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Uk UFO Sightings [ February 2009] Updated Regularly

Posted by dandare on February 12, 2009

ukufosightings1I will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks)…..

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity this year, mainly due to the Sun (tabloid UK newspaper) who think they are the UFO EXPERTS, seeming to print anything remotely to do with UFOs (with no facts/sensationalism and mostly no TRUTH). Unfortunately, this now seems to be spreading to other National newspapers.

windturbineartufoAre they eventually going to make UFOLOGY a complete joke?

So, many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

morecambeufojan09Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article). There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Also, it must be said that everytime the MOD release UFO sightings, the press have a field day.




The Herts Advertiser ” Video: UFOs spotted over St Albans ” (with video)


Telegraph ” UFOs: database of police sightings of records 310 incidents in six years


Gary Heseltine, a British Transport Police officer, has produced an annual report detailing UFO sightings by officers across the country since 2003.

His latest report, published on his PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings ) database this week, highlights 50 new cases involving 106 officers – taking the total of individual sightings recorded to 310.

The 48-year-old said: “Police officers are trained to give dispassionate, detailed descriptions of things they see and are highly credible witnesses as a result “ ” (extract from article).

Paisley Daily Express ” UFOs spotted over Barrhead

East Kilbride News ” Sceptic baffled by bright lights above Nerston


Bradford Telegraph and Argus ” Family sees return of UFOs at home ” (with video)

ufo2-1display”  Kevin Brown, 57, and his family watched in amazement as a glowing shape changed colour and darted across the sky near their home in Kildare Crescent, Allerton.

He shouted to daughter Laura, 28, who recorded what they believe was a close encounter on her mobile phone while he dashed upstairs to get his camcorder
” (extract from article).

Telegraph ” UFO spotted opposite Houses of Parliament

The number of UFO sightings logged with the Ministry of Defence more than doubled to 285 last year, a rise described as “phenomenal” by experts. It is the highest number of sightings in 10 years.
All the incidents are included in a document released by the MoD yesterday, which details the date, time and location of the sightings, along with a brief summary of the eyewitness reports.
The Palace of Westminster sighting on Feb 12 is described as follows: “There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about an hour and a half.” There is no information about who reported the UFO or what it may have been
” (extract from article).

Streatham Guardian ” MOD investigates Lambeth UFO sighting

A UFO seen in the skies over Lambeth last year was investigated by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
The unexplained sighting is in an MOD dossier of 265 UFO related incidents reported to the Government department last year
” (extract from article).

Darlington & Stockton Times ” UFO sightings above North Yorkshire Town

”  A SHOCK Ministry of Defence UFO file reveals that a North Yorkshire town was a hot-spot for alien visitors in 2008.
A mysterious flying object was seen five times in the skies above Scarborough from early July until the end of August last year.
The sightings above the coastal town, and one above nearby Malton, were six of the UFO incidents out of 285 logged by the MoD in 2008
” (extract from article).

Daily Mail ” The truth is out there: UFO sightings over Britain double in a single year

the-truth-is-out-there-ufo-sightings-over-britain-double-in-a-single-year-2-mail-online_1234556830796Officials have admitted the number of UFO sightings more than doubled last year – including one spotted hovering over Parliament.

A total of 285 unidentified flying objects were reported in 2008, compared to just 135 in 2007, according to a Ministry of Defence document.

The mystery craft spotted hovering opposite Parliament was reported on February 12.
According to the document: ‘There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about half an hour ” (extract from article).

Metro.co.uk  ” UFO sightings double in one year

The Sun ” The truth is in here

UFO experts were last night stunned as the sightings were officially revealed in graphic detail for the first time — following a string of exclusives about them in The Sun.
Only weeks ago we told how one UFO was feared to have pranged a giant wind turbine.
Nick Pope, who has investigated UFOs for the MoD, said: “The House of Commons incident is most interesting.
“Although the colour of the lights are what are normally associated with aircraft, you would have thought they would know the difference in Parliament
” (extract from article). Mmmm… no comment.

