” and the wood carving we are faced with designs that look a whole lot like our contemporary idea of a robot ” (extract from article).

Hecklerspray.com ” Awesome or Off-Putting: four classic Alien Contactees

Since the 1950s there has been no shortage of people claiming they’ve been taken up by UFOs. The associated story generally includes cold steel probes in unspeakable places, lost time, and sometimes a forced humping or two. What makes the ‘classic’ contactees a bit different is instead of horror stories they’ve allegedly come back with a vital message for the entire human race ” (extract from article).

FayObserver.com ” UFOs on Cape Fear?

capeufoA Hope Mills man was recently on the Discovery Channel after claiming to see UFOs while fishing at the Cape Fear River.

Christopher Bledsoe Sr, former owner of Bledsoe Properties, was the centerpiece of a documentary-style show on the cable channel called, UFOs over Earth ” (extract from article).

Borderwatch.com ” UFO sighting reported on coast ”  

Louise Plummer, from Yahl, was visiting her uncle when at least five people saw a UFO hovering out to sea near Pelican Point at 10.50pm on Sunday.

Ms Plummer said her uncle and his wife had also seen the same object the night before.

“At first we thought it was a bright star, but it was only about four metres above (the angle) of the street light,” she said.

“There was an orange glow and flames coming out from below. It moved slowly across the sky.” ” (extract from article). Quite a few comments to this article also.


 DailyRecord.com “ Cops: Flares ignite UFO calls ” 

The UFOs hovering in the sky over the neighborhoods around Columbia Road and West Valley View Drive weren’t space ships or flying saucers. They are probably just helium balloons attached to road hazard flares, Morristown Police Officer James Cullen said Monday night ” (extract from article).

Examiner.com ” January 2009 workshop day one: UFOs over Washington D.C. ”  

the right perspective.org ” UFO or homeland security?
If you look here ; it seems the answer is this.








 FayObserver.com ” Now, I’m a believer

Chris Bledsoe of Hope Mills says he saw three UFOs while fishing on the Cape Fear River with his son and some friends in 2007. Why are so many so skeptical? ” (extract from article).




InCahoots.tv ” Triangular-shaped object caught on video ” (with several videos)

PASADENA, CA – JAN. 12, 2009 – Video of a triangular-shaped craft over the skies here appears rather spectacular in this piece shot by a NJ teenager. This as-yet uninvestigated case was filed today with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) from a visual sighting that was caught on camera Jan. 8 ” (extract from article).


 Examiner.com ” V-shaped craft low flying over Chicago

Mapquest image.

map1chicagojan09CHICAGO – JAN. 5, 2009 – A low flying V-shaped object was spotted by a Kennedy Expressway driver just before 5 a.m. at the Cumberland Exit, according to information filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database ” (extract from article).


 UFO Digest ” Mexico: On the Verge of a new Saucer flap ” (with video)

Over the past month, from December 2008 to January 2009, there has been an increase in UFO sighting throughout Mexico.

Daniel Sanchez Rosales has been a witness to this activity. He recorded several of these objects over the Moctezuma District, a neighborhood adjacent to Mexico City International Airport (MCIA) ” (extract from article).


 Herald.ie “ Clue to life on Mars found

Nasa scientists say the discovery of methane on Mars has boosted hopes of finding life on the planet.

The gas was detected by orbiting spacecraft and from Earth using giant telescopes ” (extract from article).

Mail Online ” Beam me up: scientists left baffled as mysterious columns of coloured light appear in the night sky ” 

icecrystalsufo1But experts are agreed there may be a more prosaic explanation – ice crystals in the air.

The air above the town was notably cold and filled with suspended ice crystals.


It is believed that the columns were formed by those reflecting light from the bright streetlamps and other lights on the ground – beaming it back downwards again.

Skies all over Europe have been filled with such natural phenomena during the cold snap of recent weeks ” (extract from article).





 Examiner.com ” Ohio man reports bright flash of blue light

mapquest image…map1ohioufojan09VALLEY CITY, OH – JAN. 15, 2009 – A wide blue beam of light with a brighter blue central beam seemed to connect the sky with the ground here today at 11 p.m., according to a resident ” (extract from article).

Dundurn.com ” UFOs in Canada’s North: 2009 starting out strong

youtube video (from KTRE.com: Mystery in the sky – Alto)

 The KTRE.com article “Mystery in the sky over Alto ” can be seen here .


