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Fifth Annual X conference 17th – 19th April, 2009

Posted by dandare on May 3, 2009

The Fifth Annual X Conference took place, 17th to 19th April 2009:

Just some of the  Speakers present- George Noory, Edgar Mitchell,  Col John Alexander, Graham Hancock, Colin Andrews, Richard Dolan, Milton Torres and Nick Pope.

For those interested in seeing the videos from you tube, here they are below:

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D

Part E

Does this help Ufology? are these people credible? do you believe in them? and yes Nick Pope is one of the speakers!

Related links:

CNN ” Former Astronaut: Man not alone in universe ” (posted 2oth April, 2009)

”  Mitchell, who was part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, asserted Monday that extraterrestrial life exists, and that the truth is being concealed by the U.S. and other governments.
He delivered his remarks during an appearance at the National Press Club following the conclusion of the fifth annual X-Conference, a meeting of UFO activists and researchers studying the possibility of alien life forms
” (extract from article).

Guardian ” Former Apollo Astronaut calls on US government to ‘open up’ about aliens ” (posted 22nd April)

Mitchell’s belief in the existence of aliens is well documented. In an interview with the Times in 1998, he said he is “90% sure that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, recorded since the 1940s, belong to visitors from other planets “ ” (extract from article).

paradigmresearchgroup.com ” X conference 2009 Hilton Gaithersburg, MD

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