Wiltshire Times “ UK’s Fox Mulder at UFO Forum


alienssGazette “ Brightlingsea: Police officer saw alien craft

A police officer is one of a number of witnesses to report UFO sightings across Essex.
The unamed officer’s account of what they saw has been published by the Ministry of Defence as it reveals all of the reports it received regarding “alien craft” in 2008.
The officer claims to have spotted strange lights in the sky above Brightlingsea on New Year’s Eve
” (extract from article).

Ministry Of Defence “ Defence News

Nearly 300 reports of possible UFO incidents from 2008 showing the date, time, location and a brief description of each sighting have been published on the MOD’s website this week.
Among the incidents reported were 30 UFOs seen in February 2008 in West Yorkshire, a triangular craft with lights on each corner hovering at aircraft-height above Slough, and a fast-moving green object seen in May above the M6 motorway in the West Midlands!
The MOD receives a large number of requests every year for information relating to UFOs, and therefore introduced a system to meet this demand, releasing the first files to the public in May 2008.
Since then further dossiers have been released relating to reports of sightings over recent years
” (extract from article). All these (from 1997-2008) can be seen here .

Knaresborough Today ” Aliens in Harrogate – the answer ?

EADT ” UFO sighting by police officer

The incident in north Essex is included in a Ministry of Defence (MOD) report listing all the possible UFO sightings it was made aware of in the past year ” (extract from article).


The Australian ” Pop star pays $18.6m for country manor

williams-house-wiltshire1Other aspects of the estate that could appeal to Williams include its proximity to Cley Hill in Warminster, a location associated with UFO sightings. Williams developed a passion for UFOs during his five-year stay in Los Angeles, which means that he might also have been drawn to Compton Bassett House by reports that the estate is criss-crossed by ley lines ” (extract from article).


Sunday Sun ” UFOs take a shine to us

UFO hunters have claimed the North is becoming a hotspot of extraterrestrial activity.
Ufologists across the region have reported what they believe is an unprecedented rise in the number of unexplained events in the night sky.
Strange shapes and lights have been reported in several areas including locations near to sensitive military sites and nuclear power stations
” (extract from article).


ufo-online-shopGetReading ” MOD probe into UFOs ” (short article)

Louth Reader ” UFO turbine results are in – ET is innocent !

This is Plymouth ” MOD investigates Plymouth UFO ” (including video)

According to an official report just released to the public by the MoD, other strange occurrences included a ‘very bright light’ which ‘zig zagged across the sky’ in Millbrook and Torpoint, last May ” (extract from article).

This is Kent “ Documents show Tonbridge UFO sighting

The Ministry of Defence releases details of the sightings of suspected alien ships each year.
Amongst the reports from 2008 released last week was details of a sighting in the town at 12.55am on June 5
” (extract from article).


Horncastle News ” Did you see orange UFO?

7pm, Tuesday – DID you see an orange ball of light moving through the Horncastle evening sky?
Such a phenomenon was experienced by Sam Ellis, 49, of Bonnetable Road, Horncastle, on Sunday evening
” (extract from article).

ufo-online3Teesdale Mercury ” Little green men over Teesdale?

LITTLE green men may have been hovering in a spaceship over Barnard Castle, according to UFO witnesses.
Several strange sightings in the area were reported last month. On-lookers described seeing three balls of light that became orange and then disappeared.
People living in other areas of County Durham also saw the lights
” (extract from article).

The Sun ” UFO doubt over broken turbine

A WIND turbine destroyed as stunned eye-witnesses described seeing strange lights in the sky did NOT have a close encounter with a UFO, scientists insisted today.
UFO hunters flocked to the site after one 65ft blade was sheared off the giant structure in a remote field and a second was left twisted and useless.
The Sun told how locals were woken at 4am and saw strange lights streaking towards the 290ft-tall generator on a wind farm in Conisholme, Lincs, last month.
” (extract from article).

The Tech Herald ” Official: UK wind turbine NOT damaged by UFO

According to the inquiry, which was conducted by Enercon, the turbine lost its blade due to a “material failure” in the ring of 30 bolts securing it to the main turbine hub, which then resulted in impact damage being sustained by the second blade ” (extract from article).

