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Map of UK UFO Sightings March 2009[ work in progress]

Posted by dandare on April 2, 2009

I am building a map of sightings for the UK from March 2009 on google map….
(Link below should hopefully update as i go along).

Also just found this interesting link called Track This Now on this page is a world map; in search area, put ufos, UFO sightings and then the search button. The map will fill with placemarks (some are a bit inaccurate) with news from that country. Click the placemarks to see information.

You can also do this for twitter entries. Interesting and it gives another source of info.

2 Responses to “Map of UK UFO Sightings March 2009[ work in progress]”

  1. Gauri said

    you could maybe embed the trackthisnow widget on your site so users can see a map of ufo sightings

    • dandare said

      Thanks for your input Gauri… i will definately consider doing this. The only problem is that if you click on country to country, you do get repeat sightings from other countries and not from their own.

      But considering that is automated, this is to be expected, and isn’t bad. I’m trying to see if there is anything better out there first.
      Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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