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Uk composer releases musical homage to flying saucer

Posted by dandare on November 18, 2012

I recieved an e-mail from Mark Marrington, and am more than happy to post it on this blog site.

The single was released on november 14th 2012, and all the details about this can be found at the link below.

Flying Saucer (Out of this World) – Press release

Also more information about Mark can be found here .

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The Texas UFO Triangle

Posted by dandare on March 13, 2008

What’s this i hear you cry…. well, if you take the land between Lubbock, Alpine and Albuquerque in New Mexico (which forms a triangle), this covers canyon and desert terrain. This area also has probably 6 of the most important UFO events; and it is also, not to far from Stephenville, to the East.   

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Within this area, we have the 1947 Roswell incident, a whole series of car stoppages near Levelland, Texas (1957- see here and here for more details), and a police officer in 1964, who witnessed an object land with entities, in New Mexico at Socorro (see here for details).

The amount of UFO occurrances between 1947-1952 in this area, meant the government expressed grave concern, as too what was going on.

 However, alot of scientific research is/was done in this area (early atomic bomb-tests and missile sites for example are all here).

Dr Lincoln La Paz (meteor expert- see here for more), spent many a year, researching green fireballs, that behaved unlike meteors- these incidents happened frquently in the 1940’s-1950’s.


Photo (above) taken around 1.30pm (16th october,1957) whilst driving on Highway 54 (south of Alamogordo, New Mexico); photo taken by Ella Fortune. It was near the Holloman Air Force Base, and close to the site of the first atomic explosion (in 1945). There is much debate as to what this is…. some say it is a lenticular cloud (although this is disputed, due to the fact, that it reflects too much light to be a cloud), others a balloon; however, as far as i’m aware, its origin has not been  established. The UFO was hovering motionless.

Several days later, near Levelland, a whole series of sightings took place….there were car stoppages (2nd and 3rd november 1957), also similar occurrances around Sacramento Mountains.

At Orogrande, an engineer, at 1pm on 4th november (1957), lost engine/radio/lights response on his car….this happened to others on the same road, as an oval shaped UFO, was seen. However, the engineer, also endured waves of heat…..later that day, alot of his body became red/itchy.  

7th november (1957), not far from above (ie in the vacinity), 2 people in their car at 9.20am, saw a UFO, and immediately the speedometer was affected.


In 1951 (august 31st), at Lubbock, there was a photo taken of a V-shaped formation of lights. However, we now know these ‘lights’ were in fact birds (see here for more details)!

In 1952, the lights returned, and a professor, Dr Ducker, went to great lenghts to establish that they were birds, with a whole series of experiments. However, he also came to the conclusion, that not all were birds, and some were unknown.

This is just a taster, of the many UFOand IFO activities within/around this area….. also now, with the Stephenville ufo sightings just outside of this area to the East.   

 See the site http://www.nicap.org/   for many more ufo sightings, many described in detail, and an excellent site for research.  

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Posted by dandare on August 31, 2007

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At Warminster, the Wiltshire times (posted 30th August,2007) states ” Skywatchers returned to the hills of warminster at the weekend, 30 years after a 100-strong vigil was held by those hoping to catch a glimpse of an infamous UFO”.
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At About.com…there are  “Oblong-shaped UFOs over Orillio” (posted 29th August, 2007)  there is a link in this short article to images of the ufos ; also from the same site the MOD gets a mention, in “More MOD Files” (posted 27th August 2007).

In the internet edition gazette (basingstoke-posted 30th august,2007), “mum and daughter are latest to see alien visit“… the sighting took place on the 12th august.

 In the comments section of this article a good point is made…

 “Have these sightings been reported to any UFO group(s) in Hampshire to investigate. Surely, if there is not an investigation at ground roots rather than just publishing the reports in the Newspaper, then the sighting can not be properly validated?”

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 In New Zealand,(stuff.co.nz, posted 29th august,2007) ” Ufo spotted near Kaitaia baffles experts, and  “Dr Maccabee has not commented on whether the photographer may have manipulated the eight photos, says Ms Hansen….[.]While the UFO group cannot rule out the possibility of manipulation, she thinks it is unlikely the photos are a hoax”.

At forgetomori.com (posted 29th august,2007) ” georgia shoots at ufo, really a russian satellite“.
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This last week, i was alerted to “1952 year of the ufo” by Bruce Maccabee… it goes into great detail, and Macabee’s analysis of this watershed is a long read but is fascinating, informative, and essential for understanding how the coverup took widespread (and, from the point of view of ufology, almost fatal) root. At the end, it says

“We have wasted a lot of time trying to find ABSOLUTE PROOF, when sufficient evidence has been available since 1952. Time to wake up and figure out where we go from here!”
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Very interesting, and a new area for me… maybe need to look into this/research some more…. definately has opened my eyes. 

  July’s ufo map from MUFON is available here; also slightly different, but a quick resource is UFOMaps.EU …. at this site there is a map of europe, click on a particular part and you have google ufo links from that country….

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