Metro.co.uk  ” UFO attack ruled out ” (short article)

New Energy Focus ” Collision ruled out in Ecotricity wind turbine mystery

dandare_avatar_createdIn an interim report, the firm said that bolts used to attach the blade to the hub of the turbine exhibited “classic” signs of fatigue failure, and concluded that this is the most likely explanation for the incident.
The firm has ruled out bolt defect due to the nature of the failure, and the investigation is now looking into “supporting component” – those parts on either side of the bolts
” (extract from article).

Daily Mail ” The truth IS out there: UFO did not damage giant wind turbine….. it was simply a rusty bolt

Daily Express ” UFO sightings rocket

BBC ” Turbine damage not down to UFO

“There is a ring of about 30 bolts and they exhibit what examiners term as classic fatigue signs.
“They’ve ruled out bolt failure and are looking for the cause either side of the bolts in one of the components “
” (extract from article).

This is the West Country “ UFO reports in Taunton ” (with video)

MORE people have come forward this week claiming to have seen an unidentified flying object in the Taunton area ” (extract from article).

Ilkeston Advertiser “ More Ilkeston folk come forward with UFO sightings

News & Star “ Cumbria is UFO hotspot claim investigators

News Scotsman.com ” Robert McNeil: Robbie, if you see a flying saucer, don’t be alarmed …. but get rid of that balaclava


Telegraph ” UFO wind turbine ‘broke due to mechanical failure not collision with flying Object

PD*26132398They are now carrying out further tests to establish what caused the bolts to come loose, focusing on the blade and hub components to which they were attached. If one of these failed, the bolts could have been put under unbearable stress.

“The bolt failure was the effect not the cause of the problem. They have ruled out bolt fatigue and design problems, and we know that they were properly put on,” said Dale Vince the co-founder of Ecotricity, which owns the farm ” (extract from article).

The Weston Mercury “ UFO sightings Weston and Brean

A HOLIDAYMAKER in Brean has spotted a UFO in the sky above the village.
The grey tube-like object was captured on video by a father and son on holiday in the village on July 27 last year
” (extract from article).

Burnham on sea ” Exclusive: Mystery surrounds UFO sighting in skies over Brean

New Scientist ” ET wrongly accused of damaging wind Turbine

Mirror.co.uk ” Loose bolts caused ‘ UFO mystery’ at turbine

This is Scunthorpe “ UFOs not to blame for wind farm damage

Irvine Times ” Mystery surrounds Irvine UFO Sighting

The Sun ” Aliens hover over campsite


FOXNews.com ” Video shows UFO flying over British coastline

somerset-ufo-09Dramatic film of a UFO buzzing over the British coastline sent experts into orbit Wednesday.
Vacationers spilled out of motor homes and drivers stopped in their tracks as a mysterious cylinder hovered over a campsite in Somerset, southwestern England.
The gleaming grey object can be clearly seen against the cloudless blue sky.
It has no visible sign of power — yet does not appear to be falling to earth
” (extract from article). Notice the wording…. ‘spilled out of ‘ ,  ‘ the gleaming grey object ‘ and ‘ dramatic film ‘. I do not usually comment on these articles, but to me it just looks like a helium balloon, or something of this type. (taken from Sun article). So it would be an IFO.

Chichester Observer ” Was it a UFO spotted in Chichester ?

A CHICHESTER woman claims to have seen a UFO and wants to know if anybody can verify what she saw.
Wendy Hawley said she saw a ‘massive’ square object gliding through the sky faster than an aeroplane over her home in Stockbridge Road at around 11pm last night (Wednesday, February 11)
” (extract from article).

Harborough Today ” Clues to town’s UFO sighting

THE MYSTERY surrounding the latest UFO sighting in Harborough appears to have been solved.
Similar to a situation in 2007, a Chinese lantern seems to be the culprit behind the riddle.
The Mail last week reported schoolgirl Georgia Cook’s sighting of a strange yellow light moving in the night sky above Little Bowden
” (extract from article).

The Packet.co.uk “ Cornwall UFOs: fact or fiction?

