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Brazil UFO files made public (Sweden also – 9th may)USA?

Posted by dandare on May 7, 2009

brazil may2009brsmallThanks too CBPDV, UFO (Brazilian Journal Of Ufology), i have been made aware of the UFO files which came out on May 4th; please see this link (translated by Google, and added below):

”  The reason, quite a surprise to all Brazilian Ufology Community: new documents released for Aeronautics. “Looks like we’re starting to get the parts that most interest us, including the operation of Prato,” said Beck.
Folder number 10, for example, were not only documents that had already CBU, but also more new photos and descriptions of events related to what became known as “Suck Suck” in Pará – among dozens of other official narratives and testimonies from civilians, and many images (copies) of newspapers.
” (extract from article).

brazil ufo files 2009The documents can be downloaded from this link also: (the downloaded link, will say Translation from English into English is not supported (just click on see original page), and choose from the list….. all documents are obviously not in English….. apart from MOD ones which are covered in parent list (at top).

brazil ufofiles 2009 bHave a good look around, as there is alot of information (even if you do not understand the language) also for MOD (if you missed it (1926-1957), and other countries are covered. Also photographs too.

The Brazilian Files cover the years 1970 – 1979, but unfortunately i can only translate very small pieces; hope there might be a way around this somehow….

Please also see this link (from the same website).

Many thanks also to Atrueoriginall for alerting me to the Brazilian UFO files coming out in the first place – cheers.

I am also aware that the Swedish are also going to bring out their UFO files very soon (possibly the 9th May). I can here you saying USA, come on down, your time is up….

Update: 8th may

From the same Brazilian website some more news (updated) It says they are examining/processing the files. Entitled ” Another batch of secret Ufology files was released by the National Archives ” (translated by google).

brazilufo files09Fernando Ramalho reports from the task this week: “I am studying the material, it is a lot. Agora terminei o ano de 1972. Now finished the year 1972. Even so, I sent a copy of it via special delivery to other members of the CBU and to make everything on the site of UFO Magazine.

In addition to documentation of the Air, there are actually documents the DOPS and materials were observed in other places, such as statements of generals, engineers of the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) and police, for example, and this only in the files examined so far.

This is certainly the largest and most important of all releases that have occurred since the campaign began ufos: Freedom of information already. All material will be studied, analyzed and compared with data that already have Ufology, both as those obtained previously reached by casting, for finding something on which the government may be holding on these specific topics, or about Operation Prato, is on the activities of DOPS
” (extract from article).

For more information on Sweden releases coming very soon, please see these links :

18,ooo Swedish UFO reports (Expressen)…translated by google.

UFO archives making itself known to the public ” …( DN.se ) translated by google.UFO_C660

18,ooo UFO reports released ” ( jp.dk) translated.

We will just have to see what comes out tommorrow or sunday.

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