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More UFO maps of possible interest

Posted by dandare on April 6, 2009

Whilst looking around Google maps, came across some interesting maps compiled by numerous people…. some were more handy than others.

The useful ones that i have so far found are:

AUFORN have compiled sightings from Australia



Australian UFO Encounters

The AUFORN site can be seen here

HBCC UFO sightings January 2008

This map does not seem to download on here at all well; please enlarge it (using the – button quite a few times, and map with sightings eventually comes into view. Or click view larger map link below this, again increase map size, to see sightings.

HBCC links on the map do not work (i think web site links,e ct changed recently). However, there usually is a long description to go with the sightings on the map. It is also linked to Book of THoTH. HBCC can be found here .

Eyes on the skies

No website/blog that i am aware of, links to news stories on this map are still working for now.

Irish UFO sightings by Ciaran

UFO sightings by peter w

“local ufo sighting from places I read about on http://www.nuforc.org and other places”

ALso i put in UFO sightings in google maps, with All results, and it came out with a loads of sightings (from good and bad sources), and has numerous results. Take some of these with a pinch of salt. I cannot guarantee the links that you click on, do not lead to other sites that are buggy, ect (i did check quite a few and found nothing wrong with them).

To search the rest of the results (alot of pages) click on view larger map (link).

Also, i have not checked all these maps to see if they are totally  accurate.

If you have other maps you find or have done, please e-mail me (at the address above).

Of course, for North America  we have UFOmags.com . a great resource and accurate (and normally pretty up to date; latest one is for march 2009) Slightly further down, below map is additional information, including UFO maps in google earth. They also have a blog here .

Also from MUFON (very accurate; their own case data), is UFO Stalker here .

Another slight slant on the map idea, can be seen at UFOMaps.EU . It has a map of Europe, you click on say France and a google results page comes up with sightings and UFO related stuff, from France.

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