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UFO crashed in China in 1947….shows up in declassified files

Posted by dandare on April 27, 2009

images-2I was alerted by Michael Cohen, to an article he has written today entitled ” China: UFO crash at Chengdu 1947 revealed in declassified files

On July 18th 1947 a farmer near Chengdu found unusual remains of what appeared to be a crashed flying saucer or UFO in the fields. News spread and locals congregated to see the bizarre UFO wreckage. The head of the Physics department of the local university, Professor Zeng Zhanhan, was asked to analyse the wreckage along with other experts and a report was written up. The object was declared a UFO ” (extract from article).

_avatar_created1It is indeed both interesting and intriguing, and the reference page given at the bottom(of his article), points to a Chinese account of this…. I have used google to translate the article here (and although not a great translation…an understatement..you can just about follow it..i think).

clipart_scifi_spaceships_003What worries me, is the source of the information, and were it has come from…. can the declassified files be properly verified, and what is the media reporting this like…is it similar to ‘ The Sun ‘ (newspaper), in the Uk…. if so then it will definately have to be questioned.

Of course, if most things check out, then this would be quite significant.

In conclusion, due to (especially) recent hoaxes, and disinformation, we can only speculate on the information given here, however enticing, and hope that more information comes to light…. and then we can reassess it; for now we can merely speculate.

My thanks to Michael for informing me about this….


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Yahoo!7 Australian TV on MOD UK UFO files

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2009

sunday-night-videos-yahoo7-tv_1240163646516Just spotted this on Yahoo!7 TV sunday night video (posted 19th April 2009).

This can be seen at ” The truth is out there ” the video lasts 13 minutes 44 seconds. Not sure how long this will stay here for, however?..

The only youtube of this i can find is a preview of 19 seconds (see below)

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World UFO Update [ April 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2009

Hello and welcome to World UFO Update


Whats happened around the UFO world, in April 2009 (mainly articles that have caught my eye).






LA Times ” The road to Area 51

area51The problem is the myths of Area 51 are hard to dispute if no one can speak on the record about what actually happened there. Well, now, for the first time, someone is ready to talk—in fact, five men are, and their stories rival the most outrageous of rumors ” (extract from article).


Gibson.com ” Legendary Rock photographer Robert Knight on Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Steve Ray Vaughan

guitar-6usYou’d be surprised how many rock people enjoy doing a photo shoot with me because they get a UFO update. They’re the people who are most receptive to other forms of consciousness. They’re wide open.

When Dave Grohl calls his band the Foo Fighters, and they’re on Roswell Records and they premiere the record in Roswell, New Mexico, you know something’s going on! Jimmy Page has always been interested in UFOs, and Jimi Hendrix was driven by UFO ideas ” (extract from article).  Cool.


NJ.com ” Morris County men sentenced in UFO hoax ” many press outlets covered this story…too many to mention.

large_lights Between Jan. 5 and Feb. 19, Rudy and Russo released helium balloons with traffic flares tied to them on five separate occasions in what they called a “social experiment” to debunk the pseudoscience of UFOs ” (extract from article). They then put up an article on April 1st saying it was a hoax… however, due to a possible fire hazzard they were fined $250 + 50 hours community service.


Device Daily.com ” Another weird UFO over China

ufo-guangzhou Coming in fresh is another UFO report from China, this time from the Guangzhou University area.The UFO seemingly hovered amidst some pretty heavy cloud cover above the university and its surrounding environs.

A reporter in the area managed to get off a low-resolution shot of the activity, but it’s hard really to discern anything significant from his vantage point ” (extract from article).


OhGizmo! ” Visible Energy UFO remote control power strip and colour changing snack bowl




The Star Online “ Graphic designer claims to have photos of UFO images recorded using digital camera

A GRAPHIC designer claimed that he spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) circling overhead in Taman Dato’ Onn, Larkin in Johor at 10pm on Thursday, reported Kosmo! ” (extract from article).