The sightings come as the Ministry of Defence release figures for UFO’s spotted across Cornwall last year ” (extract from article).

This is the West Country ” UFO fever: Are you a believer?

ufobreandisplayThe Weekly News has obtained these exclusive images of what appears to be an Unidentified Flying Object in the skies over Burnham ” (extract from article).

Loughborough Echo ” UFO with pulsing light spotted

AN BRIGHT orange UFO with a strange red pulsing light was spotted in the skies over East Leake last Friday ” (extract from article).

LEP.co.uk  ” Could water be link to Lancashire’s UFOs ?

Coventry Telegraph ” UFO Hunters open Coventry city X-Files

Hamilton Advertiser ” MOD in n Larkhall X-Files probe


Louth Leader ” UFO sightings on the rise in county

lincs-ufo-sightings Friday 3.45pm – LINCOLNSHIRE is proving a tourism hot spot for little green men and their flying saucers, government statistics suggest.
The latest figures released by the Ministry of Defence state the number of UFO sightings in the county is on the up
” (extract from article).

littlegreenmen A little pic of  ‘ little green men’ (just for the hell of it).

Whitehaven News ” More sightings as Cumbrian UFO flap continues

”  North West UFO Research is investigating the red/orange light seen in the sky to the west of Walney Island in Cumbria on February 10” (extract from article).

Spalding Today ” UFO sightings on the up in Lincolnshire

THE number of UFO sightings in Lincolnshire is on the up, according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Defence ” (extract from article).

This is Lincolnshire ” UFO sightings take off over county

Reports from the Ministry of Defence show that last year, eight people called claiming they had witnessed visitors from outer-space tracking the county’s skies.
This compares with a total of just 13 sightings for the five years between 2003 and 2007
” (extract from article).




St Helens Reporter ” The truth is out there……more UFO encounters over St Helens “

A stargazer claims he may have spotted a UFO flying over Sutton Leach – and has got photo evidence to prove it!
X-Files fan Lee Caldwell says he spotted a ‘weird red light’ flying low over the Leach Lane area on the evening of Friday, February 6
” (extract from article).

Farsley Today ” UFO spotted over Farsley

The sighting happened at around 7.20 pm and was seen by three members of Farsley Working Men’s Club.
One of them, Paul Cybaniak, 50, said: “I was outside the club. There was what literally looked like a bonfire in the sky.
“It went across pretty slow. One of the lads said ‘is it a ‘plane?’ but there was no noise
” (extract from article).

Wakefield Express “ Another UFO sighting over Wakefield? ” (short article).

Whitehaven News ” UFO sightings latest: UFO lights over Holmrook

The Sun ” Amazing UFO seen over Essex


This is the West Country ” Something in the air

breanufofeb09”  A strange-rod like object was apparently spotted in the skies above Brean – and attracted global media attention when footage was shown on video sharing website YouTube.
UFO enthusiast Steve Grantham from Reading was holidaying in the resort at the time, he said: “I had just returned to the caravan and managed to record some of it on my camera but I was shaking with excitement
” (extract from article).

Seacoastonline.com “ We want more UFO drawings

Rye and Battle Observer ” Hastings UFO researcher off to USA to speak at conference


Evening Leader “ New UFO sighting student spots red lights in sky over Wrexham

John Mainley, 16, took a video and photographs of the bright objects from his home on Queen Street, Rhos on Friday, February 13 ” (extract from article).

St Helens Reporter ” Out of this world….family report three UFO sightings

sthelensfeb09The family’s brush with the extraterrestrial started when nightshift worker Michael Simpson, of Dentons Green, was returning home along the East Lancs and was stopped in his tracks by a strange floating object ” (extract from article).



Get Reading ” UFO mystery over Cathersham ” (short article).

Worksop Guardian ” UFO spotted over Worksop

STRANGE lights in the sky yesterday caused one Worksop man to think that UFOs might be coming to town.
Pete Godley, 28, of Harrington Street, spotted ‘an orange glow’ above his house and could not explain what it was
” (extract from article).

