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Channel Island UFO Update

Posted by dandare on June 26, 2007

On the Richard & judy show (in the UK), shown yesterday (25th June), there was an interview with Captain Ray Bowyer. Also from The Guernsey press  , an article about him being on “Richard and Judy” (dated 26th june, This is guernsey).

Someone has very kindly posted it on you tube and it can be seen below….lasts around 6 mins.

Update: 28th june,2007

There are some more links to be added…. (thanks to www.uk-org/ufologyinuk as i had missed these).

A map of the general area , casquets lighthouse, which Captain Bowyer mentions and an attemp to place the sightings on a map  (very useful).

Also the only Guernsey ufo photo at you tube…although i am not conviced by this whatsoever…..but here it is, for you too decide.

It is also worth pointing out (also highlighted by www.uk-org/ufologyinuk ) that nearby these sightings, are La Hague nuclear reprocessing centre, and north of Alderney, the Hurd  deep inventary (was used for nuclear waste disposal, ie plutonium)….this in itself should be cause for concern to the authorities…if nothing else, due to the earthquake that was felt in Kent recently, among other things. 

Also, i can add that proper information analysis is being carried out by several researchers and scientists, at this moment in time (both British and French, ie French government UFO agency GEIPAN will be involved, to what extent i am uncertain)….. and a thorough investigation will take place with the co-operation of Captain Bowyer’s. 

I know this will be done down to the smallest details, with everything considered… and therefore this may take some time in creating.  But i will post on this blog any new information…. 

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Sky news on Channel island UFO’s incident (event:23rd April)

Posted by dandare on June 22, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sky news have now picked up the story of the channel island ufo’s, (23rd April, 2007 -on this site under channel island incident- 3 articles) and the link for Sky can be seen here . On the right,  (in the sky article) is a video of  Nick Pope identifying possible ufo’s on sky news … i will leave you to decide on his take on this.

I have also spotted a link to this at This is London.co.uk(article also done recently) and also Fox news.

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Channel Island UFO Update (23rd april,2007)

Posted by dandare on May 22, 2007

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The MOD have responded to the FOIA, by mentioning that “the sighting took place in French airspace for defence” (see MOD Link) and that therefore the french authorities should be the ones to contact…. They then went on to say, that no further action would be taken.

An interesting report made available to the public, from the MOD can be seen here. In it are detailed descriptions, of the event, from both pilot witnesses that saw the event take place.

Bare details of MOD report:

 date 23rd April 2007

 time 2.09 to 2.18pm (overall 9 minutes).

No evidence that object was seen by radar (french), and was out of range of British radar…  

Jersey radar only secondary and so could not have detected the UFO…. (not in this report but evidence that there was a radar contact).

Two witness reports, one from Capt Bowyer, and the other from a Tristar plane.

UFO cigar shaped

Included in report are:   met conditions, air safety report, sketch of ufo’s and planes on a map … sketch of UFO and finally a jersey airport ATC comment in letter. 

I do find that the British have conveniently seen that the sighting was in french airspace, and washed their hands of the whole affair, well publically anyway.

update 25th May:

the reported cell phone image….. is definately now a fake, as was previously suspected (but without evidence). An identical photo from the BBC (see link here) has been manipulated to create the image with a ufo….. see PPRuNe (images at number #47) and on AboveTopSecret  forums for evidence….therefore this image can be placed in the bin.
UFOseek.com – UFO paranormal Directory, Community and News.

update 31st may:


 I would be interested to see what he discovers about sightings from others (who hopefully come forward and give him data)….. 

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Pilot spots UFO over Guernsey!

Posted by dandare on April 25, 2007

A commercial airline pilot spotted a ufo recently, in the channel islands at Guernsey; the link to this can be seen from the BBC (article dated wednesday 25th april,2007). The MOD will not be carrying out an investigation.  

UPDATE: 26th april

Two more reports have been found here  (on same page, link to video) and This is Guernsey (which says the MOD are investigating)……………Also a link at Aero-news

Also now on

UPDATE 28th april 
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 This image has been released into the public domain by its author, Arpingstone. This applies worldwide.

New theory being suggested by another pilot who saw the ufo, suggests it is military tested… see This is Guernsey for the article on this.

Also image doing the rounds on e-mail , apparently from a passenger breaking mobile phone rules (but of course this cannot be verified, so probably not a good source). However, from this image looks like a strange light on a cloud formation….

Other possibilities suggested, are that it is Lowitz Arcs or middle Lowitz Arcs . The whole Lowitz Arcs gallery can be seen here . Only problem here, is that the ufo was observed from more than one direction, from different witnesses. (it also seems that the incident possibly took place at 3pm, so this would count that theory out).

The e-mail has (i have just recieved new information) been proven to be fake…. not surprised…still all types of theory as to what it was, seem to be out there at the moment…if any more comes my way i shall update it on this website.

Update May3rd:

An article in the Times Online, mentions Paul Devereux who says the lights are due to the earth tremor….. in kent; personally, i’m not convinced.   Also, there were 2ufo’s and not one seen, as was previously thought.

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