Raw Story.com ” Former Area 51 scientists break their decades long silence

Thornton Barnes, a former Area 51 project specialist, told Fox’s Bill Hemmer that a secret plane, code-named OXCART, was almost certainly mistaken for a UFO. At the time the OXCART was first brought online, Barnes says no one else in the world had any aero-technology like it ” (extract from article). Will this end all the speculation/answer your questions?…probably not.

a-12The history of the OXCART program can be seen here from the CIA. Also the OXCART articles can be seen again at the CIA website here .



Cryptoworld.co.uk ” Katie Price and Peter Andre ‘Allegedly’ spot UFO (great)

thumbs_price-andreLost in Space?

Just when the whole idea of UFOs was starting to get a little bit of creditable attention, two muppets go and claim that on their very first trip to Area 51 they see, and video ‘weird lights’… ” (extract from article).

Mmmm how true…. OK….please move along to the next news.


Cryptoworld.co.uk ” American made UFO spotted in Afghanistan

April 14, 2009: An unidentified, jet propelled UAV has been spotted operating from an American airbase in Afghanistan. It’s a flying wing design, similar to the X-45s and X-47s built as development aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and Navy ” (extract from article).





Examiner.com ” UFO conference is ‘out of this world’group-450

Want to meet some of the most influential people studying ufology today? Get out to Galena, IL, May 28-31, for the Illinois Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) sponsored conference ” (extract from article).

CNN  ” Former Astronaut: man not alone in the universe


He delivered his remarks during an appearance at the National Press Club following the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conference, a meeting of UFO activists and researchers studying the possibility of alien life forms ” (extract from article).

Later, near the end of the article [ NASA spokesman=Michael Cabbage]:” “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere else — period,” Michael Cabbage said Monday ” (extract from article).


sunday-night-videos-yahoo7-tv_12401636465161CNN video “ UFO believers seek truth

” UFO believers are appealing to President Obama to release government files on extraterrestrial life. CNN’s Jim Acosta reports ” (from post with video).

KASA.com ” UFO believers push for records release “very similar to above article and video.

ufo-believers-push-for-records-release_1240774552484 WASHINGTON – A group of space enthusiasts, and even astronauts, are pushing President Obama to release government documents on possible close encounters with aliens and UFO’s ” (extract from very short article). Main part is video, which is at the link above.

Northern Territory News ” Mum spots latest UFO in top end

ufoaussie2009 I’m guessing that this paper is similar to ‘The Sun’ back in the UK, as in newsworthiness.News.com has a similar article here .

Bendigo Advertiser ” Bendigo UFO a YouTube hit

Bendigo District Astronomical Society education officer Paul Foley said it was highly unlikely the object was an alien spacecraft.
“There are a lot of things in the sky which look pretty strange, that sometimes can’t be explained, but that’s not to say they’re alien,” he said.
“UFOs are not necessarily alien spacecrafts.” Mr Foley said the object could have been anything from a meteorite to a piece of a satellite that had burned up while re-entering the atmosphere
” (extract from article).

The You tube video can be seen below (lasts 2minutes 19seconds):


The Capitol Times ” Man tells police he saw UFO at James Madison Park

”  A 22-year-old downtown resident told Madison Police he spotted a mysterious unidentified flying object Thursday, April 16 at James Madison Park ” (extract from short article).

Gold Coast.com.au “ Comet showers to blame for mysterious light

WAS it a plane, was it a flying saucer or was it a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere?
That is what two men on the Gold and Sunshine coasts are asking after both saw a mysterious white light shooting through the night sky on Monday
” (extract from article).

SanDiego6.com ” Obama UFO documents request ” (video 2 minutes 50 seconds)

Telegraph “ Are UFOs real? Famous people who believed

ufo1_1389391cThe former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has claimed that aliens exist and their visits are being covered up by the United States government. Mitchell is in good company in his beliefs. Here we highlight 12 other public figures who believe that extraterrestrials may have been visiting our planet over the last 100 years ” (extract from article).

