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UK UFO sightings [March 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on March 16, 2009


I will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks)…..

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity this year, mainly due to the Sun (tabloid UK newspaper) who think they are the UFO EXPERTS, seeming to print anything remotely to do with UFOs (with no facts/sensationalism and mostly no TRUTH). Unfortunately, this now seems to be spreading to other National newspapers.

dandare_avatar_created1Are they eventually going to make UFOLOGY a complete joke?

So, many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.

morecambeufojan09Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article). There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Also, it must be said that everytime the MOD release UFO sightings, the press have a field day.


Contactmusic.com ” Robbie Williams – Williams joins local UFO club ” (short article).

robbieThe former Take That singer is now a member of Swindon UFO Research, close to his home in the Cotswolds, England.
He has previously spent time stargazing from observatories in the Arizona desert, and is eager to pursue his hobby closer to home, according to British tabloid The People
” (extract from article).


Wigan Today “ Flaming UFO seen over Wigan ” (short article).

Shoreham Herald ” Silent high-speed UFOs seen over Shoreham?

Nick Middleton saw what initially appeared to be a flock of birds flying south down The Drive, Shoreham, at 2.30pm on Sunday, March 1.
However, when he looked more carefully he realised the six to 10 objects he saw were anything but birds
” (extract from article).

chris-williamsdisplayGazette & Herald ” Wiltshire UFO and ghost investigators launch paranormal hotline ” ## (refers to the same subject matter/ similar article)

”  From today a 24 hour response line is being operated by Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Research for anyone those who have experienced something unusual and wish to report their experiences in a confidential manner.

A spokesman said: “A member of the response centre will return their call and offer their advice based on their knowledge of their retrospective fields of study”
” (extract from article).

Swindon Advertiser “ UFOs turn out to be chinese lanterns

img_front_pg1The glowing orbs seen hovering above Stratton on February 22 were in fact 40 Chinese lanterns released in memory of tragic Gary Lane who died after being in collision with a car in Ermin Street in October last year ” (extract from article).


Salisbury Journal ” UFO hotline launched ” ##

In the future,  they plan to extent the areas that will be covered by the hotline.

Lancashire Telegraph ” Water link to Rossendale UFO sightings ” (very short article).

Pat Regan, who was filmed for a show called UFO Hunters, which airs on the US History Channel, believes he may have found a link to the unusual activity above Rossendale ” (extract from article).

This is Local London ” Chesham UFO riddle solved ” ** (Article about same incident/ event).ufo-chinese-lantern-mysterydisplay

Three bright orange lights which seemed to disappear were spotted flying over Great Hivings by resident Ian Knight on February 14.
But they were actually Chinese glow lanterns released by Joanne Collins at a friend’s house in Berkeley Avenue – half a mile away
” (extract from article).


Strathspey Herald ” Close encounters of the Strath kind

A WHITE light which grows brighter and fades away at irregular intervals is the latest UFO to appear in the skies over Badenoch and Strathspey ” (extract from article).

This is Sussex ” Star – gazer spots bright orange UFO above Crawley

”  AN AMATEUR astronomer who was stunned to see three burning orange objects in the sky thinks they were UFOs.
Adam Smith, of Steyning Close, Northgate, was standing in his garden in the early hours of Sunday morning when he noticed the first Unidentified Flying Object passing through the sky above his house.
The 27-year-old said: “I was in my back garden having a cigarette at about 12.10am when I looked up and saw this bright orange ball.
“It looked like a satellite burning up in the atmosphere at first but it kept on going.
“It was so bright it looked like it was on fire. My girlfriend freaked out a bit because she thought a plane was on fire
” (extract from article).




Kent news ” UFO sightings on the rise above town ” (short article)

Ashford is proving a hotspot for UFO sightings.
After a recent sighting of a white orb hanging in the sky in Singleton another sighting has been made in Great Chart
” (extract from article).

Burnley Express “ UFO mystery solved

An embarrassed Mrs Derbyshire explained: “When we saw the photograph we had a chuckle to ourselves because we knew immediately the UFO was a helium balloon we had bought for Hannah’s 13th birthday. It had floated away from our house but we kept quiet ” (extract from article).

Helensburgh Advertiser ” Reports on more mystery lights spark UFO theories

She told the Advertiser: “It was too fast for a plane or a bird and I thought it might have been a shooting star.”
One theory, however, is that the mysterious light were Chinese lanterns set off to celebrate birthdays
” (extract from article).

Croydon Advertiser ” UFOs spotted over Thornton Heath

Every night the Trafford Road resident sees the unexplained orbs high above the flight path of airplanes, hovering for hours at a time ” (extract from article).





