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Back Online…once again

Posted by dandare on October 11, 2009

ufo online soapI apologise for not posting on here, since the end of June, but several things intervened, but i am back again, to blog about all things UFO related.

PD*22591058Thanks for the e-mails that have come in, and i admit that many have not been replied too..sorry. Thanks also for all those enquiring when i will be blogging again….and no i have not been abducted, or subjected to MIB interrogation….emm, yet.

I am not sure how i will try to catch up, from July up until now. Probably put up blog posts for the months concerned, and add too them, when i can. I will i’m afraid have to lump UK and World sightings together…

The most significant thing to happen since i’ve been away, is more UK UFO Files being released..in August see here for the file download details. They now charge for them, but you can, if you have missed the downloads (when they were free) go here and download for free. You can also download the other UFO files from the previous releases too…very useful.

I leave you with a few videos i have stumbled upon whilst i have been away, that might be of interest.


The Halt Tape recordings- Rendlesham Forest

Britain’s close encounters Part 1

Britain’s close encounter Part 2

UFO Out of the blue (not stumbled upon recently, but a classic)

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  1. Yeeeeeeeeee Howdy. 🙂

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