Braodcast Newsroom ” yU+co. creates main titles sequence for Disney’s Race To Witch Mountain

race_to_wmt_framesThe main title sequence started in the editing room by researching hundreds of pieces of archival UFO footage that would help us tell the story,” says Synderela Peng, yU+co.’s Art Director. “We delineated decades of UFO discoveries, beginning with the 1950’s to the present day. We also spent a lot of time on details like treating the headlines and the film footage so they reflect the time period they were supposed to be from “ ” (extract from article).


Irish Times “ Politics goes galactic at gathering of UFO believers

1224245212084_1In the banquet hall of a Hilton in suburban Maryland, there were no alien costumes. There were PhDs, ex-military men, activists and concerned citizens. They sat in on lectures with such titles as Obama and Disclosure . They browsed tables stocked with books such as Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light? They talked about black budgets and quantum cosmology ” (extract from article).



UFO Digest ” UFO sighting during a famous Italian Action Movie

d-1italian-movie2009 The motion of these spheres, including one in particular that is on the right of the actor “Enrico Lo Verso” into the “d1”, is absolutely anomalous, in fact, considering the aforesaid sphere, it accomplishes direction changes, including a turning with a small relative radius,at very high speed and it is noted that no airplane identified or bird would be able to perform such maneuvers ” (extract from article).

Related Italian news to this can be found here (translated by google).

Also at ivanceci.it

In those days I was pointed out by Mr. Mario Maisto an interesting sighting occurred in 2007 during filming of the movie “Milano-Palermo: il ritorno”, played by Raoul Bova and Giancarlo Giannini ” (extract from article).
And Altro Giornale.org here

What do you think ….. is it a UFO? or is it a bird in flight? or something else.



WVEC.com ” UFOs: do you believe

”  A Virginia Beach man, Cameron Pack, says he’s gotten Virginia Beach’s UFO files. He says UFOs exist because he saw one. It was six years ago over a tree near the Virginia Beach amphitheater.
“The thing turns at a 90-degree angle, three white lights in a triangle formation,” he recalls
” (extract from article).

The Chattanoogan.com ” Roy Exum: Those Nevada UFOs

littlegreenmen But not all of them stayed quiet and, in the early 1960s, Project BLUEBOOK was started to fight the growing paranoia of an alien attack. Today there are 74,000 pages of reports housed in 37 cubic feet of files in the National Archives. Project BLUEBOOK was shut down in 1969 and, as unbelievable as this may well be to you, there isn’t one word that mentions Operation OXCART or the mysterious base called Area 51.
So, as you are once again led to believe there are not saucers that hover over our cornfields or aliens-on-ice high above the Nevada desert, you’ll be the smartest guy in the class if you don’t lose sight of the fact that, according to the CIA and the American government, a place called “Area 51” has never, ever, existed.
How does that go down with your Cherrios? If it bothers you, just remember I was more worried about the flying saucers
” (extract from article).


NJ.com with The Star Ledger …Online Videos “ Ledger Live: Morris UFO hoaxers tell their story” Video included (8 minutes 57 seconds).

Chris Russo and Joe Rudy say they launched helium balloons with traffic flares tied to them in a “social experiment” to debunk the pseudoscience of UFOs ” (extract from article).
That video can be seen below from youtube

CentralJersey.com ” PRINCETON AREA: In Hamilton, ‘Dr No’ is on the case “‘

Mr. Marcattilio picked up his “Dr. UFO” moniker by being the go-to guy for lots of ordinary people with out-of-the-ordinary questions, and also for his personal library of more than 1,200 UFO-related books and videos. He has created something like a traveling museum, too — some 75 large panels mounted with UFO photos, scientific reports, police reports, etc ” (extract from article).

American Chronicle “ UFOs, visitors are here – situation mysterious says author

Well-known author Whitley Strieber’s April 26 entry in the “Whitley’s Journal” section of his Web site provides interesting reading about “disclosure” on UFOs and visitation to Earth by other intelligent beings ” (extract from article). On a personal note, i’m afraid i do not find Whitley a credible source at all. Therefore, i cannot recommend his website…sorry.