This is Local London ” Chalfont UFO call brings out five police officers ” **

The pair were soon joined in the bedroom by five officers, who were trying to work out where the flaming debris had landed.
Mrs Jones added: “I couldn’t believe it. It was a bit like the Keystone Cops. All I couldn’t help but think it was getting a bit ridiculous.
“They were getting really into it, pulling out maps and chatting on the radio to each other trying to work out what it was and where it came down.
“They obviously didn’t have much on that night.”
” (extract from article). Later on, the UFOs became IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) – chinese Lanterns, let off at a party.

Bury Free Press ” UFO mystery in Bury St Edmunds

Mystery surrounds a strange orange object that was spotted in the skies above Bury St Edmunds last week.
The oval-shaped UFO was seen by a Bury man, who did not want to be named, above Angel Hill at around 10.55pm on Thursday
” (extract from article).


Selby Times ” UFO spotters say truth is out there after Burn sighting

Ron and Delilah Jeremy were outside their Burn Lane home on Wednesday afternoon last week when they spotted a silver object moving erratically in the sky ” (extract from article).


th1_12320094100309w167ufoSpalding Today “ Could mystery object above Gedney Hill be UFO ?

TWO schoolgirls believe they saw a UFO while playing outside and are keen to know if anyone else spotted the rugby-ball shaped object in the sky on Sunday ” (extract from article).

St Helens Reporter ” More UFO sightings over St Helens

th1_113200931ufo-2A stargazer claims he spotted a UFO hovering over Victoria Park last month – and he’s got photo evidence to prove it.
The St Helens man, who asked not to be identified, says he saw a glowing disc in the sky over the North Road entrance top the park
” (extract from article).

Matlock Mercury ” UFO spotted in Wirksworth

He claims a silent craft descended from high altitude at about 60 degrees and performed a loop very close to the ground before climbing back into the air at another 60 degrees.
The object formed a ‘V’ shape in the sky
” (extract from article).

Louth Leader ” VIDEO UPDATE: Nick Pope on weird filed circle and UFO theories

th1_1232009370-ll-ufo-circle-2COULD these images of a mysterious circular impression in a field be proof aliens have visited the Louth area?
Brinkhill’s UFO spotter Eric Goring, 68, visited the Louth Leader office again this week to show us these photographs he took on his camera
” (extract from article).



Shropshire Star ” More lights baffle UFO experts

Up to 30 Shropshire sightings of mysterious spheres of light have been logged by UFO experts in the last two months – with eight recorded in the last week.
Phillip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, is conducting an investigation into the phenomenon witnessed by dozens of county residents.
Reports of orange and white glowing spheres poured in this week
” (extract from article).



Liverpool Echo ” Coastguard recieves reports of UFO-style lights in Wirral sky

WIRRAL coastguard said it received a number of reports about strange lights in the sky in Noctorum.
A spokesman said they received two calls at around 8.40pm about a burning object at high altitude that broke up into pieces.
It is thought to have been a Chinese lantern
” (Full article).


This is the West Country “ Is this UFO an intergalactic visitor?

ufo-12display”  This image was sent in by reader Phil White whose son Bret spotted it from their back garden in Crowcombe Road at around 10.30pm on Sunday.
He said: “A golden bright light came from space out of the night sky, did some pretty weird movements then sped off towards the motorway
” (extract from article).

Yorkshire Evening Post ” Our strange encounter ” (short article).


Daily Mail “ Lights in the sky: Builder on rooftop snaps four UFOs flying over London

ufomarchlondondailymailMr Burden, 40, said: ‘I was waiting for some materials to arrive so I thought I would step out onto the balcony to have a cup of tea. I was 16 floors up and I thought I would take some pictures of the view for my wife who doesn’t get to come to London much.

‘I didn’t notice anything at the time because I was focusing on getting in all the sights but when I showed Sarah that weekend she said “What are those lights in the corner?”‘
Mr Burden, from Luton, said the lights are not any kind of reflection, claiming he took the picture outside with no office lights behind him.

He added: ‘The picture clearly shows four saucers all the same size. I’ve shown loads of the guys on the building sites and they’re all amazed
” (extract from article).
I’m afraid i’m going to have to intervene here (i do not usually comment, but prefer for you to make up your own minds) , and state the obvious….. what is your gut instinct when you look at this photo; yes i’m afraid it’s a reflection of lights… you can even see where the ceiling should be.

Sorry, this is not a UFO. Next.

The News (Portsmouth) ” Mourners celebrate life of UFO authority ” with video.


This is Local London ” Meet Gunter, Purley’s own UFO hunter

cr25510-07display”  The truth is out there but perhaps closer than you think according to Gunter, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter.
Purley resident Gunter Hofer, has been researching unidentified flying objects for more than a decade.
Formerly a native of Zimbabwe, Gunter started investigating UFOs after a chance meeting with the world renowned African UFO expert, Cynthia Hind
” (extract from article).

