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Nick Pope and UFOs: What’s going on!

Posted by dandare on March 31, 2009


Nick Pope seems to come out with amazing statements, but not back them up with anything substantial, or base them on any facts at all.

His latest statement to The sun’s article ” Google Unearthed”  (posted 30th March, 2009) was:

Yesterday baffled ufologist Nick Pope said he was “very excited” by the image, which he labelled “truly fascinating”.
He added: “It appears to show nine objects flying in near perfect formation. About the only thing I know that can do this is the Red Arrows — and it’s not them”
” (extract from article). Ironically at Above top secret, there is a possibility that they are either jets, (including red arrows) or balloons : see Here and Here . Also they point out that google started mapping London out in 2008. One possibility could be that it was the Queen’s birthday flypast see here. Again i say possibilities, and as such should be presented as such.

You can see the google map in question here . I did notice that the next camera to the right, has (looking at the skyline) an aerial dissected half way up, and am unsure how this was caused (unless it was collected at two seperate times, for instance).

Anyway, it soon finds its way into many newspapers and media outlets, but why? Again, i say why is this an amazing image….. to me one answer could be that its an image malfunction. I’m not saying that it should not be discussed, but the way it is being put ‘out there ‘ is getting sad, and there are better cases that should be disscussed/ talked about ina rational way, but i guess it does not sell papers.

I will within the next week or so, put together an article, on why i have come to this conclusion about Nick Pope, and give my reasons with background information.

For example, i wrote about  ” Is nick Pope being GULLable towards UFO sighting? ” in which the image was clearly a seagull (or Unidentified Feathered Object).

Although i’m not saying that you can get everything right, he does not seem to be learning from his mistakes, or even looking at the evidence with a clear head, and reassessing his answers to these questions.

Of course, sometimes all you can give are a series of alternatives (ie what they could be), and leave it at that.

Therefore we have to ask what are his motives in all this? Maybe i’m reacting to strongly to all this, possibly, but i do believe it is more sensationalism again.

windturbineartufoThe Sun newspaper is also proving to not be interested in the truth about UFOs whatsoever, and sooner the rest of the media realize this the better. For instance, the latest wind Turbine incident is a good example of hype by them.

I would be interested to find out what you think of Nick Pope? is he a reliable source of information on UFOs, and Ufology as a whole.

I only bring this whole subject up, because i wonder why some  people are surprised, when they ask ” why is ufology not taken seriously”.

6 Responses to “Nick Pope and UFOs: What’s going on!”

  1. nycjeff said

    I have to agree with you.
    It doesn’t seem like there was any investigation done by anyone, and how could there have been? So without a whole lot more information it seems like the most that can be said is that “it looks sort of interesting, but who knows?”

    • dandare said

      Thanks nycjeff for your comments, and for finding the time to add your thoughts…..
      The sun will carry on the same format, so will Nick Pope, and UFOs and Ufology will become a lot of hot air, that will eventually exploid, and make ufology a complete joke…. what we need is serious research, not “green men” but facts. These may be boring, but i would prefer this to what we are getting.

  2. Hi Dan,

    For a long time now I have been pointing out the incongruity between what Nick Pope claims, and what he does. A year or 18 months ago, this drew a lot of flak on UFO UpDates and I was accused of having some kind of grudge against him. More recently, there has been a lack of support for Pope on UpDates, and I have noticed some other critical remarks relating to him from people who inhabit the UpDates list, for example at:


    What is really amazing is that he has been getting away with it for so long, and there are still people within ufology who seem to be awestruck by his past MoD position and his ‘investigative abilities’. No wonder ufology has a credibility issue…

  3. dandare said

    Thanks Joe for your input, very much appreciated…. i also think Nick has a big following, and including the media, who hype it all up, this is proving a ‘real winner’ for his cause…..at the moment, but i sense a change also.
    I have been following his comments for a while now, and ever since the ‘seagull’ incident, have noted his strange comments. He cannot feed off, once been in the MOD forever, or the real X-files man. Whatever next “Martians eat my Pork Pie: a national security risk? ”

  4. m0r1arty said

    Hi Dan, sorry I’m late to this particular party but I was wondering if you could use your insight into Nick in this .

    I’m of the persuasion that Nick is harmful to serious research and is just a puppet out to make money but sadly sullies to waters of clarity with his preposterous statements which are clearly only made for the fame/money. Karl 12 (The original poster) is a nice researcher and would benefit from your knowledge of Nick’s background. I’ve linked to here from there and hope that a more detailed appreciation of Nick’s claims will stop his being used as a figurehead of UFO knowledge.



  5. dandare said

    sorry for not replying until now……. only 2 years too late; i stopped working on this blog for some time, but have just recently started again. Although it is too late to reply on abovetopsecret, i will post on this blog about Nick pope…

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