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Away for a few days

Posted by dandare on April 12, 2009

I’m off for a few days, too sunny Blackpool (it’ll probably now rain), ….. so updates will be towards the end of the week.

I wish everyone a happy Easter…

stormtrooper1PS you are welcome to use my articles in your blogs, however, it is usually courteous to add a link back to this site….

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UK UFO sightings [April 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on April 12, 2009


I will try and keep this up to date, with all information from the UK.

Please check back from time to time, as this will be updated regularly…If you see something that i have missed, please contact me (thanks)…..

There has been an explosion of UK UFO activity this year, mainly due to the Sun (tabloid UK newspaper) who think they are the UFO EXPERTS, seeming to print anything remotely to do with UFOs (with no facts/sensationalism and mostly no TRUTH). Unfortunately, this now seems to be spreading to other National newspapers.ufo

Are they eventually going to make UFOLOGY a complete joke?

So, many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.


Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article). There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.



ComputerWorld.com ” British UFO hacker’s supporters rally at US embassy in London

At today’s rally, McKinnon’s mother, Janis Sharp, and six other demonstrators performed a rewritten version of “Chicago,” a protest song recorded nearly 40 years ago by Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fame. Nash granted Sharp permission to modify the song’s lyrics to focus on her son’s legal plight as well as his autism ” (extract from article).


Bournemouth Echo ” I saw a UFO over Bournemouth and i’m not crazee

DON’T accuse him of being all crazee now – but rocker Noddy Holder of Slade says he felt the noize when he had a close encounter with a UFO in Bournemouth.
The colourful star, most famous for the ubiquitous festive hit Merry Xmas Everybody, said he saw a circular flying saucer, emitting beams of light, flying over the sea while staying in the town
” (extract from article).


This is Grimsby ” UFOs or a trick of the light?

SATELLITES and space stations have both been offered as explanations for strange lights seen in the sky over North East Lincolnshire.
As reported, two people independently contacted the Grimsby Telegraph about the odd occurrences which they saw in the Laceby area
” (extract from article).




Telegraph ” UFO photographed over London


The computer engineer was able to take one shot of the object whilst it was stationary for a few seconds. He said: “Then it moved rapidly up and above at incredible speed, a comparable speed to a fighter jet at full power, so fast that panning the camera in the direction was impossible ” ” (extract from article).


BBC “ Dr Who link to UFO sighting rise ” ** (all links with 2 stars relate to same article)

Nick Pope mentions that the increase in UK sightings is partly to do with chinese lanterns becoming more popular in this country; true.

However, he then starts going way off track with comments like :

dandare_avatar_createdMr Pope, who continues his research into the phenomena of UFOs on a private basis, said he believed the revitalisation of the Doctor Who franchise had made people more open to seeing UFOs ” (extract from article).

He then states that it is being covered on Newsnight (bbc2 indepth show on the news) and the SUN (which he works at). First off, i do believe that chinese lanterns have had a large impact on UFO sightings, but Doctor Who has not….this is total rubbish.

But hang on there is more …. he mentions:

“One case that springs to mind is the recent incident at RAF St Athan when a police helicopter was apparently nearly hit by a UFO.
“Another near collision happened last year over Birmingham when the pilot had to take evasive action to avoid hitting a UFO.
“This is why their investigation is important”
” (extract from article).

I’m afraid again i have to question these sightings, that THE SUN took a particular interest in. Where are the facts, and the data for this……..They usually never seem to follow up with any more evidence, but just carry on saying its a definate UFO sighting…..or they have selective data of a sentational kind if they do follow up!

This should be retitled ” Media are the reason for UFO sightings rise

Whitehaven News ” UFO over the recre

As they were chatting, Trevor looked up and saw five orange orbs all moving in a perfect ‘W’ formulation.
“There was no explanation for it,’’ he said. “The lights were about 400-500ft in the sky, evenly spaced and there wasn’t any noise.’’ He said there wasn’t any wind and the lights were moving at speed, which could eliminate Chinese lanterns as an explanation
” (extract from article).

