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Yahoo!7 Australian TV on MOD UK UFO files

Posted by dandare on April 19, 2009

sunday-night-videos-yahoo7-tv_1240163646516Just spotted this on Yahoo!7 TV sunday night video (posted 19th April 2009).

This can be seen at ” The truth is out there ” the video lasts 13 minutes 44 seconds. Not sure how long this will stay here for, however?..

The only youtube of this i can find is a preview of 19 seconds (see below)

2 Responses to “Yahoo!7 Australian TV on MOD UK UFO files”

  1. Please let me know if you get,or find the video for that show,looks very interesting.Thank you Jamie

    • dandare said

      Hi Jamie, and thanks for your comments…. i am still keeping an eye out for it on you tube, although the link directly (to yahoo!7) works so far (well in the uk it does, not sure about other countries) but will be gone soon, i assume.

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