Stroud News & Journal ” UFOs not to blaim says Ecotricity turbine report


dandare_avatar_created1Telegraph “ London Fashion week: close encounters of the unique kind

Track-pants, sweat-tops, hoodies and all-in-ones were sequinned in futuristic, Day-Glo brights. Loose sweatshirts were printed with UFO’s or with scenes of flying saucers hovering over cityscapes ” (extract from article).



Spalding Today “ It was our Lantern

In reply to your article “Did you see mystery orange lights?” (Lincolnshire Free Press, February 17).
Earlier that night my cousins and I had let off some Chinese lanterns that have an orange light.
We were thinking that that’s what the orange lights were. You mentioned in the article that Chinese lanterns let off around Christmas were thought to be UFOs.
So that’s probably the explanation again
” (full article post).


ufo1displaySurrey Comet ” Orange UFO spotted over Long Ditton

”  A suspicious orange light flying over a Long Ditton home stirred the interest of UFO investigators this week.

The strange sighting was made by Debbie Leigh, 48, and her husband on Saturday, February 21, as she smoked a cigarette in her garden in Oaks Way, south west London
” (extract from article).

Bucks Free Press ” UFOs spotted over Chesham

”  Three orange lights were spotted by residents Ian and Jan Knight near their home in Hollybush Road, Great Hivings, at 11pm on Saturday 14.
The unexplained objects did not make any noise before gradually getting dimmer and disappearing from view
” (extract from article).


0630070This is Guernsey Couple see UFO off Herm

He had been standing on the Castle Emplacement on Sunday when a light attracted his attention at 6.40pm.
‘It was a luminous object which looked like it had flashing lights at different levels, but it could also have been two objects flying in close formation,’ he said
” (extract from article).

8 Responses to “Uk UFO Sightings [ February 2009] Updated Regularly”

  1. Michael said

    Whilst I was walking on Thursday 12th March 2009 a black UFO with flashing red and grey light on it was seen coming from the Sea out of the Horizon leaving a trail behind in the shape of a plastic tube. Also saw a half invisible black object that had parked on the Sea this could have been a Sea Portal an entry point for UFOs to Inner Earth. Then a diamond UFO came from right to left towards where the Corner Cafe use to be in and hovered above the Car Park building that’s there a few seconds and vanished. Past the Sea Life Centre a golden oval UFO went towards a House. No Military Craft nor Plane wouldn’t fly that low at a House cause those Earth craft fly at a certain hight. The MoD and those kind of things should let us have the truth and access to it without having to pay if it can get us away from doom on planet Earth.

    Location of Sighting: Scarborough Beach North Yorkshire
    United Kingdom

    Date of Sighting: Thursday 12th March 2009.

    Time of Sighting: About 7:15pm.

    From Mr M Clifton

  2. L Foye said

    At around 3:45 am this morning 3/5/09 my partner woke me up to make sure he was not seeing things… there was one single larger light that seemed to fly over from the direction of Glasgow, we are in Cumbernauld, at first we thought it was a plane but then realised it was going to slow, it then stopped and suddenly darted off to the left, once it was heading left we could see that there was a smaller light not far behind it that seemed to be hovering all around the object. The object just carried on in its direction until it disapperead out of sight. I would not really have thought much of it but for the smaller light that seemed to be following it, although it was hovering around the larger light, it would dart up and down like to aircraft I have ever seen.
    Do you think this is a UFO? as my Partner said he saw a similar thing a few years ago… !

  3. pat said

    UFO sighting in Cumbria?

    Check this link for the latest updates


  4. kenny said

    at 00:48 bright orange light seen flying over paisley moving left and right over sky then sat still and suddenly disappeared ?

  5. Julie said

    I saw one that looks like the one in Birtian in 2000
    I saw this morning at 4:55am 10/25/2009

    • Julie said

      Hello I saw two morew this morning in loma linda ca.
      one was in the east and the other in the south.
      I have video on them.

  6. jon said

    i saw an alien aircraft over the top of my hay field it was a long line about half a mile long and it was changing colors feb 2 8:00 at night then i saw one that was as big as a basketball it was changing colors to.

  7. Pat Regan said

    Yes – I am running us another new book on the UFO axis soon… 😉

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