Shropshire Star ” Birthday boy colin scotches UFO tales ” + video.

He insisted the weird orange light reported by several people on March 10 had in fact been a Chinese sky lantern launched to celebrate his 60th birthday ” (extract from article).

Bolton News “ Lanterns shed light on UFO mystery


”  But Marjorie McCabe, who organised a 65th birthday party for her husband Terence at their Westhoughton home has shone light on the mystery.
She was planning to round off celebrations at the party with fireworks, but after searching the internet decided to mark the occasion with Chinese paper sky lanterns instead
” (extract from article).


Luton Today ” Was there a UFO above Dunton

”  One told the Chronicle: “It seemed to be a sphere containing glowing flame, orange or yellow like a sun.
“But it wasn’t a meteor or comet, it wasn’t travelling fast enough and had no tail
” (extract from article).

Chichester Observer ” Can anyone explain UFO over Chichester

”  “It was rotating on its own axis and just staying there. It was metallic silver in its appearance and looked like nothing I have ever seen.
“Everyone in the car saw it straight away and I am sure lots of other people would have seen it as well
” (extract from article).


Evening Star 24 ” Man claims red orb in wood was UFO


For 20 years Leonard Gibney has remained silent about coming face to face with what he believes was a UFO in an Ipswich wood.
But today he has plucked up the courage to come forward following a string of unusual sightings reported in The Evening Star
” (extract from article).

Daily Star ” Guess who’s causing most UFO sightings ” **

The MoD’s former UFO expert Nick Pope said: “Doctor Who and Torchwood are filmed in Cardiff, so everyone in the area has aliens on their mind.
“Doctor Who captures people’s imaginations and makes them wonder about alien life and look to the skies.
“Any strange light in the sky becomes a spaceship
” (extract from article).

Solihul News.net “ UFO mystery in Dickens Heath

STRANGE lights in the sky were spotted hovering above Dickens Heath on Saturday evening.
A group of friends, enjoying a supper party, spotted the mysterious spheres at 9.15pm. No less than four, yellow objects flew over the village before dissolving into thin air
” (extract from article).



your canterbury.co.uk  ” UFO sightings on the increase, says MOD

Information released by the Ministry of Defence shows there have been 56 recorded sightings of UFOs over the county in the last decade, with 10 last year alone.
Examples include a report of a huge disc-shaped object “approximately 20 times the size of an aeroplane” that was spotted flying above Rainham, and a bright orange upside-down light bulb shape hovering near Ashford
” (extract from article). Old news here.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus ” UFO sightings are no joke for Denise

”  Sky-watchers in Bradford, Bingley and Keighley have contacted the Telegraph & Argus with reports of up to five red or orange orbs hovering silently in the night sky before quickly disappearing.
Denise Wilson, 52, saw them circling above her home in Moorside, Daisy Hill, Bradford, when she took her dog for a night-time stroll
” (extract from article).



ufo-1Aberdeen Evening Express ” New UFO sighting in Aberdeen

At the end of last year the Evening Express revealed how a spate of readers came forward after spotting suspected UFOs – ball of light moving strangely in the sky.

Now Aberdeen-based expert Ian Taylor, who has studied UFOs for more than 50 years, claims there has been another sighting in Aberdeen ” (extract from article).


Lancashire Telegraph ” Valley’s amazing stories inspire Helmshore film-maker

helmshoredisplay”  Chris Johnson-Standley’s latest project is based on the myths he encountered in Helmshore and the surrounding area during his school years.

These include everything from haunted submerged villages under Grane’s reservoirs, UFOs flying over and a First World War tank buried beneath a Haslingden park
” (extract from article).

Watford Observer ” Former government ‘UFO expert’ to speak in Garston

”  Nick Pope, former head of the government’s UFO research project, has leant his views on crop circles, alien abductions and other happenings to numerous television documentaries, books and lectures.
He will join four other speakers at the Into the Unknown event
” (extract from article).


photo6Computer world ” Pink Floyd frontman performs on CD to back British Hacker

David Gilmour singer and guitarist for the iconic, english rock band Pink Floyd, has already recorded a song for an upcoming CD that’s now being put together to support Gary McKinnon, 43, according to Janis Sharp, McKinnon’s mother ” (extract from article).

