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Away for a few days

Posted by dandare on April 12, 2009

I’m off for a few days, too sunny Blackpool (it’ll probably now rain), ….. so updates will be towards the end of the week.

I wish everyone a happy Easter…

stormtrooper1PS you are welcome to use my articles in your blogs, however, it is usually courteous to add a link back to this site….

One Response to “Away for a few days”

  1. paul said

    this may not have anything to do with what you have talked about,
    while i was out drinkng one night about 8 oclockish i spotted 2 orange lights which moved really quiclky low across land past over the cliffs and out to sea. in bridlington i knocked on the pub window and pointed them out to my mam,quickly as i spotted them. my mam also could see them.so it wasnt just my eyesight. 🙂
    they where just 2 orange lights, made no sound, moved quite fast, if it had been a jet, it would have made some sort of sound,and i never seen a jet that lights up orange, it was just orange didnt flash on and off, just stayed the same colour. the second one just followed the first light and the same speed and distance out to sea.
    i spoke with a friend the day after, she told me she has seen these orange lights, in the sky around bridlington. she told me that many people have seen them,
    i talk about this today, cause just this week, 7 orange lights have been spotted in scaroborough. everyone in the pub came out to watch the lights. i beleive this was couple of nigts ago, todays date being. 27/7/2009
    my sighting was about 2 months ago.

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