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World UFO sightings [July 2009] Updated regularly

Posted by dandare on October 11, 2009


Many of the sightings reported are sensationalized, with usually alot of information missing.

Please keep this in mind as you view these postings from the local and national press.

I’m afraid many also fail to follow up on their initial leads, and many reports just remain forgotten.img_front_pg1

Some incidents could be UFO balloons (please see:  https://dandare.wordpress.com/2007/05/19/ufo-balloons-what-are-they/ for more details, from a previous article). There are also many other IFOs ( Identified Flying Objects they could be as well).

However, as i have said before, i am not sure what value they are to any UFO research.

Please be patient whilst i catch up on information/links/articles…. thank you.


Roswell UFO Festival lifts off Thursday [Newswest9.com]

The Roswell UFO Festival runs Thursday through Sunday. It features guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a parade and other family-friendly activities ” (extract from article).

U2 beguile with a turn to the space age as ‘Claw’ stage makes a gripping debut [the Irish Times]

u2imageContinuing with the Space Oddity theme, Bono broke off the music to mention how it was 40 years since man first walked on the moon. He then did a live link up with the International Space Station currently circling the Earth. Band members took turns to ask the astronauts questions – including if they had seen any UFOs on their travels yet ” (extract from article).

Brit couple claim to have photographed UFO in Hertfordshire [Britain News.com]

”  A couple in Welwyn Garden City, Hertforshire, claim that they have photographed a UFO hovering in the black sky above their home ” (extract from article).



Dundee – Scotland from YouTube [released on YouTube-7th July]

Betrayal of a Naive hacker: Why are our MP’s doing nothing to help Asperger’s victim Gary? [Mail online]

garymcKinnonYet the U.S. authorities insist the British UFO fanatic is a ‘cyber-terrorist’ who hacked into top-secret Pentagon and NASA computers.
They say that Gary, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, must be extradited and tried in their courts
” (extract from article).

Third UFO sighting in a week [Devon24]

Eye witness David Kenning, of Cunningham Avenue, said: “Myself, my partner and a friend saw several orange lights in the sky, which seemed to be between Axminster and Raymonds Hill looking from Millwey ” (extract from article).


A 4th July Festival That is out of this world [firstcoastnews.com]

This year marks Roswell’s 14th annual UFO festival, which plans to draw an international crowd ” (extract from article).



Special Report: The 2009 UFO flap [Whitehaven News]

cumbria09This year (2009) has seen an explosion in the number of lights in the sky. They’ve even been caught on film, either on digital cameras, camera phones or on video recorders ” (extract from article).


On This Day: UFO sighting Reported in Roswell, NM [Finddulcinea.com]

On July 7, 1947, William Brazel reported seeing UFO debris at his New Mexico ranch, sparking widespread public rumors about aliens and a U.S. government cover-up ” (extract from article).

Mysterious Lights turn out to be skydivers [TimesCall.com]


‘Mothman Prophecies’ Author dies [WHSV.com]

“The Mothman Prophecies” was Keel’s account of his 1966-1967 investigation into sightings in West Virginia of a strange winged creature called the Mothman ” (extract from article).



Pendle-Lancashire report from Internet Archive

Virginia Beach UFO Club takes off [Hampton Roads.com]

viginiaufoclub09Cameron Pack, 25, created the UFO Club so people like Burdette can share their experiences and connect with others who have felt marginalized after speaking about peculiar events ” (extract from article).


Debate over UFO claim [Evening News 24]

Some people have said the light must have been a Chinese lantern while those who saw it think otherwise ” (extract from article).



Record UFO sightings predicted in Britain for 2009 [the Tech Herald]

The Sun reports a total of 231 sightings passed on to the MoD so far this year; compared to to 285 in 2008, 135 in 2007 and 97 in 2006.
The newspaper quoted leading UFO expert Nick Pope as saying: “We are now on track for a record year”
” (extract from article).

Just to add one among other things wrong with this…..it does not matter how many sightings you have…..its what is reported that matters + if they are IFO’s?



UFO above Rankinston [Cumnock Chronicle]

1247240859 Gary Smith, 19, spotted the strange lights near his home in Coyle Crescent after he logged off his computer and went for a smoke before he went to bed ” (extract from article).




Wilf: Finding the answers to UFOs….mostly [Huddersfield Examiner]

Misidentification is rife in the UFO. world. I remember a friend of mine outside a pub was convinced he could see red and white lights passing across the night sky. What he was seeing was reflected car lights going along wet telephone cables ” (extract from article).







Is there evidence of a UFO in Datchet? [ Slough Observer]

Look like chinese lanterns to me?

The Datchet resident who spotted the strange phenomenon was putting out his rubbish at about 10.30pm when he saw the lights and called his 13-year-old son out to have a look ” (extract from article).

Russian Navy Declassifies Cold War Close Encounters [Wired.com]

All joking aside, in one alleged incident in 1982, three navy diver trainees reportedly died pursuing what survivors described as “a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits” in Baikal, the world’s deepest lake ” (extract from article).

Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans [Russia Today]

Meanwhile Russian Navy officials have denied the collection of UFO-related encounters exists. A source in the Navy’s service staff said the story may have its roots in the reports of vessel commanders, which describe locating objects of unclear but Earthly origin ” (extract from article).

One problem i find, is that the documents are not available on the internet….do they exist at all?? Also sources, are unreliable for the truth (a bit like FoxNews in US, or The Sun in UK).






Ibiza – off the beaten track [The Telegraph]

Over the years, numerous UFO sightings have been reported here, and its magnetic effects on navigational instruments have made it Ibiza’s very own Bermuda Triangle ” (extract from article).



Exclusive: Secret Canadian Government Documents show US/CA UFO Coverup [The Inquisitr]

ufo-1This is just the first sample of these declassified documents. The Inquisitr will have more in this series as we obtain more information from our source. Stay tuned and remember to look up now and then. You never know what you’ll see ” (extract from article). Of course, this has not been authenticated yet.

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