Hamilton Advertiser “ Teacher spots UFO in sky over Hamilton

Penny Martin (52), of Little Earnock, spotted an unusual object in the sky on Saturday night about 10.15pm.
Penny described an orange-yellow object floating motionless above the houses near her home.
She said: “It was shaped rather like a balloon and in the centre there was a flickering light rather like a candle effect. To begin with I thought it was just a balloon
” (extract from article).


ufo-online-undergroundAyrshire Post “ Alloway UFOs identified

“We were surprised at how high they flew and how far they drifted.
“We actually commented that anyone seeing them and not knowing what they were could be forgiven for thinking they were UFOs.”
Brig o’ Doon Hotel has confirmed that sky lanterns were released as part of a celebration at the hotel on the Saturday night when our readers spotted orange lights in the sky
” (extract from article).

Burnley Express ” UFO mystery over Pendle

”  Luke Robinson was one of a group of eight who stayed in the Marsden Park area. He said: “At about 1- 46 a.m. I noticed a bright yellow light in the sky across the field, like the sun was rising but obviously it wasn’t, at that early hour, though it was as bright ” (extract from article).



Sunday Mercury.net ” Truth is out there… in our wacky parish

Recently released Ministry of Defence documents have rubbished many of the UFO sightings attributed to our parish in the late 70s and early 80s ” (extract from article).

News & Star ” Is this a UFO over Carlisle? ” + link to video.

One said it moved in a straight line before suddenly changing direction. It was then spotted about five minutes later and did exactly the same before disappearing at speed ” (extract from short article).


Sutton Guardian ” UFOs spotted over North Cheam

northcheamapril09pgdisplay”  Robert Rosamond, chairman of the British UFO Research Organisation, said photographic evidence needed to be examined to establish whether there was a misidentification.
At this stage, he said, the lights could be anything from a balloon to a “tangerine being thrown in the air”
” (extract from article).

Shropshire Star ” More strange lights spotted in the skies

”  One woman spotted what she called a “huge ball of white light” heading towards the ground in Broseley Wood yesterday at about 11pm.
And Louise Butcher saw a light about the size of “a cluster of stars” moving across the sky over Church Stretton at the beginning of April
” (extract from article).

The Shuttle ” Orange light in sky – more sightings

_avatar_createdWe made an appeal for information last week after John Shellis, of Birmingham Road, Blakedown, said he saw a light that looked like “a large ball” moving “quite low in the sky” at about 12.30am on Sunday, April 12 ” (extract from article).


Salford Star ” UFO spotted over Salford Precinct

precintufo081 On Tuesday night a UFO was seen blazing over Salford Precinct at around 10pm.  Eye witness, Rachel, has described it as “a bright orange light, like a fire ball moving at a steady space. It was really weird” ” (extract from short article).


Louth Leader ” Did Eurofighter scare away aliens?

In the sky looking over towards the A16 we saw three very bright lamps in the very clear sky, they were in an equally spaced formation.
As we watched a Euro-fighter came from nowhere heading towards the lamps, and they just vanished into proverbial thin air
” (extract from short article).

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald ” Nethy man spots UFO

He recalled: “I live on the western outskirts of Nethy Bridge and last Tuesday night, at about 9.45pm, I went out into the garden to the car.
“Immediately I noticed a brilliant light approaching, quite low from the east as if about to pass over the village. It was shimmering orange in colour with a deeper red glow in it also.
“It then stopped, I would guess at only about 300 feet and stayed motionless with no noise just over the edge of Abernethy Forest
” (extract from article).



Isle Of Wight County Press Online “ Did you see these UFOs ?

She said at 11.10pm on Saturday the police spotter plane, circling the south of the town, was involved in a low-altitude ‘near miss’ with three other craft ” (extract from article). However, the police suggest otherwise.




Watford Observer “ UFO sighting in Kings Langley?