The Hindu (News Update Service) ” Children write to Obama , with advice and a to-do list ”  


Seacoastonline ” Call for Obama to open UFO files ” 

Dr. Ted Loder, University of New Hampshire professor emeritus, became interested in extraterrestrials in 1997 when then governor Jeanne Shaheen sent him at his own request, to a closed congressional briefing in Washington, D.C., on UFOs.

As then Gov. Shaheen’s representative, Dr. Loder listened to top-secret military witnesses as they described their observations and sightings to members of Congress and the U.S. Senate ” (extract from article).

The Local (Swedens news in English) ” Mysterious meteor lights up Swedish skies

A mystical light phenomenon was observed over southern and western Sweden on Saturday evening. Experts believe that a bolid – a burning meteorite – could provide the explanation ” (extract from article).

News 8 : KFMB TV ” Authorities investigate reports of UFO over San Diego ” (with video).

sandiegoufojan09Calls from residents about what they said was a UFO over San Diego County has authorities trying to solve the mystery of an unidentified falling object reported this afternoon.

At 2:40 p.m., a caller reported seeing a piece of silver metal fall from the sky over Interstate 8 by the Pine Valley bridge, according to a California Highway Patrol dispatcher ” (extract from article).


 Think Spain.com “ UFO experts hold key to 1965 invasion ” (short article).

The OZ files.blogspot.com ” The Westall UFO ‘Black Swan’

On 5 July 2008 I was able to undertake an on site detailed investigation and interview at Westall in Melbourne with V. who was a key close encounter witness of part of the striking Westall school event of 6 April 1966. I videoed the interview and got him to do a rough layout map of the incident ” (extract from article).

Newsarama.com ” Going to Groom lake with IDW’s Ryall & Templesmith

groomlake1a1Chris Ryall and Ben Templesmith are planning to abduct science fiction fans in March with the release of Groom Lake.

Written by IDW Publisher and Editor-in-Chief and drawn by the co-creator of 30 Days of Night, Groom Lake is a 4-issue mini-series that explores one of mankind’s most monolithic unsolved mysteries—the existence of extraterrestrial life.


Using bits and pieces of recognized lore from organizations that believe in extraterrestrial life and drawing from historical information and locations like Area 51 and Groom Lake in Nevada—Ryall and Templesmith plan to explore not only the information that is available—but they’ll be paying homage to classic science fiction stories and characters as well ” (extract from article).





 WIVB.com ” Graphic artists debunk inauguration Day UFO ” (with video)

After analyzing it, the graphic artists agree the object streaking across the National Mall is a bird.

Murphy said, “When we blew it up, you can see there’s like wings flapping. And you can see it’s a bird.”

Vinciguerra said, “I think once you take a closer look or look at it a few more times; to me it looks definitely like it’s a bird. No doubt “ ” (extract from article).




 ABC Action News ” Enormous rise in UFO sightings ” (with video) also other videos here also.




From youtube (one of the many on Obama inauguration UFO incident)  



Zwire.com ” She isn’t waiting for an invitation; her past close encounters keep Casa Grande woman searching the night skies ”  

Fox News.com ” Video of UFO at inauguration gets internet buzz ” (with video).

The video shows an unknown object flying past the Washington Monument as nearly two million people gathered to watch the inauguration ” (extract from article).




Gulf Breeze News ” UFO hunters to descend on city ” 

gulfbreezeufo Gulf Breeze is about to be “visited” again.

The History Channel’s ‘UFO Hunters’ program plans to visit Gulf Breeze within the next month to film a show about the UFO phenomenon that swept the area and thrust the city into the national spotlight in the late 1980s.

Producer Johnathan Walton confirmed that development in a phone conversation with ‘Gulf Breeze News’ last Friday ” (extract from article).


 6 ABC.com ” Explaining the Bucks county UFOs ” 




 mycentraljersey.com “ Mystery continues: More lights seemn in Morris County night sky ” (with video)

Robert Warnock and his sales manager at Warnock Ford in Morristown saw the mysterious red lights in the sky a few weeks ago when they were first widely reported over Morris County. Then someone called Thursday evening, a little before 8 p.m., and told them to look up in the sky ” (extract from article).

Daily Record.com “ Groundhogs and red lights

Cleveland.com ” Niel MacDonald’s ‘Dreamland’ exhibition on display at Akron Art Museum

Four paintings from MacDonald’s “Roswell” series borrow imagery from the culture of UFO enthusiasts. A 5-foot-wide canvas titled “Roswell Festival,” for instance, draws on the well-known 1947 incident in which the Army collected metallic debris thought by some to be remnants of a flying saucer and by others to be fragments of a fallen weather balloon. The site of the event, just north of Roswell, N.M., is now the location of an annual UFO festival ” (extract from article).

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