Tavistock Today ” Is the UFO mystery solved


Get Reading ” What were lights in the sky over Tilehurst ?

A woman watched “in awe” as bright lights “like embers on a fire” flew through the sky above Tilehurst.
Now Jo Heighway wants to know if any one else spotted the suspected UFOs around midnight on Saturday
” (extract from article).

Shropshire Star ” Schoolgirl films UFO sighting ” + video.

Mail Online ” A close encounter of the blurred kind: Tourist snaps UFO cloud

article-1163330-03fe3076000005dc-358_634x502 Swooping high over snow-capped peaks against a stunning sky of blue, it looks for all the world like an invading alien saucer.
But there’s no need to run for cover or call up Mulder and Scully just yet. For the meteorologists, of course, have a more prosaic explanation
” (extract from article).


The Sun ” RAF UFO spotted by teen ” with video.


The third instalment of the UFO files, covering the years 1989 to 1993, are available to be downloaded online from the MOD, at the National Archives website ( seven to be made available to download over a 3 year period). The Ministry Of Defence will make these available to be downloaded for the next month only…

For full details please see my post here . Previous instalment post can be found from Second batch and first batch . Also first batch included in here (for media response).

Also some more background information to this can be found here .


Wales Online ” UFO sighting in Wales ” (video from this is included below.

Telegraph ” UFOs may be light show

Derek Burdon was left stunned when he took a scenic picture of the UK capital then noticed four flying saucers on the far right of the picture.
Mr Burdon took the photographs 16 floors up on the roof top of Orion House in Covent Garden in the morning
” (extract from article). Same photo as the article from the Mail on the 18th March (above).


Horncastle News ” UFO spotted over West Ashby

”  Darren Hancock, who lives in the village, told the News he witnessed a carrot shaped object moving through the skies in the direction of Coningsby.
He said he saw it at about 8pm and it was white with a greenish colour at the front
” (extract from article).

Evening Leader “ Wrexham woman thought aliens were coming after spotting UFO

A COUPLE have been left baffled by the identity of a set of strange lights they saw in the sky above their home near Wrexham on Sunday evening ” (extract from article).  Tallies with articles on the 26th and 27th (below) by the Evening Leader.


This is Wiltshire ” UFO report in Warminster

Orange orbs were spotted in the sky above Masefield Road in Warminster on Saturday night.
Police received reports from a concerned resident saying they had seen three silent orange orbs at about 1,000ft high at about 10pm
” (full article).

Whitehaven News ” UFO seen over Kells

The latest sighting occurred over Kells, Whitehaven, on Saturday March 14 when a strange light was seen in the sky ” (extract from short article).

This is Hampshire “ Strange case of the Councillor and the friendly alien wearing ballet shoes

encounterdisplay”  He said: “I was near The Works bookshop when I saw this strange woman, a humanoid walking with a penguin-like gait. She had very large prominent eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion.
“She seemed friendly and totally at ease with us. She wasn’t scared, she was smiling, and seemed to be enjoying herself among us. She walked very slowly up the High Street.
I remember she was very interested in the clock over Lloyds Bank. She was taking it all in
” (extract from article).

This is Croydon ” Retired train driver takes photo of UFOs flying over Croydon

Silent orange specks travelling in formation across the sky above Addiscombe have left a retired train driver wondering whether Croydon was flown over by UFOs this weekend.
The 12 eerie objects – three of which Geoffrey Dunkley caught on camera – travelled in an easterly direction between 7.45pm and 7.55pm on Sunday
” (extract from article).


Fenland Citizen ” Another Fenland UFO sighting

A man, who does not want to be named but lives in the Walsoken area, said he has gone from being a complete sceptic to being open-minded after his experience on Mothering Sunday (March 22) when he spotted a series of ‘strange orange lights’ in the sky over the Smeeth, Outwell and Emneth area ” (extract from article).

Evening Leader ” UFO sightings continue to occur in Wrexham

clipart_scifi_spaceships_003 The man said: “At first there was just one of them, then another two of these things went over our home, followed by another two.
“As they passed overhead some of them just seemed to vanish into thin air but one or two of them appeared to shoot off at high speed.”
The man’s wife said: “I really thought aliens were coming to get me
” (extract from article).


Evening Leader ” Memorial celebration solves Wrexham UFO mystery

ufo-lantern444444Now the mystery of the lights has been solved by Karen Phillips, of Wellington Road, Wrexham, who told us what so many people saw in the night sky were the Chinese lanterns – or sky lanterns – she and friends released on Sunday evening to mark the birthday of her late daughter.
Rhian Ellen Phillips, 22, died in a tragic accident when she fell from a bridge in Brisbane, Australia 11 months ago
” (extract from article).

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