He said: “I was with my girlfriend. We saw about 15 to 20 bright lights in the sky. They then started to disappear one by one. We don’t have a clue what they were” ” (extract from article).



Lancashire Evening Post ” Teenager takes video footage of UFO

lep-robert-leeming-2009april”  29 April 2009

An 18-year-old has filmed on his mobile phone an odd-shaped oibject floating in the sky above Lancashire ” (extract from article).

Mid Sussex Times ” Two UFOs spotted in Haywards Heath

TWO UFO sightings were reported in the Haywards Heath area at the weekend.
Witness Alison King said she spotted a circular object at 11.20pm on Sunday between the town and Cuckfield
..[.]…On the previous evening at 10.25pm, Chris Turner reported seeing a disc-shaped object in nearby Lindfield ” (extracts from article).

Daventry Today ” UFO sighting in Welton? ” (very short article)

Karl Taylor, 15, of Churchill Road said he saw a black object floating above Welton on Saturday night (April 25) at around 9.45pm ” (extract from article).


Chester Chronicle ” Orange UFO spotted above Chester Skies

12597678Canadian Marty Wilbur, 29, who lives in Hush House, next to The Chronicle office, was on his mobile to a friend back home when he noticed a pulsating orange light rising up in front of him to the east of the city at 9.02pm on Sunday.
Quick-thinking Marty filmed the mysterious orange glow as it tracked northwards then disappeared out of sight, possibly behind a cloud
” (extract from article).

Lochaber News ” Mystery lights spark UFO alert

Mysterious white lights have been seen above the Fort William area at around the same time it emerged that glowing orange and yellow lights in the sky were reported around Inverness ” (extract from article).

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More UFO maps of possible interest

Posted by dandare on April 6, 2009

Whilst looking around Google maps, came across some interesting maps compiled by numerous people…. some were more handy than others.

The useful ones that i have so far found are:

AUFORN have compiled sightings from Australia



Australian UFO Encounters

The AUFORN site can be seen here

HBCC UFO sightings January 2008

This map does not seem to download on here at all well; please enlarge it (using the – button quite a few times, and map with sightings eventually comes into view. Or click view larger map link below this, again increase map size, to see sightings.

HBCC links on the map do not work (i think web site links,e ct changed recently). However, there usually is a long description to go with the sightings on the map. It is also linked to Book of THoTH. HBCC can be found here .

Eyes on the skies

No website/blog that i am aware of, links to news stories on this map are still working for now.

Irish UFO sightings by Ciaran

UFO sightings by peter w

“local ufo sighting from places I read about on http://www.nuforc.org and other places”

ALso i put in UFO sightings in google maps, with All results, and it came out with a loads of sightings (from good and bad sources), and has numerous results. Take some of these with a pinch of salt. I cannot guarantee the links that you click on, do not lead to other sites that are buggy, ect (i did check quite a few and found nothing wrong with them).

To search the rest of the results (alot of pages) click on view larger map (link).

Also, i have not checked all these maps to see if they are totally  accurate.

If you have other maps you find or have done, please e-mail me (at the address above).

Of course, for North America  we have UFOmags.com . a great resource and accurate (and normally pretty up to date; latest one is for march 2009) Slightly further down, below map is additional information, including UFO maps in google earth. They also have a blog here .

Also from MUFON (very accurate; their own case data), is UFO Stalker here .

Another slight slant on the map idea, can be seen at UFOMaps.EU . It has a map of Europe, you click on say France and a google results page comes up with sightings and UFO related stuff, from France.

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Map of UK UFO Sightings March 2009[ work in progress]

Posted by dandare on April 2, 2009

I am building a map of sightings for the UK from March 2009 on google map….
(Link below should hopefully update as i go along).

Also just found this interesting link called Track This Now on this page is a world map; in search area, put ufos, UFO sightings and then the search button. The map will fill with placemarks (some are a bit inaccurate) with news from that country. Click the placemarks to see information.

You can also do this for twitter entries. Interesting and it gives another source of info.

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